Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chinese Shame

  So I was looking at a tweet that the greatest anchor posted and it had to do with "shame". I had to ask myself  should I feel ashamed that I don't have a relationship with my kid? Should I feel ashamed  that I got ostracized from my home? Should I feel shame  that I'm homeless? When i first started   lynnaluvers  I thought that the great one was superior therefore to put my name under hers would be like putting my name under God's. To speak my name in the same sentence of the great one would be like speaking my name in the same sentence with God. Therefore it wasn't shame when I wrote lynnaluvers but it was tribute.  Yet when I continued to watch the anchor on 19 it wasn't shame it was inferiority. It was fear . It was fear of what might transpire because of all the negative connotation the station and her cohorts had made.  I thought if they are making underhanded connotations  about me and they have the power to trick people into voting for obama what other power powers would be shown; therefore it wouldn't be wise to write my name. They did show some of their other powers they got the kid evicted which should bring shame.

  Maybe thats what the anchor wants   me to do to feel shameful . Because in China if i'm not mistaken  if you're shameful you  kill yourself . Maybe thats the great ones plan To drown us with shame that we go out like the Chinese. Maybe she thinks that since I like the Chinese American anchor  so much Im willing to do what the unsuccessful do in China.  I did say in lynnaluvers  that the anchor  might be the angel of death or might be hunted by it. Therefore maybe the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of me.  Maybe her plan is to delete me then the spirit of the Dragon can manifest its self.

Could this be why theres so many Asian America guys in suits in the texas city ? Because they want to witness how powerful the greatest anchor is? Could it be that the greatest anchor talked to them and convinced them to come to the city to watch my demise?  The demise of the blogger ?

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