Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bag ID

 If someone follows you everywhere you go you would think they would know where one has put there bag. If someone follows you on a daily they would know when you go to work or if you go to work even where you sleep; this would be idea if someone was going to kidnap someone soon right?

 I bring this up because my bag got kidnapped. I'm not really worried about my bag but what I had in it which was my DD214 which has personal identification items on it. Before my bag got kidnapped I noticed community college police following me and even cityy police. Matter of fact the first day I came from a job opportunity I was walking and as I was crossing the street a city police officer cruiser suv #3551 put his index and middle fingers to his eyes and pointed a index finger at me as if to say he was watching me. My question is if there watching me could they have took my bag and if so why?

  Did the anchor hire them to watch me and take my things the little things I have. Maybe the anchor feels like if she can manipulate my ID which my dd214 had she can easily make another me when she has me killed. Maybe they need more of my kind so my kind won't matter or maybe they want to manipulate my ID to kidnap my kid somehow.

  Seeing that I'm living in a  city ran by friends across the border could the great anchor have ordered my identification death which is to produce more of the blogger that way maybe my kid in the future won't be able to find me. The great anchor isn't that dimented but maybe the government is. If they can trick society into believing black lives don't matter can't they trick the police to hijack my belongings. Maybe they feel like my belongings belong to them since I was once part of them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Words of Trouble

  So I talked to a Sheriff in "OHLAIO" and he told me that I don't have a warrant out for my arrest

 since they did receive some monetary respect in August. He said if I don't send anything for Child Support soon I will have a warrant out for my arrest.

  Its weird how words mean different things to people. For example Trouble. Trouble means conflict and conflict means combat to some people rather its physical or mental.  If one isn't ready or prepared for trouble they aren't going to be successful.

 The word that tricked me in my believing that a warrant was out for my arrest was obtain. When someone says obtain I think of apprehend or control. This word led me to believe that I was going to be apprehended and kidnapped soon. Whose ever going to be ready for a kidnapping?

Which brings me to the last word that the great one used a lot in the month of may 2013 which was delusional. Maybe the anchor created a conspiracy so that I look delusional. Was I delusional during,before or after lynnaluvers. Is it delusional to suspect arrest when someone uses the word obtain? What words were used to create this energy? We're my words that powerful and if they were once again why isn't the great anchor Hosting A National News Program like the Today Show?

My jumping to conclusions without verifying things were delusional and I probably wouldn't had done it 3yrs ago yet I believe sense my Homelessness I think the worse and I have a right to think that way seeing I got my bag stolen or missed placed again (I'll be giving details about that soon).

Monday, November 16, 2015

Court Media

  This has nothing to do with the anchor they say; that's what happens when you blog about the anchor but aren't married. You get sabatoged and murdered they say under their breath.

 This has nothing to do with the anchor than why is their a warrant after I leave the state. If this isn't about the anchor why do people in uniform and out of uniform follow the kid?  Could the great anchor have put a secret bounty head through the court system nationally?

  Maybe that's why I have been getting followed and gay gang stalked. Let's be clear. I haven't been to court in my life over 5 times and these court hearings were for property and child support. Could it be that the great anchor has created a tight association with Akrons court officials hence my getting ostracized. Did the great or 19 and Duffy pay the court system to attack me and stalk me where ever I go.

 Reporters do spend a lot of time in the courts listening to cases. Maybe they felt like since I was a Lynna Lai watcher and blogger fan they had the authority to cast court authorities against the blogger. Maybe they felt like sense I can make a blog Anonymous they can ostracize the Anonymous blogger Anonymously.

  Do the courts enjoy the great anchor more than me hence the warrant and before that the ostracizing. If you were in the courts shoes would you listen to the anchor and or the station? Maybe they had no choice maybe the media like 19 and channel 3 scared the officials with the Dimora case they did what ever the media asked them to do. So why didn't they tell the court system to kill Sowell yet?


  So it seems  I might have a warrant out for my arrest. For not being able to  pay child support and live. Pretty soon they'll be coming to kidnap me , so if you dont hear from me thats what happened. When youre homeless, people dont want to hire you or they make things difficult so that you can't make a living.  Making a living is great but if you have people undermining you and sabotaging what you do then it's possible that you can have a enemy that's larger than you would imagine.   Maybe that's it, maybe that was the plan.

 To sabotage my house and ostracize me until it's time to kidnap me. Maybe the anchor had planned this, or maybe Duffy had planned this and to top it off they'll have me killed in the jail. Something I saw 3yrs ago. 3yrs ago i said in Dreamcast I believe that the Anchor was going to have me killed. Maybe it's bigger than the anchor. Maybe she has been working for the country and the country has created  a strong case against me based on the blogs and my lack of participation with the kid.

 But How do you have a relationship with a kid when you have the government that's anti fathers; pro homos and promoting a death to black dads that are anti Obama. Maybe they made a secret deal  to force me to leave so that I become a deadbeat father. We will see if they kidnap the kid pretty soon; I'll keep you up to date!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Another thanksgiving is coming up for the blogger, just two weeks away. In my last thanksgiving article I suggested that we become thankful that lynnaluvers is not around and
 the fact that the great anchor has people around to enjoy like family. On this thanksgiving I would like to ask should I look at the great anchor as the Indian or the pilgrim and why and as a blogger am I a pilgrim or a indian?

  Pilgrims and Indians are the foundation of this country that we live in. If it wasn't for the native Americans we wouldn't have some of the traditions that we have today. We wouldn't have the drum or the history. Without the Pilgrims we wouldn't be in America. Without their curiosity and opportunist attitude America wouldn't have been. Therefore one group compliments the other and visa versa!

 I personally see the anchor as the pilgrim because of her opportunist ways. This is what Journalist are paid to do be opportunist and if they don't see an opportunity they create one.  Although the great one might not be looking for freedoms like the Pilgrims maybe her old station were looking for freedoms. Maybe 19 wanted to be free from the Anchor which created an Opportunity to get rid of the old in years she's been with the station compared to new.

  Even though I used to frown on the Orthodox in lynnaluvers because I saw the anchor as being the new world I believe that's what the indians were. They were the Orthodox of America being before America was even called America. Can you imagine an unorthodox individual trying to befriend a Orthodox person and not even speaking the same language?

  Was it hard to see lynnaluvers as unorthodox? Is it hard for an unorthodox individual to blog about a station that wants Orthodox ideas yet cater to unorthodox individuals? Could it be that I was a Pilgrim and 19 and Lynna Lai were the Orthodox native Americans and they moved the anchor and had me ostracized so that being Unorthodox wouldn't be taboo. Maybe it's only OK to be Orthodox if you're a certain station or a certain person. Maybe my living was so unorthodox they figured being homeless wouldn't be a issue. Maybe that's what happened to the Indians the Pilgrims felt like their unorthodox beliefs and traditions were just cause to kick them out. Who knows. In any account Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sleeping Bird 2

 In the original sleeping Bird article I asked could the dead bird have appeared because of a ritual done while I was sleep. Although I don't really believe it and I don't really know I would like to entertain that possibility. What if someone did a voodoo ritual while I was sleep that involved a bird? I do remember before 2014 the great anchor and the sports commentator talking about the afl new Orleans voodoo and Lynna Lai did say she liked voodoo!

   Could it be that she wasn't talking about the football team but the religion? Could the great anchor have been pressured to summon a death angel hence the bird because I recognized her as god? Were the authorities in the voodoo community offended? Is this why the dead bird appeared at my foot. Did my recognition ignite a spiritual plot against me?

  Although Its hard to tell I can't escape the fact that their has been a energy stalking me sense my dream article in Even though I've never bare witness to a dead bird at my feet when I wake It seems that the more I live the closer I become to twilight occurrences! Maybe the voodoo wasn't summoned by the anchor but someone who holds the anchor dear. Seeing that she does have ties to Louisiana maybe her friends down their associated with friends in eagles ocean and the voodoo got  ignited. Maybe I'm dillusional and sense I've lived in New Orleans I'm just sensitive to voodoo connotations.