Saturday, April 9, 2016

Touchy Touchy pt Two

 The obvious question is of course why didn't I tell the Married East Asian Lady  to stop if it disturbed me? The other question is Did they read lynnaluvers and was that a motivator?

At times the older lady did sleep and even I got some rest but it seems every other minute she was brushing up on my leg with her hand.  Whose going to complain about a older lady brushing up against them? Especially a black who hasn't been touched by a woman in a while.  That's why I didn't say anything to her because although it was weird I liked it.  Not to mention what if I asked her to stop and she tells her husband I was touching her and I get a knuckle sandwich or worse. Who knows what kind of mind set she was in.

  What if the god anchors enemies had her do this so that they could test the blogger. Test me until I complained and then they can spin it into I'm a pervert.  The situation was a tough one to be in. I was thinking at the time what if she has already told her husband that I was touching her and he has already called in the goons. Seriously who would anyone believe, a ugly black riding by his self or a  older East Asian couple? Therefore, I took a picture of her.

Of course what had happened could have possibly been orchestrated by the god anchor or maybe the Eastern Asian Ladies Husband put her up to it. Could it be this is how they entertain themselves?  It could just be a response to what I said in lynnaments or lynnaluvers.

  Not saying that every Eastern Asian American has read lynnaluvers but there was to much energy to say someone she knows hasn't. Therefore, for me to be curious about the scenario is legit. Maybe this is what they want maybe they wanted me to blog it out? Blog it out so that they have an  excuse to put out their version or maybe to have an excuse to kill the blogger in honor of the god anchor.

 The weirdest thing about all this when I took the pic of her A minute later her husband whose like five rows away comes to her,taps her and talks to her in a unknown language while tapping his phone which was in his shirt pocket. This makes me think that maybe  they have surveillance of my phone.

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