Saturday, December 3, 2016

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In my last Article I asked the question, if I enjoyed the god anchor more than the browns or indians shouldn't she be celebrated. In this article I'll ask if we enjoy the news over sports should heart ache be celebrated? Should division be celebrated? Should fake news be celebrated? If we enjoy the news over sports should it be a surprise that trump won seeing that the news is a outlet for division and triggers persuasion?  This permits conspiracy to occur. Seeing that Clinton wasn't persuasive yet was conspiratorial why are we surprised? Seeing that lynnaluvers wasn't triggering an idea that was for America being great why  are we surprised that we got ostracized?  Why aren't we content with the ostracizing?

  If heart break should be celebrated seeing that the news gets more attention than sports and more respect am I wrong with associating the news god with getting me ostracized? If the news is respected for its heartbreak are we to blame the news for our devastation? Some would say I should blame my self for my devastation. Yet if we believe that the news god has a hand in ostracizing shouldn't it be noted as the reason for devastation?  Yet could it be our acknowledgement created the devastation? Could it be just like the fans of the browns worship the team for its devastation; could those who acknowledge the news be guilty of the same action?  If President Obama has pointed the finger at fox is it dillusional to acknowledge that the god anchor had us ostracized?  Is it dillusional for me to even say that Lynna Lai is god; seeing that some believe only god could create such devastation?

  Maybe the news has power to those that believe in it.  If Obama believes that Fox has a super power is it safe to say the news is a religion?  If the news is a religion am I too far off if I say Lynna Lai is god? Am I too far off if I blame the god anchor for my ostracizing? Am I too far off if I recognize the god anchor as being superior if the President recognizes Fox as being supernatural?  If a news organization is supernatural that would make their anchor god and obviously the associates more persuasive than sports!

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