Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Conspiracy

Three yrs ago I got ostracized and on this memorial day weekend It has come to my attention that the conspiracy is bigger than the blogger could imagine? During this memorial day we have to ask the question why. Why is the conspiracy bigger now than three yrs ago? How do I know the conspiracy has grown and last but not least shouldn't the god anchor be in a top five market if the conspiracy is as big as I believe it is.

  Three yrs ago I was blogging about how helicopters in neo were involved with my ostracizing. Should I be surprised that if they involved helicopters in targeting the blogger the conspiracy would have no limits? Absolutely not, yet I am curious or should I say anxious. Anxious to see how big will the conspiracy become. How big will it get after my death? How I know the conspiracy has grown because in 2013 people weren't bragging about having Asian friends to me. People weren't drawing the god anchor and leaving her Pic in restaurants. Three yrs ago I wasnt being targeted by police. I didn't see police every where I went. Because if these occurrences and many,many, many more I believe the conspiracy is a monster.

  One of the reasons why the conspiracy may have monstered is because of my blog. But maybe its just a way to intimidate the blogger. Why would the god anchor and her comrades feel persuaded to intimidate me? Maybe once again the blog. Three yrs ago I questioned the likely hood of lynnaluvers being the reason why I got ostracized. Couldn't lynnaments be the reason why its grown. Could my irritability have created a growth that is four times the conspiracies that I've witnessed in 2013. I mean you don't get on a bus and two guys start talking Cleveland and mentioning your birth name without getting a feeling something is going on. Maybe they want me to have that feeling. So that I can blog it out. Are they trying to get my attention in honor of the god anchor or is this a ritual before the death of the blogger? A ritual that is motivated by their allegiance to the god anchor. Could that be it. That those that target me are only growing because of the god anchors appeal and my repugnance. Could my repugnance create a target on my back that ricochets to the honoring of the god anchor.

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