Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fans and Stalkers

I wrote this article when lynnaluvers was just getting started (2012). Since Janurary is still here and it is Stalker awareness month  I thought I would share it. Maybe later I'll talk about how Lynna and company might have read this blog and made sure what I said was contrary.

I am making this article because it seems I have been questioned by clues and other elements that have asked what's the difference from me and a stalker. Therefore I will shed light into what is the difference and why I am not a stalker but am a Lynnaluver and want nothing to do with Lynna Lai in any personal level which means The only time I want to see Lynna is when Im turning on the television! I will give you a list of what fans should and shouldn't do. Us Lynnaluvers have to be careful not to cross that line. We have to be up standing citizens and obey the law unless the law is prohibiting you to obey other past laws. Let me first say that there is nothing wrong rooting for, celebrating, giving tribute and complimenting anyone from Lynna Lai to God Himself. If you want to use your time celebrating someone and giving someone praise and or criticizing their actions or their co-workers actions its totally normal. The fact is that everyone whose in the publics eye always needs a critic to keep him or her on their toes along with a yes man or woman or a fan. Don't let anyone tell you wearing a t-shirt or dressing like a star or dedicating a blog or video about them is stupid. Sometimes a star can be our only source of expressing ourselves by being a fan of theirs.

  That being said where do you cross the line. Earlier this week a Justin Bieber fan hacked into Justin's account which turned him into a stalker and he texted Justin and it back fired with Justin giving his twitter followers the stalkers phone number. Now first of all If you're a true fan of anyone you don't disrespect someones privacy. Not only because it's against the law but it truly shows that you don't care about the person you are suppose to be a fan of. You're not concerned about them you're concerned about their star character. True Lynnaluverz understand this and don't feel any persuasion to break into any of Mrs. Lynna Lai's personal info to become close to her or to hurt her. How does someone call their self a fan and they don't have the decency to know the boundaries. This gives all the other fans a bad name. A stalker is Obsessed to the point that they want to meet the person their obsessed with. A fan it is someone who is content with just admiring the person for who he or she is and what he or she does and knows that they became who they are with out you or us which means they don't need our help or any personal confirmation or contact. 1: One rule of a LynnaLuver is you should never be in the same room of Mrs. Lynna Lai if she's in Cleveland you should be in Akron. If she's advertising a community function she's going to be at you don't go.

  This eradicates the possibility that you might do something stupid which would make you look stupid. Me personally as a fan I hold Mrs.Lai In such a high standard I wouldn't want to say or do something stupid so I would never go some place where she might be at because first of all its not like she has millions of followers so any place I go, or you go we will be singled out and in fear of looking dumb and like a monster. Now what fan wants to look like a jack ass around the person they have high regards for. Therefore again avoid personal physical contact and you will continue to enjoy your fan admiration you have. Also to add to the fact never contact the person who you have high regards for or admire or a fan of. The reason you never want to meet this individual in person is because on television they have a super star quality about them in your brain they have a God like quality, when you meet them in person your imagination of them will vanish. Which is why again don't destroy your view of the star of your imagination by meeting them in person.

  Now this is why the the most outrageous fans are in their teens or in their early twenties because only people with their brain not all the way developed would want to call the famous. 2: Never contact Mrs. Lai by phone, email or by letter. This should be common sense but because we have so many people who have issues I will try to make it clear. First of all Mrs.Lynna Lai is not our friend, matter of fact she's probably hates the fact that we have a Tribute page about her. You call your friends, you call your family, you call emergency workers, You can even call woio I guess but calling Lynna is not permitted and is frowned on and is not something that we condone. First of all you shouldn't have Mrs. Lai's number it is not for her fans to have. If she wanted us to have her phone number she would have said her phone number during her newscast. Second She is married with kids. Do you really think that Mrs. Lai will be happy if her husband is mad at her because a lunatic fan called her house? One major rule of A LynnaLuver is if she's unhappy we're unhappy! 

3: Concerning phone calls ; again back to making a fool of yourself, you don't want to call the star because what's going to happen is your favorite news anchor or any star will curse you out or hang up the phone when you tell them that you're a huge fan.Plus you're going to look like a fool. Now if you're a fan do you want the person you're a fan of to curse you out or hang the phone up on you and call the cops because a stranger is harassing them? The key to being a good fan is always stay away from the one you admire. I cannot say that enough.The further you are the brighter the star shines is the attitude you need to take. 4: Last but not lease if its not a work email and not posted on their work website then its not intended for you to email them or have. I know I said to stay away from them and email isn't having any physical contact with them but it's still contact. 

   As a Lynna Luver contacting Mrs. Lai would be like calling the President on his personal phone number. Yes he has a public email but the personal email you shouldn't even know and personally if you want to contact a public figure so bad that you get their private email through hacking or just plain research you need professional help especially if you contacted them through that personal email or number. 5: Now here's the proper etiquette of emailing Mrs Lai, if you must through her woio email address. Nothing personal always be professional, if you have to say something about her physical appearance don't be rude and obscene. Remember fans are only that; fans only. Lynnaluverz are only LynnaLuverz not Mrs. Lai's boy or girl toy. Mrs.Lai's not sending you messages through the t.v. she has a life and needs you to stay away. Always remember the further you are the brighter they shine. Now concerning the word LynnaLuverz the name of the blog. The reason I picked the name is because fans are effected by the stars because of the love or the illumination that the star produces. In Layman's terms; Mrs. Lai produces so much luv through the television we are giving luv back by calling ourselves Lynna Luverz. The reason why I spelled lovers wrong on purpose is because we have to know it's not real love that we are producing its a fans type of love, a empty love that's not real. A love that's channeled from all the worlds resentment and broken hearts. So when I say I'm a LynnaLuver Im saying that the emotion that's produced when Mrs. Lai Gives us the news we love it and we are channeling that luv back to her through blogs and other outlets. This blog is not for people to go out and start doing things that are out of order but to appreciate Mrs.Lai by showing her some respect that's a true way of showing luv and being a LynnaLuver! 

Now all fans must know this valuable secret of all stars, all people that are praised usually has someone close to them that resent the fact that they are getting so much positive feedback rather it be co-workers or just friends. If you look at anyone that's good at what they do they have others who hate them for it. So what I'm saying is that people will try to block your way of showing appreciation; they will even sabotage your campaign for the person you admire because they feel they deserve the praise. Please Lynnaluverz be watchful and discern whats going on. 

Friday, January 17, 2014


How coincidental that ABC has a show called "KILLER WOMEN". Even though I never saw it they say it's not as entertaining as it sounds.  Because of my assumptions that Lynna Lai will have me killed, I have to ask the question If I had never forecasted Lynna Lai as the killer of the blogger would the show be even called "KILLER WOMEN". Maybe this is premonition that she'll be going to an ABC station pretty soon (hopefully national).

  When I first proposed the idea or my dream that she was going to have me killed because of my blogging I would have never thought the movie community would have a hand in this too. Yet we have to assume Hollywood will have a hand in my death seeing that the great anchor is associated with SAG (screen actors guild) Now. Also we have to recognize that a Chinese business man has bought a large amount of theatres. Could the reason "KILLER WOMEN" is the title of the show is because of the New Chinese owner of theatres in the USA? She did say she was Chinese, yet that's like putting me in a box with all the blacks that are in Jail. If she has ties with the Governor of Ohio it's logical to assume she has ties with the Chinese Owner of USA theatres; seeing that Politicians do business with business men from other countries.

    This is all connected to my death and the advancement of our killer. Although it might seem like it's my fault that this happened since I made a blog called and forecasted that Lynna Lai will have a hand in my death and it might be; but to make a show with a title of one of my titles? Why didn't they put up a title like this before my blog was made? Maybe I inspired them. We all know about inspiration, seeing that Lynna Lai inspired I can truly say inspiration can be deadly.

 In closing lets hope that this is just a clue on the fact that Lynna Lai will become a national anchor pretty soon. I doubt it's just a clue  but we can only hope and conduct ourselves in a way that mirrors that hope. Who am I kidding; the death of the blogger is the most interesting of articles Ive written. The anchor that I blog about is going to have me killed! Who wouldn't use at least one title from the blog in their movies or TV drama?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sancturary Lai

  This guy said on the train that he came to a point where he was happy that Jail was his sancturary, his sancturay? A place where you worship, a place where you pray is jail and you're happy about it? I have to bring this up because in I mentioned that the great anchor will have me put in jail in the future. Who would want to have jail be their sancturary, I don't care how many restless nights or stalkers are on my heels I could never ag
ree to have Jail/Prison be my sancturary. My sancturay is my old home that I had to depart from.

    I used to talk about celebrity worship all the time in , could you imagine celebrity worshipping without any space or privacy? With out any new outlook of worshipping?  How could prison or jail be my sancturary without Lynna to watch? The only way I would probaly beable to watch Lynna is through my imagination. Im beginning to believe that's the main reason I was ostracized so that I can practice to become Lynnaless or practice worshipping without Lynna Lai on the tube. First it was the weekends now its maybe 6 minutes a month on a good month. Next It'll be just the images,videos and or the words that have been said by the blogger killer. I'm not saying that I belong in a sancturary without the god but I can understand why they conspired it that way.  No one wants to be blogged about day in and day out I suppose (she's a anchor though). Yet it's just like when Lynna Lai was on WOIO she sometimes mentioned that her audience was targeted to a certain group of people and not me. This blog is not targeted to Lynna Lai it is for me persoanlly and for those who find it a entertaining read.  Which brings me to thinking what happens when I'm completely Ostracized from the world will this blog be destroyed by her soldiers (Exscuse me as a gay guy hovers over me in public; might be one of  Lynnas)?

  In closing if people can worship gods without the god being actually there it is possible that one could worship without watching Lynna. I guess it's Psycology 101. But who wants to eat a air sandwich when the meat is right around the corner? I'm afraid if Jail does become my sancturary I unintentionally will create more followers and will my fanaticism become stronger. I'm coming to think that it won't, seeing that since Ive been ostracized Ive been blogging a lot less about her. Ive even loss my analytical writing character since she's been on WKYC. I can remember I used to analize every little thing  she or Duffy did on 19 now It's like it doesn't even matter.  I guess as years pass the only thing that matters is that she's back on the anchor desk even if im away forever at least she's on WKYC as a anchor where the future can get a glimpse of the pioneer.





Although, I haven't stalked our killer there was a time that I was accused of stalking her in the cyber world. Which might be one of the underliying reasons I'm away from "Ohlaio".Who wants to live in a state where the news anchor has possibly orchestrated a stalking  label? On any account January is national stalking awareness month.

  It's kind of Ironic  that we recognize  anti-stalking  yet I sense  a police presence in Phoenix stalking me. We as a nation are for  anti- stalking  yet we approve of drones /NSA. I said this on  and thats the fact that we are hypocritical seeing that we approve of social media like facebook  yet we look down on stalkers. We even have gps so we can follow where someone is therfore its getting harder and harder to get peace and quiet. Yet I can remember when Lynna Lai was anchoring in the morning  on 19 and she reported about how they have a app where you can track your favorite celebrity. I can remember she mentioned she wouldn't mind  if  there was a  tracker on her she made it seem like it goes with the territory of being a celebrity. This was during the very early stages of I can't believe she said this to this day. Maybe she was just saying this just to invoke controversary.

   Speaking of stalking there was a man a few yrs ago  that stalked some of 19's  news anchors  including  Lynna Lai . In the report they made it seem like he wasn't all there as if he was mentally challeneged. Could it be that this is what happens  when you're a male and you're a fanatic? Does she drive you nuts literally?  Not saying i'm personally nuts  but the great Lynna L;ai did  emphasize the word dillusional a few times  in her reports of 2012 and 2013, that word could be a trigger for her to  invoke that spirit on me or on anyone.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

801 Minds

  Hundreds of minds against "the lone blogger".  Some would ask how did I come up with that number 801? I came up with the number from the idea of at least 20 associates of Lynna Lai  in each station  involved  with my ostracization around the country. How is it that a nobdy blogger can get his favorite anchor fired  by writing a blog yet it takes "801 minds" to bogard? I totally doubt it was just my blog  that got the great killer anchor fired , it was probably a combination of things  and hopefully in the future I can touch on them.

     Is my mind that strong that I can have her fired  all by myself? Is the great anchors mind so weak that she needs assistance  from "800" individuals? I personally think that Mrs. Lynna Lai didn't have a choice in the matter of my ostracization.   If she works for the government  do you really think they asked her  " do you need some help with your fan problem?"  It's like a legalized gang probably ," you blog about her  and we all will have a hand in  ostracizing you blogger!"

   Maybe the great one did have a choice and instead of getting her hands dirty she got a few people  involved and those few people evolved  into the entire T.V media society of the country.  For example before I started   was Ann Curry fired from the Today show?  Did Kaity Tong get the weekend gig before or after?  So maybe  my allegance of east asian news anchors turned into a curse. Its like I was digging  for liquid gold  and all I did was destroy gas pipes.

  I'm coming to think maybe the "801" minds weren't called by the great Lai but by me.  Maybe I called "Candy Man"  too many times and he appeared . Here's a question  if Candy Man represents my Ostracization or the people who had a hand in my ostracization  what will represent my death and will the "801" minds have a part to play in that also?

Thursday, January 2, 2014


What can I sayabout 2013? It was a year of conspiracies and I doubt it will end in 2014 to be truthful.  It was year that showed how powerful Lynna Lai can be. The year definately showed her strength.  Some would say does someone really have to be strong to get rid of the blogger. Not comparing myself with two history makers but If they can kill Breitbart or Swartz just getting me out the state shouldn't be difficult. 2013 was the year I was Ostracized  but it was also the year that verified  the fact that Lynna Lai is the best of the best. What makes her the best is the fact that even after I was Ostracized  our great killer was still programmed inside.