Sunday, June 10, 2018

Delusions 2018

 Some time ago the news god was anchoring the weekends like she's doing now and during this time she was always talking about delusions. The question for June 2018 again is did the news god plan on the blogger to have delusions and if so how and why? Could the news god be so Anti Blogger that she orchestrated my Ostracizing along with a Psychological Manipulation Conspiracy.  Which would make her words of delusion fit right in with the blogger five yrs later.  Maybe someone who hates the news god created a conspiracy of delusion so that when ever I talk about the news god it's associated with delusion. 

  Maybe the news god was planning on a delusional blogger hence why she promoted the word delusion so that the conspiracy would be less believable.  Five yrs ago the news god promoted delusions today in 2018 she promotes the words Credibility and Fraud on twitter.   What do these three words have in common? What do these three words have to do with the blogger?  What article in lynnaluvers or lynnamentals created the conspiracy to plan a psychological manipulation and was there a conspiracy to manipulate the psychology of the blogger?  Maybe delusion is the new normal seeing that they keep questioning President Trumps Mental.  

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Conspiracy Against Mothers 2018

In 2016 I asked was there a conspiracy against mothers.  In my opinion the answer is yes, specifically if the mother we're talking about is the news God. How could I not say there's a conspiracy against the news god when she's not on in the mornings.  Under Obama there was a conspiracy against Ann Curry, now that Trump is in office there's a conspiracy against Lynna Lai.  What do these two mothers have in common besides the fact they're East Asian American?

  Why wouldn't NBC or WKYC want the news god to give us info in the morning especially knowing she's a favorite? Who doesn't want us to be sustained  seeing that's what the news does. Maybe because I'm not sustaining I don't deserve to get info from someone sustaining. Could it be the same people who had me ostracized are the same people that don't want viewers to associate the morning news with the news god? Whose threatened of the news god?  Could it be that the person who had me ostracized is threatened by mothers? 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Legs Article 2018

After the news god got demoted, she started showing off her legs more. If I'm  not mistaking during the lynnaluvers days I used to ask why didn't the news god and 19 use her legs like the Today Show did Ann Curry's. I argued that her legs might equal ratings. Now that the news god is on WKYC it seems that she's becoming more leggy! Is this just a NBC thing or was it a wait until the blogger has left Ohlaio type of operation. Did I have to be ostracized for the news god to be leggy or are they anticipating another life changing event soon, hence why she's leggy.  Is it a Weekend thing? I know I should be worried about my ostracizing and how I can turn that around but what if the news gods new style is the reason I was ostracized. Maybe someone didn't want her to be leggy and since I wrote a article about it I was ostracized.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Something Ain't Right

  Of course a conspiracy isn't right if it's formed against you, Especially if you didnt do anything wrong.  Therefore, how wrong is it to conspire against the news god Lynna Lai? I ask this because she has been demoted it seems. From morning news anchor through out the week to evening weekend anchor.  I know I should be worried about my ostracizing and the possible News God connection; yet it's the combination of the morning and the news god that has possibly created Lynnaluvers. This was the pre-blog of lynnamentals and so many other births.  Therefore, I ask could the demotion/Conspiracy be the result of the News God and her cohorts at 19 promoting Obama who put Trump in office?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Conspiring Hovering

  So last night March 24th 2018 I woke up at 3am with a Mexican guy hovering. When I woke I said hi and he says he doesnt speak english. He forms his hand like a cup and puts it to his mouth and says you? After understanding what he said I say no. Who could have put him up to this and why? I left on good terms but it's evident he wanted to create some sort of fear. The question is could the god anchor have had him follow me until I fell asleep or one of the god anchors henchmen? Was it the cops. Could the news god have had the cops hover me me while I sleep to create some sort of scene or to test Me?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Conspiracy Next pt2

One of the best movies ever made doesn't get talked about as much as I talk about the conspiracy. If the conspiracy could be found to be the actual reason I was ostracize; maybe I would be more into it in 2018. Maybe that's the reason for the conspiracy, to make an impact to the point where I'm not interested. I can remember in the past anything associated with the god anchor I was into yet it seems in 2018 after the constant following of gays, African males and a police officer pinching my penis; the interest of the conspiracy is dead.  Could it be that those involved with the conspiracy wanted me ostracized so that I would forget about the god anchor or who the god anchor was involved with? If so why? Why does any conspiracy want us to forget or be changed about a certain matter?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Conspiracy Next

  Lynnamentals was or is about the possibility that the god anchor had a hand in my ostracizing and conveying that message. Seems like the conspiracy blog is dieing.  It's not that I don't have anything to talk about; the question is do I want to talk about it? If I don't want to talk about the conspiracy why not? If someone pinched your genitals of the same sex and you're straight would you want to keep on talking about it? If Africans kept on following you would you want to keep making connotations about them and the news god.  At some point it got stail after four yrs of writing in the conspiracy.  Maybe there's another blog that needs to be done in a different way.