Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get Out Theory: igniting sodom

  In the past few months there was a movie called "Get Out" in theatres. The plot was a black guy getting conspired against by white neighbors. Question, could this movie have ignited the officer to fondle and follow me? How motivated are the local PD by the movie? Did WKYC and the god anchor use the movie to harass the blogger to death? Before I got ostracized would I have associated this movie with the god anchor & MRGP?

  How many igniters were used to put local PD in a position they're in? What ignited the god anchor to be who she is? What ignited the god anchor to be who she's not? How many movies were made to ignite the position I'm in?
I'm not going to deny that there might have been a combination of igniters that pushed the mrgp officer to fondle-sodomize the blogger.  Cosby did just have a mistrial hrs before the fondling. What triggered the fondling/following more the Cosby mistrial or the get out movie? What lie or conspiracy was he a part of that started the fondling/following?

  Could it be that the movie "get out" was sponsored by another nation? If that's so, that would mean the fondling/sodomizing was ignited by another nation. It is known that the star of the show wasn't even American. The star had an African name. If the fondling and following was brought out by an unamerican Nation how crazy is it that my ostracism was ignited by outside nations?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Conspiracy of Sodom

  So as I was being followed by Mt. Redgrass' finest, I was under the question of what was the real truth behind the police fondling me? Could it be to build on the inadequacy in my life? Have the MRGP been following me and have seen how inadequate I am and wanted to build on it? Was there something adequate about me and they wanted or needed to exterminate it?

  Maybe someone who had read my blog pushed the police to fondle /sodomize me, therefore pushing a inadequate energy in me. Could it be that when they read my blog they felt I wasn't adequate enough to talk about the God anchor? Could this be the reason I got ostracized? Could it be that they thought after I was ostracized I would feel so inadequate that I would kill myself?  Who would want me to kill my self? Someone whose in neo? A police officer in neo? The god anchor? Is this why the MRGP officer had fondled/sodomized the blogger?  Did someone kill there selves in the  19 or channel 3 circle?  Hence, why they had the police sodomize/fondle  the blogger?

   Maybe the mistrial of Cosby had nothing to do with the sodomizing/ fondling. It could have been a response to the homo weather article.  Could it be possible that the balding police officer was a homo and was doing a favor for wkyc or woio? I have no idea who would want me dead and it would be easy to point fingers but what good would it do. Maybe someone who has access to police actions wants me to be something I'm not? Could it be the something I'm not is not alive? If they wanted to kill me wouldn't they have already? Maybe to some sodomizing me was some type of death.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fondling Fathers

  Fathers day, who would have guessed? Who would of guessed I would have gotten fondled early on Fathers day by Mt. RedGrass Police? As I just got out of the plaza standing outside of a vacant plaza; Across I saw a carnival where I assume they hire undocumented immigrants. On my left I spotted a black car stalking me it seemed. I turn my head after I take a pic of the car and a minute later the black car rides up on me shining his lights on me. The police inside the car asks me for ID and searches me.

  He said that the reason he stopped me was because I looked suspicious.  He said that the reason he touched my penis and fondled the crevices of my rear is because of safety concerns. While all this was happening a black po was standing there watching the whole thing.  Watching as to say he consented or was encouraging  the police activity of touching my penis and fondling my rear. Was he put up to the molesting? Did the god anchor and or her cohorts put them up to it?

  Did the god anchor put the police up to the sodomizing on behalf of the mistrial of cosby or was the police officer aggressive without the god anchors push? Obviously there's hundreds of reasons he could have fondled me but we'll never know the truth. The truths that we do know is that Cosby got a mistrial, a black NBC father killed his daughter and before the fathers day fondling A police officer pinched my penis in cork city. Maybe it has nothing to do with Cosby but the fact that I'm homeless. Could it be that the reason I was fondled on 2017 fathers day because they wanted me to blog about it so that they have a reason to shut down the meals that are served in the park of Mt. Redgrass?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

NBC Murder

Recently a NBC executives daughter was murdered. Could this be an association with the stalking of me  recently? Could this be why Hollie hasn't been on T.V? Could the executive whose daughter got murdered be associated with the gay agenda? Is this why the husband of the executive is charged with murder? Is the conspiracy associated with the god anchor? Could it be that she or her associates ordered the death of the girl just to show that blacks are inferior even if they are an executive or associated with executives.

  Is this why the god anchor is associated with superiority because every where she goes inferiority is exists. Maybe this is why someone associated with the god anchor might be pushing  gangstalking tactics towards me. Maybe its the FBI an association that the god anchor might be associated with. Could the FBI have had the black dad kill the daughter to show someone what they are capable of doing? Was this a domestic killing or was it deeper? Did the FBI read my murder talk article and decided to have the black dad kill his daughter to prove something?

  I know it sounds unbelievable for a father to kill his daughter. Yet, what if the father was motivated by fear? What if he was gay and his gay associate killed his daughter and now the father must cover for him? What if this is why I was ostracized because someone had a murderous agenda towards me.  What if the FBI/the god anchor used the killing of the girl to scare someone from being part of NBC? If NBC is associated with Islam and gay boy sex; could it be that far unbelievable?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Murder Talk

  I'm having a sense of regret. Not about the last article its self but a word I used; which was "murder". There's a sense that murder shouldn't be used when writing about my end or writing about the god anchor/government's actions against me. Are my senses too sensitive or am I correct on feeling regret about using the word murder? What sparked that word seeing that I could have used a less violent verb.

    I think I'm too sensitive to words. Let's face it over 400 people got murdered in Chicago last yr and no one batted a eye. Kathy Griffin with the news promoted a decapitated President and we talked about it for days, we're still talking. Maybe if murder wasn't made so sexy I wouldn't have used that word describing my end. Could it be the powers that be respect murder more so than the appreciation of what's appealing? Could it be we glorify murder because we don't glorify the gods of earth or the news? Is this why Tom Ganley was murdered because he glorified a woman or women? Is this why Seth Rich was murdered because he pointed fingers at a murderous club?

  Seeing that since Obama took office murders have propelled, is there a connection with this murderous energy and Donald young who was believed to be  a part of a gay club who Obama was associated with. The same gay club that I mention in some articles in lynnaluvers. Is this why I was ostracized because of my anti-gay articles? Is this why the officer in cork city pinched my penis because of the gay murderous club? When they put Obama in office did they unleash a murderous energy that we haven't chained yet?  Is this why we saw the god anchor as our killer in the past because of their association with Obamas administration which is and or was associated with some murders.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Conspiratorial Post

  After four yrs I haven't been murdered but maybe my ostracism is some type of death. Maybe my demographic creates a death in the media. Could this be why I was ostracized. Could it be instead of the god anchor physically having me killed they had me removed from the kid which is a form of a death or murder. Could it be that my ostracism/removal was a lgbt conspiracy to get to my kid? Could it be the lgbt and the networks felt that since I appeared as a worm and not a rabbit then they have authority over my kid?

  Its hard to say but I do remember that the god anchors stations did carry its self differently post ostracism. They did carry stories that created a hostile perception . If hostility was wanted to display how far were or are they willing to portray it? Is this why the conspiracy is so much of a monster because of how the god anchor and her cohorts created the antagonist shows. Maybe the antagonistic shows were a warning before the ostracism.

  Its not hard to believe that my existence created some type of antagonist energy. But maybe the energy was imagined so that the lgbt could groom the kid into who they want him to be. Could I have gotten in the way with their plan to take the kid under their indoctrination. Maybe by me making lynnaluvers it created a window for those under the gay mind to have me ostracized so they could take the kid. How many lives were sacrificed for the powers of the god anchor and her associates to grow?

In closing maybe me being murdered was Just imagined and let's just hope my ostracism didn't create a gateway for those of the conspiracy to prey on the kid. Let's hope me saying that the god anchor is superior wasn't a death wish of some other kind. I know jealously can be a motivator for all types of evils so let's​ envision good energy. I'm not saying being ostracized was evil but maybe because of my departure it summoned an evil. Here's the key, maybe the evil the media /conspiracy was experiencing before my ostracism was more than the evil they experienced after the ostracism hence my departure. Of course its not about me but did the god anchor get fired from 19 before or after lynnaluvers?