Thursday, March 31, 2016

News Dwellings

  So the god anchor has disappeared for the week. The Cleveland station says its mystery guest week but could this be a way to do away with the god anchor. A way to wean the viewers off the god anchors presence. Could this just be  a way for the the station to get more viewers!

  Why should I care some would say. I'm homeless, who would worry about a a news anchor or the news station if their homeless. Yet the complete question should be who wouldn't worry about a new anchor who might have had a hand in my Demise.  It's like asking a guy that's been shot and is dieing to not think about the guy who shot him.

   Some would say I'm not thinking about it I'm dwelling on it. I'm making her or her rule be the excuse. Yet isn't the god anchors rule an ingredient to every part of my life. Aren't there Lynna Lai connotations everywhere. Aren't the police everywhere. Have I not been hacked. Am I not homeless.  Therefore for someone to say stop writing or thinking or talking about the god anchor would be to say ignore life. Ignore everything! Do I not have eyes do I not have a memory? Maybe as I continue my memory will be mutated.

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