Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ghost Story

 Is October a gag month or what? A month where twilight zone occurrences happen often. I say this because of the dead bird at my foot but also the ghost that appeared in my picture I took.

   That's right a ghost. A supernatural figure of the real world. Which is kind of ironic seeing that the great one got over a million views with a report about a ghost at a gas station. You would be happy to know I didn't see this spiritual creature at the gas station.

  Nope I saw this ghost at a library and I have a pic to prove it! It happened after I was looking for a place to sit and read a book called living out of a suit case or life out of a suit case. I couldn't find a place to sit that was comfortable until I found a pillar. I sat down and after 30 minutes a under the dome character from CBS came toward me. (It looked like the bearded guy) I take my camera out because his energy was wrong.

 I tried to take a pic of him but instead I captured a male ghost. It was all the way at the top of the ceiling and the window. I couldnt believe it but its probably because  I never take pics of ghost.  Seriously what are the odds around Halloween?

 Of course I have to say it! What does that ghostly image mean and what did it want. All my life I've seen ghosts and images; I've even saw Lynna Lai in a jelly bean; but I never took a pic of one. Let's not be so entertained that we forget that I just had a dead bird plopped next to me while I was sleep.

 Could this ghost be confirmation that death is close by or that we're being visited by outside sources. Maybe the under the dome guy is a magnet for ghosts and he wanted to shake things up.  Maybe the ghost made its presence known because he wants to be talked about in my blog.

  Although we are under a lot of super natural occurrences doesn't mean we should take these occurrences lightly. If we see something like this it means things in the super natural world are extremely enhancing because of humans lack of respect for that world. Which brings me to the question of have I disrespected the super natural world by blogging about the great anchor ( notice I didn't say god anchor this time, why?).

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sleeping Bird

  As a homeless blogger Ive been sleeping on sidewalks,on the soft nature of Eagles Ocean and on some benches. This one night, the night after I wrote rating my delusions I figured I would sleep on the concrete and enjoy traffic. Before I fell asleep I made sure there wasn't no foreign objects like feces, dead insects,live insects, Blood or anything else that would make me get up and leave to find someplace else to sleep. Everything was clear so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

  When I woke up what I woke up to was a dead bird. It was laying on its side right next to my foot. What does this mean,because if course it has to mean something. It's not everyday that I get a dead bird greeting me when I wake. I could go the simple route and say it means I shouldn't be sleeping on the concrete but I believe it's deeper than that.

  Who put a dead bird next to my foot while I was sleep? Was it Lynna Lai the great or her cohorts, was it Duffy and his buddies seeing there are Steelers fans here and a restaurant named after him. Why didn't they put the bird in my bag worse why didn't they put a dead snake in my bag I had with me? Could the bird had just decided to die next to my foot and if so why?  Is their a death angel stalking me? Could my blog be so appauling that it has summoned a angel of death? Has someone summoned a death spirit over me after reading lynnaluvers or lynnamentals and its giving me a taste of what's to come? Could someone have been doing a ritual around me while I was sleep and it involved a bird that died? Maybe my feet gave off such a repugnant odor that it killed the bird!  Even though the bird wasn't black could it have represented my death?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rating the delusion with blog

  So I just heard the Today's shows ratings are back up since Ann Curry left the show. Did the great anchor have Ann Curry kicked off the show like they kicked the blogger out of town? Did they harass her to the point she had to quit like the muslims harassed me in Pioneer  City? Just questions!

What really has got me asking questions is what if the Today Show needed to get some media attention so they fired Ann to make better blog news by hiring the great anchor. How far is the today show willing to go for ratings? Death obviously. I mean they did make a killing during the Zimmerman fiasco.

  I know a homeless guy shouldn't be worried about ratings when I don't even have a TV to watch it on. I shouldn't be worried about How they might have used Lynna Lai to get rid of Ann Curry. It's how they use Obama to get rid of undesirable blacks. I shouldn't worry. Yet maybe I should worry. Maybe for the simple fact that a bigger ratings boost than Zimmerman would be Lynna the great! Their own conspired to get rid of this delusional blogger. What would the ratings turn into? Yet maybe I am delusional seeing that the ratings booster is all over the tube right now.
  Maybe my demise can wait since Donald Trump is around or maybe they need him to cover my demise up. To cover something more important up.
 I can hear the people now. You're such a drama queen blogger, who cares. Who cares until you've been fired,harassed,stalked,and found dead. Once again I'm not saying this fits the idea of Lynnaluver demise but I would have to say you can't control what people of higher powers will subject you to. You can just like what you like blog or talk who you wish to talk about. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be so silent if I wasnt ostracized. But maybe that's what it's gotta take for the great one to reach her full potential! I know its delusional but maybe Ann Curry and my departure was needed for the Government to do what it has to with the great one. Maybe what ever the great one is subject to is more than just  what we can imagine. Maybe our departure helps society! Maybe a social justice has occurred since my ostracizing and I'm not in a position to see it.
  Does it really matter though once again. I mean I'm homeless who cares. Yet what if that which makes you homeless is caused by who you watch.  Iof course you're gonna care if the ratings are high or not you're homeless for talking about her ratings. For watching the 4hr shows. For saying more Lynna Lai! It doesn't matter until you're homeless in my opinion which might be the reason I was put to the curb so her successful newscast could have more meaning.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raining Opportunity

  Through out time when ever a nation wanted to take over a group of people or another country they would always spy or record them. It happened during the Revolutionary war it happened at Pearl Harbor it's even happening now online.  Sometimes they even give you what you think you need or want just so they can spy on you and ultimately overtake you. Which brings me to the great anchors station contributing to the help that's needed in Eagles Ocean area.

  Is not WKYC an opportunist station? Did they not promote an opportunist Presidential candidate who later became President? Why are they Opportunists and is it a good thing?  Could be because some people (not the anchor God) who they have hired are releasing Opportunists energies and therefore it's only logical they  react in that way. A way that seems genuine and ethical but underneath is a sinister plan. A plan to hunt the blogger and kill him.

 Yes, maybe the eagles Ocean travesty created many opportunities for the strong and the weak. Maybe the Hacked weather gave an excuse for the God anchors station manipulate and kill. There's many opportunities to kill the blogger why wait for a coastal catastrophy? Maybe to hide the body in the water, or maybe to hijack and manipulates authorities to kill the blogger. What if this wasn't the stations plan yet a plan of a Government that has hijacked this country and is offended by my current and past ideas.

Monday, October 5, 2015

jizzing the blogger

 What makes her god is beyond what I say is what she does. It's beyond what I think it's just the fact that I've happened to notice it and blog about it. But since my blogging has made people lose their work and possibly created a government or governments to sabotage my being what must a blogger accept besides the fact that the absence makes the anchor stronger.

 Should we accept the fact that the anchor might have influenced a government or governments to intimidate the blogger with artificial weather. Could what I have said made the Government or the anchor so jizzed that they chose to Jizz on me by the weather. I know this sounds dillusional and hard to believe. But its my belief that the anchor/the media/the gov influences and manipulates the weather.

    If the Anchor can Jizz on the blogger who has she given these powers to or who has given the powers to her and if she along with the Gov has these powers to intimidate bloggers why don't they intimidate a better target. Are they so dillusional with anger that they are using their powers to rain/Jizz intimidate a uneducated, homeless blogger.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Progressive Absence

A absent father is one of the worse,so it seems. Alrhough a anchor is not a father a anchor can

still be returned and or reset. I as a cultural civilian which means someone who has been influenced by popular ideas do not believe absent father can be returned , reset or reprogrammed like a absent anchor. Seeing that they both have huge influences it's understanding if I compare the two.

  Could it be the influence I had on my kid was not what the conspirators of the anchor wanted. Seeing that I did have untraditional ideas. Ideas that the media/government had in mind.Maybe that's why they had helucopter s hover my old resting place in OH. or had government papers sent to me, to protect the young mind. Was it the young mind they were really protecting when they ostracized the blogger, was it the young mind they were protecting when they created a energy of vacancy and a Energy of homelessness?

  Maybe they did create that energy for the future. The future of progressiveness. Which brings me back to the absent father who isn't progressive or is he? We can say the Absent father is not more progressive than the absent anchors and maybe that's why I was ostracized. The anchor is so progressive,so persuasive,so influential that it created a energy of  vacancy and absence with the blogger that in turn creates a better platform. A better platform for who though?