Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nerving the Conspiracy

  People say I don't deserve to work because I'm foolish with money, yet I say is it foolishness or nervousness. For example buying fast food, buying a room, paying a Woman to give me physical attention. I'm bringing this up on lynnaments because maybe my nervousness or foolishness is triggered by the news or triggered by the followers of the blogger.

  How do you make wise decisions when every decision is or might be watched or manipulated.  For example when I was in Dallas one day I bought a pizza and the next thing I know someone who was following me around is knocking me down. Can the blogger work when there's agencies following the him?  Maybe they want to know how I perform under stress. Is this why I was ostracized to see how I operate under stress?

  It's not anyones fault that I eat fast food, it's a homeless cuisine. But it's not foolish either. Especially when there's police everywhere you turn. It's like seeing the person that's going to kill you everyday. Isn't the blogger liable to eat more buy a room or hire a companion when there everywhere.

   Do I have a choice in paying child support when there's threats all around. If I pay child support will the authorities stop following me? Will the god anchor call them off? Will the blacks stop harassing me? Probably not, I'm betting next time I send mine to child support the enemies of the blogger will still be around. There's nothing I can do so that the conspiracy isn't proactive.  If the conspiracy is a juggernaut who am I to say that I won't be effected and Its foolish to react to the conspiracy.

  Not saying that I want to be  immune to responsibility. But it's my belief that the conspiracy is stronger than the responsible. If it's not Obama wouldn't be in office. If the conspiracy isnt stronger than the responsible then I wouldn't have been ostracized or WNIRs hosts wouldn't be dead or the desk chick. If the conspiracy isn't stronger than the responsible the Boston Bombing wouldn't have happened. Since the conspiracy is a juggernaut do I deserve to work do I deserve to live?

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