Sunday, February 25, 2018

Conspiracy Next pt2

One of the best movies ever made doesn't get talked about as much as I talk about the conspiracy. If the conspiracy could be found to be the actual reason I was ostracize; maybe I would be more into it in 2018. Maybe that's the reason for the conspiracy, to make an impact to the point where I'm not interested. I can remember in the past anything associated with the god anchor I was into yet it seems in 2018 after the constant following of gays, African males and a police officer pinching my penis; the interest of the conspiracy is dead.  Could it be that those involved with the conspiracy wanted me ostracized so that I would forget about the god anchor or who the god anchor was involved with? If so why? Why does any conspiracy want us to forget or be changed about a certain matter?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Conspiracy Next

  Lynnamentals was or is about the possibility that the god anchor had a hand in my ostracizing and conveying that message. Seems like the conspiracy blog is dieing.  It's not that I don't have anything to talk about; the question is do I want to talk about it? If I don't want to talk about the conspiracy why not? If someone pinched your genitals of the same sex and you're straight would you want to keep on talking about it? If Africans kept on following you would you want to keep making connotations about them and the news god.  At some point it got stail after four yrs of writing in the conspiracy.  Maybe there's another blog that needs to be done in a different way.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Reddit Conspiracy

 Happy New year everyone, I apologise for not posting in December. I found a new outlet. Speaking of outlets someone on Reddit stated they were coming to Cardinal Country and was from Cleveland. What's the possibility that this is one of the god anchors henchmen? Could this guy be a 19 Action news associate or WKYC spy Whose objective is to spy on the blogger or kill him? Cleveland has LeBron James why would anyone leave right?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Conspiratorial Holiday Questions

Thanksgiving is about food to some and love ones to others in the 21st century. In the past Thanksgiving was manifested because of conspiracies. America wouldn't have been America without a conspiratorial energy from it's English immigrants! In 2017 a question I have is what secret holiday exist because of the blog that created a conspiratorial ostracization?  Is the secret holiday associated with the God Anchor?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween Spirits 2017

  In the spirit of Halloween, there has to be a article seeing that the holiday and conspiracy theories go hand in hand.

  This holiday was made out of conspiracies and my blog was made because of a conspiracy.  Because of these two forces I have reason to believe that the reason I was ostracized was because they believed I carried or am associated with a evil spirit. If this belief is true could the news be considered the jack o lantern of the 21st century?

  In the past way before the god anchor was physically manifested, society believed that the jack o'lantern drove away bad spirits. Whose to not say, that  maybe the news god drove away the blogger because it was believed I had bad spirits? Yet, maybe the news god got kicked to the curb when she was on 19 because she attracted bad spirits. Could it be that the god anchor got curbed because she attracted the blogger, hence why she used to always use the word "fly"? Could it be that the word fly meant fired Lynna because of you?

   How many bad spirits has the news in neo attracted since I've been ostracized? Was it my fault or was 19 just prone to unbecoming viewers? Maybe 19 was prone to unbecoming viewers just like I was subject to be ostracized. Ironically through out the lynnaluvers days the god anchor was working right next to Duffy on 19. If  I'm not mistaking a Duff is a ghost. Could it be that the guy with the ghostly name had a hand in ostracizing the blogger, seeing that ghosts are known for running people away.  Yet if the god and or 19 had the ghost of 19 run me away could it be he had Cork Cities Cop pinch my penis and Mt. Redgrass' Police basically sodomize me? How much did the god anchor and the ghost Duff have with my ostracizing along with Cork City and Mt. Redgrass?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chemical Questions

  Last article I questioned why the god anchor took pics of Salamone and Adkins. This time I'll ask the same question but invoke a different answer.  In the last article I mentioned that the god anchor was being bullied or was bullying. Yet could it be that the god anchor is bullied by a chemical substance. Could it be that she took the pics because she was bullied by a chemical?

Recently I read a title of a magazine that suggested Matt Lauer was using cocaine. Could it be that the god anchor used cocaine hence why she took pics of the producers. Does cocaine make you want to take pics? Is this why the god anchor and wkyc are such cheerleaders for local pd because of the news circles involvement with cocaine? Speaking of cocaine there was a guy that got busted for drugs with the same first and last name as Adkins the producer. Could there be any connection?

  Could this be why I was ostracized because everyone was on cocaine? Could it be that my living in neo hendered the god anchors high? Is this why the local pd in cork City and mt redgrass pinched my penis and sodomized me because I'm screwing with someone's high at wkyc with out knowing it? Whose high am I screwing with? Is this why the god promoted medical marijuana; so that she wouldn't feel bad about getting high? Is my ostracizing the results of people getting high on cocaine? Could it be that 19 let the god anchor go because she stopped doing cocaine or was she too much into it? Of course the answer is somewhere and I'm betting it involves drugs.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Producing Questions

Why do I care that 5yrs ago the news god took a photo of her producer at 19 and just a few months ago it happened again. Could it be that the producers are trying to bully the god anchor? Could it be that the god anchor is trying to throw the producers under the bus? Could it be that some unknown entity is bullying the producers?

 Maybe five yrs ago the god anchor posted a pic of Salamone while she was with 19.  After that happened she was let go. Since she took another pic of producer Adkins maybe she's trying to say something. Could the reason I got ostracized was because of the producers? Could it be that Salamone got bullied hence why I was ostracized? Could it be that Salamone got bullied by some Somalians hired by the god anchor hence why I was ostracized. Could the bullying have been manufacturing by Obama loyalists?

Could it be that I  I care about the god anchor taking pics of producers because of my own insecurities? Currently if I would take a pic of someone at work its usually because someone is suspicious. Could the god have seen something suspicious about Adkins and Salamone? What are we missing. Could it be that she doesn't like male producers? Maybe its not the god anchor or the producers getting bullied  maybe they're trying to bully the viewers, hence Obama and Trump.