Thursday, August 11, 2016


In naming fear I asked who did the god anchor make an example out of so that Abell was afraid to say her name correctly? I ask this because just maybe if we can find out who did the god anchor make an example out of it can explain my banning. Yet as  I continue, maybe Abell wasn't afraid of the god anchor yet he didn't want to sell books based off A Lynna Lai ridicule. Maybe he felt bad not afraid when it came to the god anchor.

 Is this why I was ostracized because I cared too much about my blog like Abell cared too much about his ex co worker? Could it be he wanted to sell his books like 19 wanted to sell their news stories off controversy? Maybe him writing about Trivisonno and  spelling his name correctly wasn't about fearing the god anchor but about liking Trivisonno. Maybe he liked the radio DJ so much he threw him under the bus and Abell disliked the god anchor so much he was nice besides the spelling.

   In a news paper forum there used to be  fans of Cleveland T.V that would bad mouth certain personalities to the point you had to figure they must really like this personality.  Could this be the case with Abell and him throwing people under the bus? Is this why the god anchor was let go from 19 because they really liked her? Could it be the reason WKYC picked her up was because they really disliked her.

  It's odd how people on air show their gratitude. If what  was said is accurate could it be that my death would be their gratitude? Is this why the media is putting Trump under the bus because they like him?  I know we're not made to be liked yet I believe we are made to die and be ostracized which might explain why I was.

The world is twisted  and the amount of unknowns are monumental which means the twists of my ostracizing may never be known just like why Abell or the god anchor truly got the boot. Yet the questions surrounding my ostracizing which I'm convinced is part of a conspiracy is beyond our natural intake of knowing.

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