Tuesday, May 20, 2014

East Asian Spy

Just when I thought the government was worshipping the anchor Eric Holder talks about China Spying! How many East Asian males do I see in my situation in a yearly basis? I ask this because Ive been seeing one (actually two) who wears a Seattle and or Chicago baseball caps two cities where the anchor has connections. Am I racist to notice the east Asian in a place where it's mostly blacks? I think it's as normal as people noticing Lynna Lai in the late 90's when she was the only Asian American in front of the camera on 19. It's as normal as Lynna Lai recognizing a black writing about her. Here's a few questions did Lynna Lai plant him in my living quarters? If she did why?
Let's be truthful people aren't as curious when a black female enters a store versus a black male and it's my personal opinion that still in 2014 people aren't as curious over a east Asian female than a East Asian male in the news room especially since Eric Holder gave us his findings. I bet even the great anchor would prefer a black female over a black male watching her newscast especially since my blog and my ostricizing. I bring this up because I don't want to come across as being racist but I have to record theses happenings. Every year it seems there's a East Asian male in my living quarters since Ive been Ostricized. Could Lynna Lai have hired someone to follow me if so why? It is the great anchors birthday and Memorial day is around the corner too so what if Lynna Lai is suspecting that WKYC is conspiring to kill her on her birthday and for insurance purposes she had the guy live in government establishment with me. So just in case she does die he can have me killed. What if Lynna hired this guy to sleep where I sleep because she suspects that she's about to get canned and if she does she has a bounty on my head with the East Asian Male. What if the great anchor and WKYC made a deal that she would hire a plant to stalk me so that WKYC can get more details about me and or harass me? I know it sounds dellusional but I said Lynna Lai's name right in front of this guy and it was as if he was acting as if he was sad. What if the reason he's on me is because I still google Lynna Lai? What if he's here to give an account of what Ive been doing to a judge that works for WKYC and Lynna Lai.
He also has a few plants working for him because when I mention Lynna Lai to this Hispanic fellow he looks at the Asian fellow to see what his response should be. I even asked the Hispanic guy (couldn't be older than 18) who he works for right next to the Asian American and he looks to the East Asian to get the answer before he says " No one sir" . There is no doubt in my mind that WKYC,the government and or Lynna Lai had cooked this up!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

They're Singing Lynna Pt 2

Not even a week after I wrote "They're Singing Lynna" I go to a Government Establishment and they've got a choir singing "Lynna's Me" /Lean on Me". This time instead of the group being all Women this time it was all men. What does this mean? Did Lynna have her comrads cook this up? Was this all the governments doing? If the government had a hand in it what were they saying figuratively?
This time when the group was singing they were serious, it was as if they really believed "Lynna Lai was them". You could really sense the tribute in their voice, unlike when the girls were singing. Could that be a sign that Men take Lynna Lai more serious or that men worship the god anchor more sincerely? I really doubt that Lynna Lai had a hand in this singing tribute this time, because this time the setting didn't really give off a Lynna Lai type of energy. The setting was more governmental or more institutionalized. I'm not saying that the great anchor doesn't have powerful programming capabilities it just wasn't her style or the style i'm used to. Which might mean it was her that set up the second "Lynna's Me"/ Lean on Me Group!
Maybe the government saw my article and found where I was going to be and ordered/suggested that the group sing "Lynna's Me". Maybe it gets the government off knowing that they can create situations in my situations that has Lynna Lai connotations. Last but not least maybe the governemt finally believes that the anchor is superior and to show that they believe they wanted to worship the anchor in front of little ole blogger! If that's the case when will they begin to sing songs about Lynna? When will they start having song titles with "Lai or Lie" in them (The only song I can think of right now is White Lier)? Will they ever create songs with "Lai" in them? Is "Lynna's Me" the closest we're ever going to acknowledging the anchors superiority or worshiping?

Saturday, May 10, 2014


How many times Have I mentioned I was wrong in lynnaluvers.com and lynnaments? The reason I ask is because a radio personality said that a certain caller didn't have the Cheese Balls to admit that he was wrong which brought me to questioning myself with writing lynnaluvers.com. How many times have I suggested or mentioned I was wrong? How many times has the mother of the media and the media it's self admitted they were wrong? Before I got rid of the opening of lynnaments
I personally thought the opening or the body of lynnaments is admittance of being wrong when I wrote lynnaluvers.com. In the body of lynnaments.blogspot it stated that lynnaluvers.com losted focused. Isn't that a admittance of being wrong. It doesn't flat out say that lynnaluvers was wrong but it says that it losted focused. No ones going to say losing focus is a good thing therefore it has to be wrong. I always stated that I was obsessed with watching Lynna Lai the news anchor on TV which might be right to some but it's also wrong to others. looking back I don't think I ever said that lynnaluvers.com or lynnaments.blogspot was wrong. For me to say it was wrong would be for me to say I deserve to be ostracized. For me to say lynnaluvers.com was wrong would be me saying that I or my family members deserve to be killed. For me to say my writing was wrong would be for me to say that I deserved to be stalked by the CIA,FBI or local authorities in Phoenix. For example Breitbart and Russert including many more were killed because of what they wrote or what they said. Maybe it was the wrong time for me to write lynnaluvers.com seeing whose in office but for me to say lynnaluvers.com was out right wrong would be unjust. Now do I deserve to sacrifice over the lynnaluvers.com,lynnaments blog and my lynna lai consciousness, yes. Is my osticizing worth Lynna Lai being on a national level, I might have gotten a bargain. But that doesn't mean that the blogs were wrong. Looking at a married woman is wrong yes but is it worth dieing over? Maybe. Maybe if I didn't watch so much Lynna Lai my attitude would have changed . Then again If I didn't watch so much Lynna Lai I wouldn't have gotten ostricized. It might just be my dillusional sense since Ive been ostricized but I don't recall 19 or 3 ever admitting their wrong. I'm not comparing the nurse to the patient but shouldn't the local media admit when their wrong? Should the anchor ever admit that she's wrong on TV? Personally I don't think so because it discredits the stations product. It also discredits the believability of the great news personality. Not to mention a god is never wrong. With that said could that be the reason I have a hard time admitting that lynnaluvers was wrong?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

They're Singing Lynna

So What there’s a group of Women ahead of me in Phoenix during the night, I said. In the past people would be concerned about a group of black males during the night now it's a group of white women. How things have have changed. I walk toward the train station which ironically was the same place the group of women were going. As they stop at the end of the train track station they start singing "hit the road jack" a few other songs but the one that got my attention was "LEAN ON ME". It sounded like they were singing Lynna's me! I know it's a delusional question but did Lynna put these Ladies up to sing "Lynna's Me"?If she did why? Who were these women?
When they sung at the train station I asked out loudly which isn't very common was it ladies night. I even stated that Lynna could sing better than them, a statement that I don't know is true or not but when I said this they did stop singing "Lynna's Me/ Lean on Me". Since the Great Anchor reports about the Authorities alot maybe the Phoenix authorities hired the women to sing "Lynna's Me". The question is why? Why would they hire these group of women to sing "Lynna's Me"? To pay tribute to the great anchor? To show or to establish the fact that the singing Ladies were Lynna Lai or that White Women are Lynna Lai? Maybe the reason they were singing because they knew or were told that I watched Lynna Lai and I wrote lynnaluvers.com. Therefore they thought the only logical thing to do was to sing a song with the name Lynna in it or a song that sounded like it had Lynna in it! I didn’t have a problem with them singing I had a issue with them being ungenuine? If they were going to do a tribute to the great anchor at least stop laughing. These were women in their 40’s-60’s, some had grey hair. I know some would say if I would stop watching and thinking about the news anchor, the situation wouldn’t be nothing but a bunch of girls having a night out. But I don’t believe they were; I truly believe they were put there to make a mockery of the lynnaluvers.com website and I. Maybe it was one of her competitors or a Phoenix Anchor that put on this show.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lynna Gate

  Not even a year after I leave "OHLAIO" Bill Applegate retired,. the 19 Action News evil genius some would say. Now in Chicago a blogger states that Applegate was employed by a Chicago station. Could Lynna Lai , Bill Applegate alongside Brian Duffy have orchestrated this? My ostracizing, Lynna Lai's and Sharon Reeds firing, Duffy's demotion and Catherine Bosley, Harry Boomer as Morning Hosts?

 Maybe Applegate coached Lynna Lai into leaving so that they could make it seem ok to fire Reed  and in doing so make it look ok to ostracized the delusional blogger. Maybe that's why I was being harassed by the Chicago police last year because Lynna coached  Applegate  into pulling some strings  so that I would be intimidated  by the chicago police dept. If applegate has strong ties with Chicago couldn't he have strong ties with Obama and or Rahm Emmanuel? Maybe that's why the great anchor was on 19 because she has strong ties to Obama.

  This could also be why I was ostracized seeing that Obama was mentioned in lynnaluvers.com , I even had a pic of Obama shinning the great anchors shoes. What if the Applegate was offended by the pic and took it out on the persuasive one which is why he let her go and put me away. They said he has a home in Florida; could that be the reason Bosley took the Persuasive anchors place. It's believed Bosley has ties in Florida too.  Could   Applegate have met her at the Wet T-shirt contest  and was compelled to hire her and in hiring her had to get rid of others.  Lynna Lai does have Florida connections too which means if nothing else he likes Anchors from Florida!