Thursday, September 29, 2016

China's Blog

Before I begin this article let me just say I hope didn't play a part in the new control of the government and I hope the god anchor Lynna Lai didn't persuade Obama to hand the breasts of the web to China!

  As you should know by Oct 1st 2016 things online will change. The reason is because Obama; ironically the president the news media across the globe helped put in office will give the free world to China and Russia. It's been known that China and Russia has many Internet rules that aren't of  American Freedoms! One of the rules they have is no pointing to the government as  conspirators. Could the god anchor have pushed the government to hand over control of the internet because of lynnaluvers and lynnaments?  Is this why China has paid Clinton so much money so that when she gets in office she can keep the rapes and kidnappings of Americans muffled. Was lynnaluvers and lynnaments that much of a threat?

  What if the god anchor did push Obama to hand over the internet to China? Will this be the end of Lynnaments? Where will the blog go if they shut it down? It might be the end  of lynnaments in Oct 1st 2016 but something bigger will come out of it. Just like when they kicked the god anchor off 19. She turned up on wkyc a better channel.  How far will it go will they charge me for writing that Lynna Lai is god?  What growth will come out of this American Internet takedown?  The growth of China and the death of the blogger is cemented!

  Usually when a government hands over power to another government things turn really bad. If the banking system is digital never mind my blog what about the American currency? Did my blog inspire China and Russia to destroy the American currency? Is this why Russia has been snooping in lynnaluvers and now lynnaments?  What if I'm just worried about nothing and when China takes over my blog becomes the center of Chinese attention. Maybe with so much attention Lynna Lai is noticed as a god in China. How much should this control worry us?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sterile Words

 Earlier this month in Smith country I was walking down the street and a group of East Asian guys were standing in front of a Apartment building; when I passed them one said "sterile" as a question without using it in a sentence. This had me thinking. Could it be I got ostracized because I'm not sterile? Could it be I've been followed because I'm not sterile? What was the east Asian mans meaning when he said it and is he associated with the god anchor?
  Out of the context of producing kids Sterile could mean a control of Article population or thought population. It could mean a control of Emotion. So the question is what did the guy actually mean when he said sterile? Did the guy look at my blog and feel like I should be sterilized; Not to be able to produce? Could he have been sterilized and feel like I don't deserve to make any kids? Why would he use that word?  If he's read my blog and he particularly doesn't like blacks it would be understandable to have  sterile feelings towards me.

 Since I didn't see any women with the guy did he mean sterile as in gay? Was this guy asking was I gay? Seeing that one can't reproduce naturally if you're sexually active with the same sex  was this what he meant by sterile? Is this why the god anchor and NBC promotes same sex to sterilize blacks who aren't living up to the standards of the god anchor and or China? Is it possible the the enemies of the god anchor had me kicked out because I wasn't living up to the standards of the god anchors ancestors.

Of course some might think I deserve to be sterile since I have high regards of the god anchor yet can't take care of what I've produced. Maybe while on the streets someone is sterilizing me with a gas.  Could this be why I was ostracized so that I could be sterilized? Don't get me wrong, I did talk about how the god anchor should control her newscast in lynnaluvers. If I said the god anchor should control her fans in lynnaluvers was this the sterile the east Asian guy was hinting at?  If Muslims can't be controlled does anyone have the right to sterilize or control the blogger in America?  

Thursday, September 8, 2016

TV Lies

When I first heard about lochte lieing , to me it wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was the reaction . It's as if news associates don't lie.  Seeing that American anchors are associated with SAG they have to act or bend the truth. If the god anchor and or her associates bend the truth should they be compelled to down lochte? Could  the god anchor have been  compelled to ostracize me or get me ostracized?  Could her and her cohorts have felt like I lied in lynnaluvers therefore they felt like I had the ostracizing coming?

    Could this be why I was given an ultimatum to leave or have the house  remodeled; because they felt like I was lieing in lynnaluvers.  When I use the word ostracized does the god anchor feel like Im lieing?  To be ostracized means   to be excluded from society to be rejected from what you knew or know.  If someone gives you a choice to fix something that can't be fixed or get out isn't that a rejection? It would be like channel 19 being demanded to be 61 or face charges so steep it would put them out of business. Would 19 be lieing if they said they were ostracized if they couldn't meet the demands?

  This is why I say I was ostracized. Maybe not in the god anchor terms but if 19 was charged for not speaking spanish on their channel would 19s judges be wrong if they felt that 19 wasn't ostracized? Of course the judges wouldn't feel like 19 was ostracized because the judges aren't the ones being targeted. It wouldn't be wrong to speak Spanish it would be just something they couldn't do.

  Of course anyone could learn to remodel just like someone can learn to speak Spanish. The question is how fast can one get it? How much money would 19 lose if they had to shut down to learn spanish or hire some spanish speaking anchors.  What would I have losted if I had learned to remodel? What would have been losted if we learned the god anchor and 19 more?

 To end this article I would have to say that misunderstanding can get someone ostracized. Yet it could also get someone to lie like lochte. Should we blame misunderstanding more than the ostracizing for my situation? If we can accept politicians bending the truth should we be so hateful to lochte? Are the demands  or the ethics of the god anchor and or her workers the reason for my rejection? I think to blame TV is logical seeing how much of the news anchor I've been writing about.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Getting the Channel

After I finished "Ostracized Channel" I was walking down the street and a group of people passed me going the other direction. I didn't hear anything they said except these five words;  "He just doesn't get it"!  Which made me think about what didn't I get concerning my ostracizing? What didn't I get concerning the god anchors departure from 19? What didn't I get from her placement at Channel 3? What dont I get when I'm being stalked or targeted? What dont I get about the conspiracy?

 At least I got what they said. Sometimes people aren't suppose to get everything. Distractions or no distraction some still won't get it. The people of the U.S didn't get the right president. 19 didn't get the right replacement for the god anchor and  I didn't get to see a full news god newscast in a few yrs!  I think I got that Akron wants a better group of people in their city. I also got that the god anchor is superior yet I also got that for some reason someone doesn't like it when I acknowledge it. Maybe they thought I would get out of saying that she was superior once I got Ostracized!

  What didn't I get from her departure from 19? Was I suppose to get it? Was what I was suppose to get involve Brian Duffy? What was I suppose to get involve the FBI? Maybe I did get some things and some things I didn't. Maybe because I don't have the kid I don't deserve to get what ever Im suppose to get.

Getting has to do with studying and or knowing. Is what I was suppose to know worth knowing and studying? Would getting it have stopped me from writing Lynnaluvers?  If I would have known what ever I was suppose to know what would have happened? If the people knew who Obama was before he got elected what would have happened?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ostracized Channel

 Maybe deleting a homeless guy out of the kids life is revenge for me suggesting that 19 didn't match with the god anchor. Maybe deleting the homeless blogger was revenge on the deletion  of 19s Ex coworkers. It's not hard to fathom that their might be some huge powerful fans of 19 and or the god anchors that worked for a government agency in Akron or somewhere else in the U.S. When they read my blog they could have felt obligated to get rid of the blogger.

  Were they obligated to get rid of the blogger just because of the blog! Were there other elements? Were there other elements in my ostracizing that I havn't noticed or recognized? Did the god anchor contact the kids mom? Did the kids mom lie so that I could be ostracized? Why would she want me ostracized?  Did the god anchor and her cohorts create a group of people that I knew that bended the truth? What motivated them was it just my blog?

  I know I should let it go some might say? Let go of my ostracizing. Yet everywhere I go I see connotations of the god anchor. Which means someone doesn't want me to let it go. Who wouldn't want me to move on? Who wouldn't want me to live; are they associated with the current administration or the future administration? Who would want me followed and targeted; someone whose associated with the god anchor or the god anchor herself?  Was lynnaluvers so annoying it drew killers and stalkers? Was lynnaluvers so pro Lynna  Lai it drew attention to have me deleted and or worse?