Saturday, April 9, 2016

Touchy Touchy

  Who wants to sit next to smelly blacks on a bus? Not just smelly blacks but ugly  unshaven blacks and not just sit by him touch him on his upper thigh. I guess older Married Eastern Asian Americans do.

  I could write a month's long article about  the things that have happened in the past 4 days yet I'll keep it short for now. I was on my way to a city let's call it little Mexico and on the bus  in the seat number thirty six. Everything was pretty normal besides the black bald guy mentioning Ohio every minute ( I'll talk about that later). Two dark haired Latino Women came on the bus and had the older Asian Couple get up ( I guess where the couple was sitting wasn't their seat). The Asian male moved close to where he was but the lady moved straight towards me. The Elderly East Asian lady ask if she could sit there I told her yes.  That's not the problem the problem is she gets up every hour to talk to her husband which means I have to get up or she has to climb over me since I'm closest to the aisle ( she wanted the window). Actually that's not a problem either the issue or weird thing is she keeps touching me or brushin up against me. She's not a big Woman she's average size maybe a little bigger than Kaity Tong, therefore she shouldn't be touching me right.

 The questions is was she a plant by the god anchors enemies? Who sits next to a smelly black unless they have alternative motives? Why didn't I tell her to stop?

  These days a blogger like my self still can recognize a plant. Maybe they wanted me to recognize the plant. But if so, then why? Why would they be so blatant or bold in sitting right next to the blogger?  To say that they have? To say they sat by the guy that wrote about the god anchor? So many questions arise but here's another one whose wife sits next to a single black? Why didn't I get up even after she asked me to move so her husband could sit down?  Why would they ask me to move if they've read my blog?  It's like me getting kicked out of my country then where ever I move the person who kicked me out cousins ask me to move out of his country. Don't get me wrong I wasn't upset it was just totally a lynnaments story!

You would have to believe they both were plants because a normal person wouldn't consistently touch me or have me get up. Maybe she did this because she thought I would move for her husband. Yet maybe she did it in honor of the god anchor.

 Its hard to say why she would want to continue to sit by someone who hadn't bathed in a few days. I mean if I could smell my self of course she could. Maybe her loyalty to the god anchor was stronger than my smell. Maybe my stinche and my repugnance was a sacrifice she was willing to make. A sacrifice to annoy me? A sacrifice to obey orders? What was she sacrificing for? Did she hate her husband so much that she didn't care how ugly or smelly I was?

PT 2 later!

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