Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mexican Shake 2

Of course the Anthony or Joe or number 24 is still shaking the bed. I'm happy I think the god anchor has something to do with this and he's not solely motivated to irritate me so I can't sleep ! .

  In the Mexican Shake article I stated that He had a grey car like the one I talked about in Texas. What's more coincidental is that this guys car has a Dallas cowboys knitted winter scully in his front window. A Dallas hat just like the guy that touched me on my back side while I was sleep ( for the record he cut his hair after wrote gays in the convent). Let the conspiracy theories begin. Let the maybes exist.

 Although I'll probably never find out but you can't say the conspiracy is fake when two guys are associated with Dallas hats which is in a state I just came from and they both are motivated to make me feel uncomfortable. So could it be that this blog is creating the god anchor uncomfortable? Is my writing so uncomfortable for the god anchor that she's dedicated to drive me to self destruction with the guys from Dallas?

  I know I could say it's all my fault I shouldn't have went to the convent. I shouldn't have written lynnaluvers or lynnaments. If that's the case Should the god anchor have been anchoring in Cleveland? Should I have been living in ohlaio? Should the god anchor have been on 19 from the go? Should I have been watching 19?

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