Thursday, December 31, 2015

Knowing 2016

  Maybe ignorance is a blessing maybe If I knew that the great anchor was going to turn the bloggers life upside down she wouldn't be on TV. Maybe if I knew she was going have police follow me she wouldnt be on in the mornings. Maybe if I knew too much I would have written too much and we all know what happened when lynnaluvers was still operating.

Maybe the Great anchor didn't know the presence would turn the country upside down , maybe she didn't know that the current president had no positive emotions toward the USA. Maybe her ignorance saved her career. Maybe if she would have known he was going to sabotage the country you would think she would keep the viewers in the know. But maybe what she found out about the president was so terrifying cat got her tongue.

  Maybe because of our ignorance 2016 will be better than what we expected. Maybe all the yrs of the President in office will pay off for someone  like maybe Trump. Maybe 2016 is the year for Trump and if that's so will the Anchor ever get on the National stage?  Maybe knowing isn't something that's needed seeing we have some forces out there that human kind are blind to and if we're blind to theses unknown forces I truly believe we're blind to what's next!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 storm

What a year and I didn't even begin to talk about all the inclinations I've witnessed.  Hopefully things will get better but if they don't and they become worse is the blogger prepared? Are we prepared for 4 more yrs of Obama are we prepared for Prison are we prepared for Clintons Presidency? Are we prepared for some changes in Neo news field? I'm getting a feeling and even though it might be way off because I haven't been watching the great anchor like I did before my ostracizing. I can sense when something is about to change. Let's  hope the change is for the good of the anchor.

  Every year I ask my self what would I change if I had to do it over again since I've been ostracized. In the past I've said that I wouldn't change anything because the anchor is worth a lot more than my merely ostracizing and I still believe it. My ostracizing is like a drop in the bucket.

  No in 2015 I wouldn't change the name of my old blog, I wouldn't stop watching maybe I should have but watching shouldn't have gotten me ostracized its what the watching triggered. It triggered lynnaluvers, it triggered Facebook fan pages,it triggered a new website lynnaments, it triggered me believing the anchor has put a bounty on my head it triggered my small world completely upsidedown and funny thing is its not over.   Some would say if I would have identified my self at the beginning this wouldn't have happened.

 Yet in lynnaluvers I said that a fan is frowned in. Watching and blogging isn't respectable especially when you question whose better at her craft than her. Don't forget we were watching a news anchor someone who reports about the worse which means those things could easily happen to me and some of them did or will.  Sometimes a news reporter or anchor will hurt you and you won't feel the effects of it until its too late for example the way they got Obama in office.  If they have no regards for the local citizens of the country do you think they'll care if they kill a black citizen.  Therefore let's just hope in 2016 we can bare a new wave of heart ache. If not let's keep calm for the most part and appreciate the next storm on its way.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Casino Ohio

 I've been reading this book called Bringing Down the House by an Author named Ben Mezrich.( I think they made a movie about it called 21). These students from MIT manipulated the nations casinos and the casinos hire a private investigating service that terrified the MIT students. My question is could Ohio be a casino? Could I have manipulated Ohio and not even know it? Hence why I'm being targeted like the MIT guys?

  Is this why Im Ostracized from "Ohlaio" because they feel I've manipulated the state?  Maybe they feel like my lack of watching anyone other than the great anchor is a sense of manipulation. Maybe because I'm black they feel like I shouldn't have a voice in the 19 comparisons which is a manipulating the system.

  Although I never was personally told never to step foot in OHLAIO but my gut say next time I do I'll be dead. The same feeling the main character had after he was found to be manipulating the casino system. Was  me saying the Anchor was Superior some form of manipulation or did it have to do with something in my personal life. Maybe they felt like I needed to be Ostracized because I said the current president manipulated the country. Maybe those type of words aren't OHIO friendly. Maybe with my view on Obama,my belief that the anchor was/is Superior and the fact that I lived in a Humble Habitat made me a easy target. Now sense I'm homeless the target is easier.

Yet with me being a easy target was I the only one the Casino was Ostracizing? Maybe Ohio is a Casino and I didn't play by house rules. Maybe me stating that the great anchor was Casino God was like stating a truth that should be kept quiet.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Following Texas

Where do I start?  Maybe with life isn't fair only dreams are! Maybe that's why U have police following me everywhere I go because of life's demeanor. Could the god anchor have given me all this police attention along with gay terrorist attention? Have the gays and the police been working together to terrorize me in the great state of Texas?

  I saw that the god anchors website has a Cleveland Latino chapter with a host that looks like Jessica fox. Could WKYC have orchestrated the Mexican police dept to harass me thereby influencing A Texas police chapter and maybe a local bicycle gang? Are the articles words that offensive. Once again I do believe it's the person that's writing them. If it was a millionaire it would be OK but a homeless guy is not pretty.

  Could the government be following the anchor hence why the police are trailing me?  How many gangstalkers have the authorities hired because not only am I sensing the local patrol I sensing plain clothes thugs. In a society where thuggery is respected should I not have my densities up? Should I not document what's happening? Maybe the government wants the blogger to be so much harassed by the gangstalkers and the local authorities that I look at it as normal. Maybe their following me to see my demeanor and in calculating my demeanor they can infiltrate. Why would police,gay terrorist and gangstalkers want to infiltrate? Maybe their upset about my views. Maybe they feel like because I'm black or a homeless guy I shouldn't have views if a conservative or view the anchor as god in my articles.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bag ID

 If someone follows you everywhere you go you would think they would know where one has put there bag. If someone follows you on a daily they would know when you go to work or if you go to work even where you sleep; this would be idea if someone was going to kidnap someone soon right?

 I bring this up because my bag got kidnapped. I'm not really worried about my bag but what I had in it which was my DD214 which has personal identification items on it. Before my bag got kidnapped I noticed community college police following me and even cityy police. Matter of fact the first day I came from a job opportunity I was walking and as I was crossing the street a city police officer cruiser suv #3551 put his index and middle fingers to his eyes and pointed a index finger at me as if to say he was watching me. My question is if there watching me could they have took my bag and if so why?

  Did the anchor hire them to watch me and take my things the little things I have. Maybe the anchor feels like if she can manipulate my ID which my dd214 had she can easily make another me when she has me killed. Maybe they need more of my kind so my kind won't matter or maybe they want to manipulate my ID to kidnap my kid somehow.

  Seeing that I'm living in a  city ran by friends across the border could the great anchor have ordered my identification death which is to produce more of the blogger that way maybe my kid in the future won't be able to find me. The great anchor isn't that dimented but maybe the government is. If they can trick society into believing black lives don't matter can't they trick the police to hijack my belongings. Maybe they feel like my belongings belong to them since I was once part of them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Words of Trouble

  So I talked to a Sheriff in "OHLAIO" and he told me that I don't have a warrant out for my arrest

 since they did receive some monetary respect in August. He said if I don't send anything for Child Support soon I will have a warrant out for my arrest.

  Its weird how words mean different things to people. For example Trouble. Trouble means conflict and conflict means combat to some people rather its physical or mental.  If one isn't ready or prepared for trouble they aren't going to be successful.

 The word that tricked me in my believing that a warrant was out for my arrest was obtain. When someone says obtain I think of apprehend or control. This word led me to believe that I was going to be apprehended and kidnapped soon. Whose ever going to be ready for a kidnapping?

Which brings me to the last word that the great one used a lot in the month of may 2013 which was delusional. Maybe the anchor created a conspiracy so that I look delusional. Was I delusional during,before or after lynnaluvers. Is it delusional to suspect arrest when someone uses the word obtain? What words were used to create this energy? We're my words that powerful and if they were once again why isn't the great anchor Hosting A National News Program like the Today Show?

My jumping to conclusions without verifying things were delusional and I probably wouldn't had done it 3yrs ago yet I believe sense my Homelessness I think the worse and I have a right to think that way seeing I got my bag stolen or missed placed again (I'll be giving details about that soon).

Monday, November 16, 2015

Court Media

  This has nothing to do with the anchor they say; that's what happens when you blog about the anchor but aren't married. You get sabatoged and murdered they say under their breath.

 This has nothing to do with the anchor than why is their a warrant after I leave the state. If this isn't about the anchor why do people in uniform and out of uniform follow the kid?  Could the great anchor have put a secret bounty head through the court system nationally?

  Maybe that's why I have been getting followed and gay gang stalked. Let's be clear. I haven't been to court in my life over 5 times and these court hearings were for property and child support. Could it be that the great anchor has created a tight association with Akrons court officials hence my getting ostracized. Did the great or 19 and Duffy pay the court system to attack me and stalk me where ever I go.

 Reporters do spend a lot of time in the courts listening to cases. Maybe they felt like since I was a Lynna Lai watcher and blogger fan they had the authority to cast court authorities against the blogger. Maybe they felt like sense I can make a blog Anonymous they can ostracize the Anonymous blogger Anonymously.

  Do the courts enjoy the great anchor more than me hence the warrant and before that the ostracizing. If you were in the courts shoes would you listen to the anchor and or the station? Maybe they had no choice maybe the media like 19 and channel 3 scared the officials with the Dimora case they did what ever the media asked them to do. So why didn't they tell the court system to kill Sowell yet?


  So it seems  I might have a warrant out for my arrest. For not being able to  pay child support and live. Pretty soon they'll be coming to kidnap me , so if you dont hear from me thats what happened. When youre homeless, people dont want to hire you or they make things difficult so that you can't make a living.  Making a living is great but if you have people undermining you and sabotaging what you do then it's possible that you can have a enemy that's larger than you would imagine.   Maybe that's it, maybe that was the plan.

 To sabotage my house and ostracize me until it's time to kidnap me. Maybe the anchor had planned this, or maybe Duffy had planned this and to top it off they'll have me killed in the jail. Something I saw 3yrs ago. 3yrs ago i said in Dreamcast I believe that the Anchor was going to have me killed. Maybe it's bigger than the anchor. Maybe she has been working for the country and the country has created  a strong case against me based on the blogs and my lack of participation with the kid.

 But How do you have a relationship with a kid when you have the government that's anti fathers; pro homos and promoting a death to black dads that are anti Obama. Maybe they made a secret deal  to force me to leave so that I become a deadbeat father. We will see if they kidnap the kid pretty soon; I'll keep you up to date!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Another thanksgiving is coming up for the blogger, just two weeks away. In my last thanksgiving article I suggested that we become thankful that lynnaluvers is not around and
 the fact that the great anchor has people around to enjoy like family. On this thanksgiving I would like to ask should I look at the great anchor as the Indian or the pilgrim and why and as a blogger am I a pilgrim or a indian?

  Pilgrims and Indians are the foundation of this country that we live in. If it wasn't for the native Americans we wouldn't have some of the traditions that we have today. We wouldn't have the drum or the history. Without the Pilgrims we wouldn't be in America. Without their curiosity and opportunist attitude America wouldn't have been. Therefore one group compliments the other and visa versa!

 I personally see the anchor as the pilgrim because of her opportunist ways. This is what Journalist are paid to do be opportunist and if they don't see an opportunity they create one.  Although the great one might not be looking for freedoms like the Pilgrims maybe her old station were looking for freedoms. Maybe 19 wanted to be free from the Anchor which created an Opportunity to get rid of the old in years she's been with the station compared to new.

  Even though I used to frown on the Orthodox in lynnaluvers because I saw the anchor as being the new world I believe that's what the indians were. They were the Orthodox of America being before America was even called America. Can you imagine an unorthodox individual trying to befriend a Orthodox person and not even speaking the same language?

  Was it hard to see lynnaluvers as unorthodox? Is it hard for an unorthodox individual to blog about a station that wants Orthodox ideas yet cater to unorthodox individuals? Could it be that I was a Pilgrim and 19 and Lynna Lai were the Orthodox native Americans and they moved the anchor and had me ostracized so that being Unorthodox wouldn't be taboo. Maybe it's only OK to be Orthodox if you're a certain station or a certain person. Maybe my living was so unorthodox they figured being homeless wouldn't be a issue. Maybe that's what happened to the Indians the Pilgrims felt like their unorthodox beliefs and traditions were just cause to kick them out. Who knows. In any account Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sleeping Bird 2

 In the original sleeping Bird article I asked could the dead bird have appeared because of a ritual done while I was sleep. Although I don't really believe it and I don't really know I would like to entertain that possibility. What if someone did a voodoo ritual while I was sleep that involved a bird? I do remember before 2014 the great anchor and the sports commentator talking about the afl new Orleans voodoo and Lynna Lai did say she liked voodoo!

   Could it be that she wasn't talking about the football team but the religion? Could the great anchor have been pressured to summon a death angel hence the bird because I recognized her as god? Were the authorities in the voodoo community offended? Is this why the dead bird appeared at my foot. Did my recognition ignite a spiritual plot against me?

  Although Its hard to tell I can't escape the fact that their has been a energy stalking me sense my dream article in Even though I've never bare witness to a dead bird at my feet when I wake It seems that the more I live the closer I become to twilight occurrences! Maybe the voodoo wasn't summoned by the anchor but someone who holds the anchor dear. Seeing that she does have ties to Louisiana maybe her friends down their associated with friends in eagles ocean and the voodoo got  ignited. Maybe I'm dillusional and sense I've lived in New Orleans I'm just sensitive to voodoo connotations.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ghost Story

 Is October a gag month or what? A month where twilight zone occurrences happen often. I say this because of the dead bird at my foot but also the ghost that appeared in my picture I took.

   That's right a ghost. A supernatural figure of the real world. Which is kind of ironic seeing that the great one got over a million views with a report about a ghost at a gas station. You would be happy to know I didn't see this spiritual creature at the gas station.

  Nope I saw this ghost at a library and I have a pic to prove it! It happened after I was looking for a place to sit and read a book called living out of a suit case or life out of a suit case. I couldn't find a place to sit that was comfortable until I found a pillar. I sat down and after 30 minutes a under the dome character from CBS came toward me. (It looked like the bearded guy) I take my camera out because his energy was wrong.

 I tried to take a pic of him but instead I captured a male ghost. It was all the way at the top of the ceiling and the window. I couldnt believe it but its probably because  I never take pics of ghost.  Seriously what are the odds around Halloween?

 Of course I have to say it! What does that ghostly image mean and what did it want. All my life I've seen ghosts and images; I've even saw Lynna Lai in a jelly bean; but I never took a pic of one. Let's not be so entertained that we forget that I just had a dead bird plopped next to me while I was sleep.

 Could this ghost be confirmation that death is close by or that we're being visited by outside sources. Maybe the under the dome guy is a magnet for ghosts and he wanted to shake things up.  Maybe the ghost made its presence known because he wants to be talked about in my blog.

  Although we are under a lot of super natural occurrences doesn't mean we should take these occurrences lightly. If we see something like this it means things in the super natural world are extremely enhancing because of humans lack of respect for that world. Which brings me to the question of have I disrespected the super natural world by blogging about the great anchor ( notice I didn't say god anchor this time, why?).

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sleeping Bird

  As a homeless blogger Ive been sleeping on sidewalks,on the soft nature of Eagles Ocean and on some benches. This one night, the night after I wrote rating my delusions I figured I would sleep on the concrete and enjoy traffic. Before I fell asleep I made sure there wasn't no foreign objects like feces, dead insects,live insects, Blood or anything else that would make me get up and leave to find someplace else to sleep. Everything was clear so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

  When I woke up what I woke up to was a dead bird. It was laying on its side right next to my foot. What does this mean,because if course it has to mean something. It's not everyday that I get a dead bird greeting me when I wake. I could go the simple route and say it means I shouldn't be sleeping on the concrete but I believe it's deeper than that.

  Who put a dead bird next to my foot while I was sleep? Was it Lynna Lai the great or her cohorts, was it Duffy and his buddies seeing there are Steelers fans here and a restaurant named after him. Why didn't they put the bird in my bag worse why didn't they put a dead snake in my bag I had with me? Could the bird had just decided to die next to my foot and if so why?  Is their a death angel stalking me? Could my blog be so appauling that it has summoned a angel of death? Has someone summoned a death spirit over me after reading lynnaluvers or lynnamentals and its giving me a taste of what's to come? Could someone have been doing a ritual around me while I was sleep and it involved a bird that died? Maybe my feet gave off such a repugnant odor that it killed the bird!  Even though the bird wasn't black could it have represented my death?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rating the delusion with blog

  So I just heard the Today's shows ratings are back up since Ann Curry left the show. Did the great anchor have Ann Curry kicked off the show like they kicked the blogger out of town? Did they harass her to the point she had to quit like the muslims harassed me in Pioneer  City? Just questions!

What really has got me asking questions is what if the Today Show needed to get some media attention so they fired Ann to make better blog news by hiring the great anchor. How far is the today show willing to go for ratings? Death obviously. I mean they did make a killing during the Zimmerman fiasco.

  I know a homeless guy shouldn't be worried about ratings when I don't even have a TV to watch it on. I shouldn't be worried about How they might have used Lynna Lai to get rid of Ann Curry. It's how they use Obama to get rid of undesirable blacks. I shouldn't worry. Yet maybe I should worry. Maybe for the simple fact that a bigger ratings boost than Zimmerman would be Lynna the great! Their own conspired to get rid of this delusional blogger. What would the ratings turn into? Yet maybe I am delusional seeing that the ratings booster is all over the tube right now.
  Maybe my demise can wait since Donald Trump is around or maybe they need him to cover my demise up. To cover something more important up.
 I can hear the people now. You're such a drama queen blogger, who cares. Who cares until you've been fired,harassed,stalked,and found dead. Once again I'm not saying this fits the idea of Lynnaluver demise but I would have to say you can't control what people of higher powers will subject you to. You can just like what you like blog or talk who you wish to talk about. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be so silent if I wasnt ostracized. But maybe that's what it's gotta take for the great one to reach her full potential! I know its delusional but maybe Ann Curry and my departure was needed for the Government to do what it has to with the great one. Maybe what ever the great one is subject to is more than just  what we can imagine. Maybe our departure helps society! Maybe a social justice has occurred since my ostracizing and I'm not in a position to see it.
  Does it really matter though once again. I mean I'm homeless who cares. Yet what if that which makes you homeless is caused by who you watch.  Iof course you're gonna care if the ratings are high or not you're homeless for talking about her ratings. For watching the 4hr shows. For saying more Lynna Lai! It doesn't matter until you're homeless in my opinion which might be the reason I was put to the curb so her successful newscast could have more meaning.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raining Opportunity

  Through out time when ever a nation wanted to take over a group of people or another country they would always spy or record them. It happened during the Revolutionary war it happened at Pearl Harbor it's even happening now online.  Sometimes they even give you what you think you need or want just so they can spy on you and ultimately overtake you. Which brings me to the great anchors station contributing to the help that's needed in Eagles Ocean area.

  Is not WKYC an opportunist station? Did they not promote an opportunist Presidential candidate who later became President? Why are they Opportunists and is it a good thing?  Could be because some people (not the anchor God) who they have hired are releasing Opportunists energies and therefore it's only logical they  react in that way. A way that seems genuine and ethical but underneath is a sinister plan. A plan to hunt the blogger and kill him.

 Yes, maybe the eagles Ocean travesty created many opportunities for the strong and the weak. Maybe the Hacked weather gave an excuse for the God anchors station manipulate and kill. There's many opportunities to kill the blogger why wait for a coastal catastrophy? Maybe to hide the body in the water, or maybe to hijack and manipulates authorities to kill the blogger. What if this wasn't the stations plan yet a plan of a Government that has hijacked this country and is offended by my current and past ideas.

Monday, October 5, 2015

jizzing the blogger

 What makes her god is beyond what I say is what she does. It's beyond what I think it's just the fact that I've happened to notice it and blog about it. But since my blogging has made people lose their work and possibly created a government or governments to sabotage my being what must a blogger accept besides the fact that the absence makes the anchor stronger.

 Should we accept the fact that the anchor might have influenced a government or governments to intimidate the blogger with artificial weather. Could what I have said made the Government or the anchor so jizzed that they chose to Jizz on me by the weather. I know this sounds dillusional and hard to believe. But its my belief that the anchor/the media/the gov influences and manipulates the weather.

    If the Anchor can Jizz on the blogger who has she given these powers to or who has given the powers to her and if she along with the Gov has these powers to intimidate bloggers why don't they intimidate a better target. Are they so dillusional with anger that they are using their powers to rain/Jizz intimidate a uneducated, homeless blogger.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Progressive Absence

A absent father is one of the worse,so it seems. Alrhough a anchor is not a father a anchor can

still be returned and or reset. I as a cultural civilian which means someone who has been influenced by popular ideas do not believe absent father can be returned , reset or reprogrammed like a absent anchor. Seeing that they both have huge influences it's understanding if I compare the two.

  Could it be the influence I had on my kid was not what the conspirators of the anchor wanted. Seeing that I did have untraditional ideas. Ideas that the media/government had in mind.Maybe that's why they had helucopter s hover my old resting place in OH. or had government papers sent to me, to protect the young mind. Was it the young mind they were really protecting when they ostracized the blogger, was it the young mind they were protecting when they created a energy of vacancy and a Energy of homelessness?

  Maybe they did create that energy for the future. The future of progressiveness. Which brings me back to the absent father who isn't progressive or is he? We can say the Absent father is not more progressive than the absent anchors and maybe that's why I was ostracized. The anchor is so progressive,so persuasive,so influential that it created a energy of  vacancy and absence with the blogger that in turn creates a better platform. A better platform for who though?

Monday, September 21, 2015

noticing god

 There is so much to say and yet so little time. So many gut clues,so many lynna lai associations. It's kind of weird that I say the anchor is god and all of humanity agrees with me by their actions yet i'm the one who gets to be homeless. For example the Presidential nominees; the fact that a Woman CEO is leading in some polls and the fact that a minority woman won a Emmy for a Drama Show shows that the anchor is definitely of a superior kind, something I've noticed for years which is probably why I'm a traveler.

 Yet it doesn't matter what I may have noticed or does it? I have to admit I have noticed some Homeless mocking going on. Which means many things that not only don't black lives matter but also that homeless lives don't matter. Seeing that most people that are homeless are black. This also means that maybe those that have been mocking the homeless have been the same ones targeting me. The same ones that have influenced every part of America recently.

  Could it be that these programmers influenced the emmys specifically the Host Samberg. He did do a homeless rendition during his opening act.  He did say during the act that he got that way by watching the stars. Could the anchor god have given the producer's the story of the lynnaluver blogger or did the Government it self talk to the producer's?  Maybe it's a combination of the two. If this is true what can't the anchor do and if she has such a influence which she should why isn't she on the national TV stations.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Eagle Oceans Story2

 Not 24hrs from when I posted Eagle Oceans Story did officer Damore come by and tell me I can't Sleep on the property. Could I have triggered someone contacting the local police saying to screw with me. Maybe he was there to give me advice on where to sleep. A blogger cant write a blog that's so moving and assume that the police won't screw with him.

  Maybe it was the fact that I write so much about the anchor or think about the anchor that they have a problem with it. Does the blogger vacate his blog just because the police officers name is very similar to the convicted politician in Cleveland? Could it be that 19 is upset that I keep writing or blogging? Again if a blogger can have Lynna Lai fired can't he get her on a national level. If its my fault that she's on wkyc a better station.Would it also be my fault that she's not in the best situation because of lynnaluvers. Shouldn't my lynnamental blog change that and,can it?at

    I have to ask these questions because it seems 19 has a fixation with people names starting with D. For example Duffy,Danielle,Dimora and now Damora. Its too many coincidences for me to say the police officer was just doing his job I mean what else are you going to do when the population is low.

  Let's hope I'm just a paranoid lynnamental and the officer has nothing to do with Lynna or 19 or anyother Ohio influences. I will say the officer did give me some greengrapes that was before he called me boy. Maybe I'm just dillusional or maybe the D in his name stands for death my death. Let's hope the grapes weren't soaked in a deadly mixture.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eagle Oceans Story

 So it got so bad in pioneer city that I had to move again. I had to move to a city I like to call Sam Oceans eagle Oceans. I've been getting

used to being homeless besides the lack of showers its who I've turned
to. I'm not suggesting Its  some one's a fault and that's not what I need to document. What I need to document is on the coincedence.

  The coincidence that 80yrs ago my grandfather was ostracized from this Eagle ocean state. The coincidence that there's so many Ohio state license plates here. The biggest coincidence is the white van that was stopped by an officer at 2am right where I was getting some rest at.

   It was 2am and I was trying to get some rest on some property with the word ally in it. All I hear is sirens. I see a cruiser with his flashing lights behind a white 8 seated van. I get up and leave because who can sleep with that noise. I start walking down the street and a minute later I see a cruiser pass me. He stops a little further.

 I turn around because I had a feeling it was the same cruiser who pulled over the 8 seated. it was, because not a cruiser or the van was there. Either the officer can write pretty quick tickets or I looked more interesting.

  Could it be the van was just a plant. Maybe some allies influenced the police officers here in Eagle Oceans to kidnap me which was what the white van was for.

 I know I should think positive. But if you were a black writer who was homeless and who you were writing about were influential would you be positive? In this negative world who can be positive? Last time I was positive I said the anchor was great for TV and was 19s and Cleveland's star and I got conspired against.

  This means hope is in ones intuition and my intuition says that the white van was a van for a dead body,mine.

Friday, August 14, 2015


 I know this is a far stretch but maybe msnbc had a hand in the muslim dealings. Maybe it was msnbc that made sure I was uncomfortable at work.  I did say that most of the hosts were not in the same category of the anchor and this was before some of them left the station. I mean ive never been at a store where they play the nbc chimes when you walk out of the building.  What if the msnbc hosts got word that some of them were about to get the can and they made sure I was going to be attacked or bullied by muslims.

 Is msnbc a muslim station. Some would say no because of  the amount of jews they have in their catalog. But if we look closer who are really in their catalog.  Are they jews that give the race a respectable position or did msnbc choose these certain jewish anchors because they are push overs?  Maybe thandts
why they hired me at the muslim warehouse in pioneer city because they thought I was a push over.  If youre a news station do you want someone whose strong in their beliefs or weak in their beliefs?

  Maybe thats why I got ostracized. Because I believed that the great anchor was superior, which might be too strong of an idea. Maybe the feeling was so strong it might of gotten anchors including the persuasive one the pink slip. Muslims are very strong in their beliefs too. Could it be they found something similar in my writings that they felt compelled to hire me. Maybe msnbc had orchestrated it to look like it was a targeting issue or maybe the great one is friends with some muslims and they influenced the store to hire other muslims to target me.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Muslim Work

  What has happened where people can' t make a living? Where deadbeats can't make money without fellow co-workers upset or despising you because you're not Muslim or because you make more than them. Is this why the morning anchor got the can because she wasnt catholic or because she made more money than the rest of her cohorts? Is this what happened to America, they terrorized this country and moved in because America was more profitable? Could it be AMerica has been hi jacked because of its energy or its pro Israel standings?

 How can a guy work when everyone at the job is anti Jew or christian? How can a guy get things done when everyone is gay ?  Could it be when I created the Pakistani shark article he decided to intimidate so that I vacate? Are Muslims not happy that I get to live without Muslim rules that they must attack me? Could it be they resent the fact that I think and or said that the anchor is superior ?  Did I make a impact on Texas natives that they had their Muslim friends intimidate me?

  As I say these things there's a police officer standing next to me. Do the Muslims want me to despise America? Maybe the anchors friends have Muslim like attitudes and want me to say bad things about america or the american anchor. Maybe this is what I'll witness when they put me behind bars, a bunch of muslims. How did this country become so pro Muslim? I mean I'm anti Obama but to say anti Obama is anti American is ridiculous and couldn't be farther from the truth.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ranting about programmer's

 Who wants to leave where things are comfortable and exist plus travel where people are strange.where anchors,politicians and other VIPs have made a commitment to sabotaging my being? When they ostracized me what did they think that I was going to go homeless around the same anchor that I forecasted will have me dead?
  Did they think I would get home sick? Are they waiting to put me in jail because I'm homeless? Do they want to put me in jail because i m behind on child support? How do you get someone kicked out of their hut and then think that he should be able to produce a six figure job where he can help his kid. That's like programming gay sex in the minds of the undevelopable mentally and expect them to be straight. Does the counter bloggers think like this? Think that since I'm homeless and working to eat at McDonalds I deserve to be put in jail because of my lack of financial involvement with the kid in my life?
  Maybe those reading think they can do better and possibly can, but I'm not them and their not me. Everybody doesn't react the same with threats. Everyone doesn't react the same when the CIA wants you dead and possibly the kid. If they wanted me ostracized  shouldn't they be happy I'm gone or is it they want blood they want me dead in Ohio.  Does Ohio deserve my blood? Does Ohio deserve to see me dead in their state? I dont think so. They have too many others they can feast on.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Muslims 4 Lai

What a day , there were many connotations of me as a person and of the blog lynnamentals. It's like people have been paid to harass me strong since this weekend. Many people are
dieing,even more since this weekend. Is it because of the large Muslim community hand or  the lack off  American leaders.  How effective is the harassment and deaths? Could   Someone be offended because of the blog?  Could lynna Lai or Duffy have gotten Muslims to attack me? Maybe a Chinese guy hi jacked a outlet here in Pioneer city and summoned some of his Muslim    friends. Maybe the Pakistani shark has made it seem that way?   Seeing Pioneer city is flooded with  them now. Has the Pakistani shark been so offended by my anti Muslim attitude at work that more  deaths have taken place,just to scare the blogger. Maybe the Muslim  community are using terror   tactics to attack me on behalf of the   great anchor and Islam.                      

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Camera Phone Attention

  Who writes  on lynnamentals twice a day? I guess I do! I was doing some meditation art in the library  and this black guy with a phone camera starts pointing his phone at me as if he's taking a pic. Could this be one of the governments plants so they can trigger my interest. so they can keep photos of me, like I keep photos, art work of the great one? Maybe their feelings are since i like watching Lynna and looking at pics of her it's only right for them to do the same. That's like an argument of if a heterosexual guy looks at a married woman  a sodomite has the right to look at another man the same way.

        The great one is in the public's eye and has been before I was ostracized.therefore is it not logical that people will watch her? Is there a law that says I can't watch the anchor? Who has made the law? Could it be that China or Pakistan has taken over the USA and they're offended that I watch Lynna Lai? Since they feel offended they have a black guy use a phone to take a pic of the blogger. I  have taken pictures of people in the library but that's only when they called for attention. Have I called for attention in my existence?

  Maybe my blog calls for attention. Maybe lynnamentals is so offensive that they are paying blacks to target me. Maybe the government feels like to look anti racist they must attend to me with my own kind. I believe that's how Obama got in Office. They found a guy that looks black that the black people of not only America can relate to but doesn't have their best interest at heart. Does lynnamentals have the superior anchors best interest at heart? Did lynnaluvers have the persuasive anchors best interest at heart? Does the Media have the viewers best interest at heart?  Did the Media have their best interest at heart when they marketed Obama? Maybe the issue isn't that the guy is taking a pic of me because I see a lot of phone cameras up in face position ; the issue is his intentions. lynnaluvers was to celebrate, lynnamentals is to document and find the answers to this ongoing hunt.

The Ostracized Questions

  Who am I a threat to? Who have I intimidated that they feel the need to sabotage the blogger? Are they taking it out of me because of the anchor? Are they taking it out of the great anchor because of me? When they ostracized the blogger did they plan for this? Before they ostracized the blogger did they plan for it?  These are the questions that come to mind today on July the 15th 2015.

   I think it's a combination of things that people are threatened by when as I continue to exist. First would be that I thought of lynnaluvers. I'm betting someone maybe the celebrated anchor her self is cursing because she hates the fact that lynnaluvers was invented by me a black uneducated American that doesn't have a relationship with his kid. Maybe she or someone close to her resents the fact that I can live without creating a relationship. Just like I don't see whats behind the scenes when I used to watch the great Lynna Lai; she doesn't see whats behind the scenes of me and my non existent relationship with the kid or maybe she does and that's why she and or the government resents lynnaluvers  and now lynnamentals.

 I don't think it's intimidation it's my lack of orthodoxy that the anchor and her cohorts are up in arms with. My lack unorthodox ways. My lack of attention to what they feel is important. Why was Obama winning the presidency so important? Why was his race importasnt? How can Kids be so important in the states but the Abortion rate was sky high in the black community in the 80's and 90's? How can a father be so important when so many are in jail or in prison for drug trafficking? How can fathers be so important when the model for Black fathers Bill Cosby is put under the bus by the media Yet a Priest who molests  boys is not even mentioned? Could it be Black fathers aren't important and Mothers are. If that's true Why when ever I said Lynna Lai was superior on lynnaluvers it's considered taboo by me so taboo it got me ostracized?

Maybe their taking the fact that blacks fathers don't matter out on Lynna the great and we don't see that part. All we see is the people following us. All we see is the Police from India,Mexico,Pakistan on our tail. All we witness are the sodomites in our view. All we witness is the bad stuff that happens to us,the homelessness,the deaths,the anti blogger connotations. We don't see what's happening beyond the Pioneer city. We only can assume and because of the assumptions maybe that's why I'm ostracized, Maybe that's why I'm threatened, and followed by sodomites and people that  are against peace. Yet if their so against peace shouldn't death be not far behind them? Does not death follow someone who isn't peaceful? Can we not say Lynna Lai is superior without someone becoming offended? Could it be the fact that the truth hurts? Maybe the fact that we cant enjoy the truth just like we can't enjoy lies. Which might mean my truth is a lie. How political!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Atlanta Smack

So recently a few months ago  the great one was smack talking to Atlanta anchors and what resulted was some backlash by some Atlanta fans. What is this going to cost the Atlanata fans? Will this cost the Atlanta fans more than a series? I'm asking this because of what happened during and after lynnaluvers?  if lynnaluvers  created me being ostracized and possibly my relatives held hostage and others killed. What will the back talk and harassing from Hawk fans get? Some will say nothing will happen because nothing has happened as we know. But if thats he case that means being a sports fan is more important than being A anchor fan unsurprisingly.

  What if Lynna the Great and her henchmen are conspiring to takeover Atlanta. Hence the reason they started the smack talk act. What if they came to the conclusion that if they can ostracize a black thats just a fan of the Anchor why couldn't they ostracized an entire city? Why couldn't they think on bigger terms? Troll the entire city of Atlanta!

 The great one is from ATL what if she's bitter sweet about how she left and she has conspired to take over the city of Atlanta the city of the hawks? I mean it's not that hard to imagine the great one having issues in Atlanta in the early 90's. Seeing that 90% of that city is black. I hope this isn't the case but what if someone said to the anchor that getting the blogger ostracized  was just practice but getting rid of the entire city is the real plan. Where would the people of the city go? What if China has already made a deal with America that they will take Atlantas residents back to Africa hence the smack talk. What if the smack talk was just a trap ?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pakistani Shark

  It took for  me to go to a pioneers city to see why I'm a target. Before then I thought Lynna Lai was the reason for all the commotion. When I was writing lynnaluvers I thought it was her that was creating all of these ill actions. At the end of the lynnaluvers stage I did point out the Government  but I never gave a specific governmental individual besides obama and a Cuyahaga Falls Ohioan  that works for the CIA.

    It has come to my remembrance that in my Quasi Government Life, when I was in the hospital; I had a associate who was a intelligence trainee at the time. Lets call him sheriff shark. When I met him he told me he was from Atlanta the same city the great one had beef with .  He also had a made in Pakistan tattoo on his neck with a barcode. Before last week I forgot all about this guy but could it be that shark has followed my blog and is also a friend of Obamas?  Could it be my blog had nothing to do with my Ostracizing yet had everything to do with the Pakistan Shark?

 Ive got so many assumptions now since Ive come to this revelation. Maybe my assumptions in the past were right yet they didn't have anything to do with the great anchor. Maybe the great one and the Pakistani Shark have an alliance? Maybe the great one doesn't have an alliance  but someone close to her like a relative or friend does. Could this be why i'm a target a marked for death blogger? I have many more questions  and they'll come just like tomorrow yet the concluding question is what triggered the Pakistani shark?  Was it the anti gay article? a anti Obama article?  The superior factor?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Questioning Government

 Not 48 hrs after I post questioning death some guy kills a bunch of blacks. Not 48 hrs after i ask what has to be done before the great one gets on the national level the southern rebel deletes a bunch of lives. Was that to show that the lives that were killed are equal to her turning national? What did that mean? Am I suppose to believe the shooting in Charleston was just coincidence and had nothing to do with " Questioning Death"? Am i suppose to be happy that a bunch of people got killed in a church and that might indicate that the great one is on her way to the national leagues?

  I hope that didn't mean that the lives loss equals her arrival on a national level? Do i have the right to choose who dies for the great one to reach her national stage? Have we not experienced enough deaths for the great one to already be national?  Of course I don't have the right to choose but does the FBI does the government?  Although im more lynnamental than the people who died in Charleston; they still had to die? Is the FBI and the government so against my belief that they are willing to kill people that I would agree with? I did question who would die of my same securities or of my ethnicity for the anchor to be National.

Yet I'm not happy at all, although i do have a feeling she will go national because of this shooting, who was suspecting people from church? What do they have to do with lynnamentals? If the government wanted to take people out in church pick a church in a prison not on free civilian land. maybe for the great one to go national racism had to  be triggered along with the death of blacks. Maybe for the great one to really be appreciated many more blacks will have to die and many more Chinese,Mexican, and Muslims are going to have to make America their home. Is that what I want? Do I think the great one deserves to be on a National Level and blacks that are without will have to suffer for it?  It seems that way, It seems thats  what some government officials want.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Questioning Death

I wrote this  2years ago.What must happen for the great one to be on the National Level of the news, what must be done for my blogging to cease? Was not my writing about death of and the internet composers killing it good enough? Must my death be the trigger for the great one to be where she belongs. What if that's why she moved from 19. She moved from 19 because that's the only way that I could have moved. Maybe they are trying to make things equal, but life isn't about being equal even Lynna said not all things are the same. I'm writing about the great one, should that be equal to her departure? Should her departure be the reason for my departure?  How many people of my color and or my security should die before Lynna Lai becomes a National news anchor?  If she can have people kicked out of their homes and or killed doesn't that mean she can get a National gig if she wanted?

Two years ago I was complaining about how Mrs. Lai was better than 19 and how she would be better off on WKYC but  now since she's on there I'm saying she needs to be on a national show (I've been saying this for some time). The reason why I'm not satisfied is because she's only on the weekends. She got kicked to the curb for a weekend position Maybe she chose that position herself .  What has to be put in the air for our killer to be the head anchor. Is my death equal to her movement? Its only been a few months therefore things might be changing but I have a feeling that death is definately a component for our favorite killer to be reimbursed.

  What must I say whose ears aren't consuming the words that I speak? Is not the overseer that created the new position of Lynna Lai powerful enough to put her on a national scene. Is he waiting until my death? Am I not suppose to see the great one on a national level? Is not my vacating my home enough and running away from our killers home of Ohio not enough? Who else will cease to exist when I pass, things always happen in threes. For example Lynna Left 19 Sharon Reed Left 19 and Paul Joncich left. After these things happened I left. Are the absenses of these three from 19 equal to my departure? No, so who else must die, will they include my family members to the deaths?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Viewing Dads

  What is a homeless dad; not a dad at all!What is a homeless viewer;not a viewer at all! What is a homeless fan of the great anchor not a fan at all! Thats what it's all about  in the long run to strip the blogger from those titles or assumptions. Its's not the positions  the great one or her cohorts has it's my assumptions  that they have them.

 A guy that that doesn't think Lynna Lai was  a great fit with 19 or Duffy; isn't a fan in their eyes i believe. A guy that lives in a bungalow doesn't deserve to watch the anchor they thought.   It's possible that their thoughts were so heavy against the blogger that they even felt that a anti-gay watcher shouldn't be a fan but also shouldn't be a dad; hence my ostracizing. A guy that watches Lynna Lai over Fox can't be  a viewer. Is it that simple is it that elementary?  Or was the cause for the ostracizing bigger?

   Could it be I got a target on my head because I listened to Howie or Tom on the radio?  Does a viewer have to be a liberal? Does a viewer have to be a certain demographic?

Kids are a gift from God ; therefore I have to ask  is it godly to take someones kids or divide a bond if the father is a Lynna Lai fan?  Maybe the reason I got ostracized is because they don't recognize God or recognize him as being a giver of kids.Therefore maybe certain dads are equal to terrorist in some cases.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


 I am making this article because it seems I have been questioned by clues and other elements that have asked whats the difference from me and a stalker. Therefore I will shed light into what is the difference and why I am not a stalker but am a LynnaLuver and want nothing to do with Lynna Lai in any personal level which means The only time I want to see Lynna is when Im turning on the television! I will give you a list of what fans should and shouldn't do. Us Lynna Luverz have to be careful not to cross that line. We have to be up standing citizens and obey the law unless the law is prohibiting you to obey other past laws. Let me first say that there is nothing wrong rooting for, celebrating, giving tribute and complimenting anyone from Lynna Lai to God Him self. If you want to use your time celebrating someone and giving someone praise and or criticizing their actions or their co-workers actions its totally normal. The fact is that everyone whose in the publics eye always needs a critic to keep him or her on their toes along with a yes man or woman or a fan. Don't let anyone tell you wearing a t-shirt or dressing like a star or dedicating a blog or video about them is stupid. Sometimes a star can be our only source of expressing ourselves by being a fan of theirs.

That being said where do you cross the line. Earlier this week a Justin Bieber fan hacked into Justin's account which turned him into a stalker and he texted Justin and it back fired with Justin giving his twitter followers the stalkers phone number. Now first of all If you're a true fan of anyone you don't disrespect someones privacy. Not only because it's against the law but it truly shows that you don't care about the person you are suppose to be a fan of. You're not concerned about them you're concerned about their star character. True LynnaLuverz understand this and don't feel any persuasion to break into any of Mrs. Lynna Lai's personal info to become close to her or to hurt her. How does someone call their self a fan and they don't have the decency to know the boundaries. This gives all the other fans a bad name. A stalker is Obsessed to the point that they want to meet the person their obsessed with. A fan it is someone who is content with just admiring the person for who he or she is and what he or she does and knows that they became who they are with out you or us which means they don't need our help or any personal confirmation or contact. 1: One rule of a LynnaLuver is you should never be in the same room of Mrs. Lynna Lai if she's in Cleveland you should be in Akron. If she's advertising a community function she's going to be at you don't go!

Monday, May 25, 2015

hostage blog

 Today marks a date where we remember many soldiers that were killed or held hostage therefore lets visit a hostage article that was made a couple of weeks ago.

What if what I write in lynnamentals is a trigger for someone to hurt someone close to me?  What if every time I post a article someone adds on to the agents that follow the ostracized mover?What if every time I post a article A terror attack occurs? Would I stop writing? I ask these questions because Im intrigued by how catastrophe happens when ever I post a article; for example the Amtrak accident that happened in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

What if the great one or someone close to her is taking Ohio or the country hostage because of lynnamentals or lynnaluvers? What if channel 3 is taking Lynna the great one hostage? What if channel 3 has her  hostage until im dead in jail or the blog is dead? Is the blog this offensive or is it my being in existence is offensive hence my birth certificate being stolen in Missouri and my ostracizing.

Is my concluding that the anchor is conspiring yet god more important than seeing someone close to me safe? Is my blog more important than the USA? Of course not but maybe someone who has someone close hostage enjoys holding people hostage which might be why the blog is triggered. What if the hostage takers are in association with the anchor and they have followed me to see what triggers a article on lynnamentals which might inflict on those close and maybe the country. What if the terror in this country is in direct association with lynnamentals?

Monday, May 18, 2015

learning article pt2

 Some  say that  the lesson I should have learned  in the pass two yrs is to learn how to be social  or how to be more social. yet it seems everyone, everywhere are a bunch of weed heads,do something harder or are alcoholics. Even the president smokes marijuana.Even the great one is a promoter of weed and beer. Who would want to be around that type of recreation. Not to mention I'm homeless which means  75% of the time homeless guys stink (showers).

  In the pass I would have said how would lynnaluvers make more visitors if Im not social. How would Lynna end up on WKYC if she wasn't  social? Yet it seems the population of this country is so screwed up including myself. Who wants to befriend people that think homosex rape or molestation is ok if you're a priest or a vip. not to forget that most of population don't believe in God. Who wants to be social? This might explain Why im Lynnamental. This might explain Maybe the majority of spirits are influencing me. Therefore maybe me being anti-social is a good thing. It creates a more sensitive perspective when it comes to spirits.  Seeing that the great one is known for chasing ghosts  maybe that's why I was ostracized, to find a ghost the great one or her cohorts are looking for.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Learning Article

  Its been about two yrs. since Ive been Ostracized from the buckeye state and in those two years  Ive encountered  many things  but the question  im pondering  is have I truly learned something ?  Have I gained any knowledge that can take me to another dimension or even another thought ? Has my faulting for my Ohio death hindered  my learning anything? Was I able to blame the great one and still gain some type of enlightenment?

  I  learned that the  different cities newscast  I stayed at  were a grade under the great ones newscast or her old newscast I should say seeing I haven't really got to watch her new newscast, only clips.  Yet is that some info the blogger can use?  Can I get any type of financial gain from that type of info?  Matter of fact before I went to these cities  I had a feeling the great one had a better newscast  than a large majority therefore it's info I already figured out.  What did the blogger learn? Did he learn that the government/Lynna Lai/NBC were targeting the blogger or was that info that was already made when the sheriff pulled me over in neo? If I did learn something I'm beginning to think it was negative.

 I don't think there was not an ounce of positivity in the two years. For example I learned that Mexicans in the south/west dislike some blacks.    I learned how to sleep outside on concrete? If I learned all negative things is lynnamentals sufficient. Is the blog sufficient for those that read the blog?  Although the blog is entertaining cannot my ostracizing create a learning  experience? Is my mind so filled with lynnamentals that it has no room for experiencing something more uplifting which in turn will uplift the blog?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thurs

I believe it was 2010- 2011 around the new year. She was on 19 but I had a feeling something was happening.

So, Mrs. Lai is back and taking charge as if she never was absent. It's been around 2 weeks since she's been on the tube and now us fans can relax by knowing Bosley hasn't taken over (at least while she was anchoring for Mrs. Lai she didn't avoid the fact that Mrs. Lai was absent).

Now while everyone has made resolutions and trying to keep them this news anchor fan has got to get conditioned into the reality that the favorite news anchor in Cleveland might be yanked from the station like Mangini was fired from his position. Although Browns fans could see the writing on the wall and were conditioned for it with the news reports leading to his termination; I don't think fans of personalities ever are conditioned for the absence of our favorite local or national personality. With that said once again fans have to be appreciative for the time Mrs. Lynna Lai is on and has been on.

    For now, we can continue getting our appealing Asian-American Fix and eliminate appealing Asian-American withdrawals but we should also come to grips with the fact that like everything else nothing or no one lasts forever. Don't anticipate her absence but fans should celebrate her time on local tv matter of fact we should bathe in her presence now, because as I said before we will never know some day some major news company might buy her contract.In my conclusion this wasn't meant to be a somber, ashes on the forehead article on the contrary it's a article of endorsing the celebration of Lynna Lai by continuing to visit this site (leave a comment) or making your own Lynna Lai tribute site (Iron sharpens Iron) or even by simply watching Lynna Lai every chance you get; indeed get a "Lynna Luvers" shirt anything to show anchorage for the News

Monday, May 4, 2015


  It was a regular night nothing unusual until I stepped in walgreens in Texas and saw a bunch of what looked like red balls in a display that had a NBC logo on it.  I picked one up and found that it wasn't a ball but it was a red nose. NBC/walgreens are selling red noses . The display had a dozen of businesses that were associated with this campaign. Yet the one that stood out was NBC!

When I think of a red nose I think of rudolph and him being the oddest one in the group of reindeer. Is Lynna the great  the oddest one in the group of NBC? Did my ostracizing create a red nose aura around the great anchor and NBC?  is NBC the oddest one in the news group?  Could it be that Lynna the great  and Cleveland NBC  is odd because of  my odd blog?  Is my red nose type of blog  the reason  the station has anti connotations which in it's self is odd/ red nosey. Could it be that my red nose blog is the reason they hired some of Americas security to follow /shadow me or could the red nose be representation for something sinister seeing it is a sinister color.

 I looked on the wensite and it said that NBC was having a red nose day to support people in poverty and people in impoverished countries. Instead of helping people that are impoverished  why don't they use the donations to give to the anchor as a bonus?  I mean lets face it poverty is going to be around forever, it's not going away. Not to mention some people in poverty are the very same people that are anti-police and seeing that the great one  is pro authority wouldn't it be better to endorse Lynna the great than to endorse groups of people that are anti police. Seeing that the station is pro police also. This isn't a pro Lynna Lai article  I just see the potential of the red nose campaign and how it would be better for not just NBC  and the local pioneer but it would be better for the locals that watch .

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tucker Throwback Thursday

 This article I'm posting was posted two or three years ago on (a site that created a wave of surprises) I figured i'll do a throwback once in a while!

I was doing some thinking and I asked myself what if the anchor Mrs.Tucker got the boot along with Mrs. Reed instead of Mrs. Lai? What would my response be? In this Article I'll try to articulate what the response would be and why. Let's go back on January 25th 2012 and pretend they announce that the two anchors/reporters were given the pink slip and they were both black. I'm a conspiracy theorist , so automatically I'm speculating that it was an association with giving younger black reporters the boot so that they can aim for the older black crowd/viewers hence Mrs. Robinson's entrance on The Pioneers ex-station. I would of written on this blog that the pioneer was unshakable or something else that made that point. I would of also noted on the blog that she was in a better position because now she would be associated with Robinson who was/is associated with WKYC which is associated with superior ratings. Now some might ask would I have gotten my "Al Sharpton" on and went the negative route and started provoking racial tensions?

It would be easy for me to say they were or are trying to thin out the young black male crowd which could be a double edge sword. Not saying young black males don't enjoy Lynna Lai and the rest of the gang but let's get real the majority of young black males who watched 19 was because of the black news anchors. The last conspiracy I would of associated with the letting go of the two black anchors is that maybe Obama (who Mrs. Robinson, the re-placer interviewed) got word that young black males don't approve of him especially the poor ones this time around and because of that he made sure that they didn't have their favorite news anchor on, which would mean they wouldn't be watching the local news, which would also mean what he does or would do would go under the radar in some instances and it would mean that more opportunities for them to get arrested (maybe they think caged animals are less intimidating than zombies) which mean less black males competing for scholarships and employment (already happening). At the end of the day maybe it was a blessing and a curse that the news Goddess was kicked to the curb and not the black anchor because I would of turned it to a racial issue and although to me letting the great one go had to do with race in my opinion (maybe not hers) it's a lot more subtle than letting go of two black anchor reporters of the same station.

Subtle in a way where they won't have to explain their self when they let go of the great pioneer,but because of the racist attitudes that blacks have they had to keep the weekend anchor. I think the main reason why I'm coming to these conclusions is because of how the media is portraying blacks especially now during the Travon Circus. It's like they want racial tensions to rise and be tested so that when the primary Presidential voting starts they'll (the government) will know how to create an emotion so that superiors in society will make it harder for black voters and blacks (Black American Women) will vote out of anger which will keep Obama in Office but will keep their sons behind bars. Ironically what the media has showed us was that I was wrong, it's not the story teller it's the story (maybe just for 2012) but what the media has also showed us (especially during the Travon Martin confusion) is that society is easy for playing into their hands and if we're easy (simple minded) how can anyone be proud of stating that their ratings are high when the simple/easy are the ones watching especially when the Great News Teller is absent from the local tv news?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

He's Looking at You Kid

  So I'm minding my own business in the library alone and this very dark black guy walks up to me very close and says" is there a problem"? Why are you looking at me he says. I tell him "Not looking in his eyes, "I look at everyone". He says something else that I didn't understand  and he goes and walks to a seat/table right next to mine.  Now after that I had my antennas up and they were looking like two capital L's.  Yes,  the Lynna Lai conspirator in me  came out  so I put the looking at me guy on camera. He turns around and I ask "how does he know if I'm looking at him if he's not looking at me"? He leaves but to this day he still appears out of no where in the city just like those silver Prius' (one followed me last night and I got part of the texas temporary plate number 37d51).

  Could the Anchor have hired this dark skinned individual to harass me? Could a Chinese business man whose associated with Lynna Lai the  greatest anchor  have brought  some africans over just to harass me? Maybe it's the great ones way of killing 2 birds with one stone. . Maybe this guy was sent to America to kill every American black that gets in a Chinese Americans way. More specifically Lynna Lai's way. Is Lynnamentals in Lynna Lai's way? If so then how?

It was my understanding that most east Asians don't like dark skin. Therefore why would they hire him? Maybe he came to America his self  and when he got here he got in trouble and the only way to get out of  the trouble is to harass the blogger until I become aggressive  and when I become aggressive he kills me  and then they can have him behind bars forever. Is the great one that sinister? Maybe she's not sinister maybe she hates certain people.  Ive been in this city for over 6 months  and it seems there's a higher society that hate certain groups of people  and are willing to kill to get rid  of them.  Could it be the great one is part of that hate group. . Maybe I'm using hate to liberal maybe the group isn't a hate group  it's a love group . They love  themselves so much they're willing to kill, lie cheat steal  to preserve and prosper.  Maybe the group is associated with the cab company that I mentioned a couple months ago and they have hired the black harasser.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

News Sirens

  What does it mean  when you watch the newscast  and everytime the camera is on the anchor, there's sirens red and blue lights in the background? I was watching some old Lynna Lai footage when she was on 19 (I lost the majority of footage in Missouri) in the mornings and for some reason  during some of her shows  she had sirens on in the background.  I'm thinking it was a warning during that time or maybe the police was watching the great one. it was like flashing your headlights to warn the guy the police are close around type of thing i'm guessing. If that was the case maybe the sirens were a premonition of what I would be witnessing once I left familiar surroundings.

  Who was trying to warn the blogger during those yrs?> Brian Duffy, Lynna Lai the news director or thew FBI? Does it matter now and what were they trying to warn me about; that I was on the verge of being destroyed? Was the sirens a warning that the great one was about to be fired? Why would Brian  Duffy  warn the blogger that I was on the verge of being destroyed  during a newscast especially since I didn't sense that Duffy and Lai made a great team.  Why would the greatest anchor  warn the blogger  when I didn't believe she belonged on 19 but on WKYC?

   I think this matters because if we can find a logical reason why the sirens were on the newscast  we probably can find the key to a whole lot of other unanswered articles. If the answer to the rest of the bloggers is tied into those 19 action  news sirens in the morning then we must search and ask. Ask ourselves what did those sirens represent. Was lynnaluvers the reason for the sirens or maybe it was the fact that the news team that day felt patriotic hence the red and blue lights.

Friday, April 17, 2015


 Where did that MSNBC  article come from? Even though it's true that MSNBC  needs to change , the fact remains that  the article that I created about MSNBC ratings  had a little early  lynnaluvers attitude to it.  Its kind of like what would happen if Lynna Lai created a 19 action news appeal on WKYC. It worked on 19  but shouldn't a new act follow? Shouldn't a new act follow lynnaluvers?

 Am I that much into Lynna Lai  that I can't create a new plateau of articles? A new road of ideas that don't have a lynnaluvers feeling to it?  Would it be too hard to make an article about MSNBC  ratings and not make ones self look like a fanatic?  I mean after reading lynnamentals /lynnaments a part from the msnbc ratings article  you would think that the great one  has a great conspiracy against the blogger. Yet when I read MSNBC  i had to ask myself is the great one worshiped or is she conspiring? Then I had to ask myself can someone worship the same one whose conspiring against them?it's like giving the gun to someone whose intent is to hurt or kill you/ and or family.

  Isn't that what being programmed is? Isn't that what the people who voted for Obama are?  The foolish bug is all around us and it's been here for generations and I suspect the foolish bug will be king  of society pretty soon.  The MSNBC ratings article wasn't wrong it was just on the wrong blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be careful

"Be careful sir"; said the lady loudly outside the window of what looked liked a grey/ silver toyota prius. Sounds like a citizen being concerned with her fellow human being but obviously it's more than that. Although I couldn't see who it was  as I was walking away from from work saturday night april 11 2015 I have my suspicions. The middle of last year  and a little of this year I mentioned  that grey/silver cars had it in for  me and it was possible  that the greatest anchor  might have influenced  or pushed a grey/silver car agenda against me.  Therefore, what happened last night  might be partly  of the grey/silver  car agenda (as i finished writing the word agenda two grey cars just passed me).

Why would someone say be careful to a stranger in the middle of the night?Was i carrying myself as if I wasn't being careful? I doubt if it had anything to do with the greatest anchor but what if the "be careful sir" statement was a warning on what I write? What if the grey lady was saying be careful on behalf of the local police dept? I didn't say anything back to them because I didn't know who it was but am I suppose to be extra careful now since the lady that warned me  to be careful at night said so?  Was this a threat to be careful? Was it a restaurant employee that said be careful or someone who was hired by the restaurant which was hired by the great anchor and or the local police.

 The crazy thing about this when I was told to be careful I didn't see the police presence like I usually see when I walk from the job. What does that mean and why did the lady use the word sir?  Thats a word that's used when you want to be polite. If you're yelling out a window is being polite part of your motivation? I doubt she wanted to be polite I think the word sir is a play on words. I use the word sir a lot while at work maybe when she was using the word sir she was mocking me. This means she knows me or knows about me. In closing I doubt she wants me to be careful I think she wanted to say more but couldn't for some reason.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

shadow of police maybes (spm)

  When ever I see the police  I ask my self who has died ? Who has died to make the police want to appear was it someone  in their camp and they want to know if I was involved so they appear where I am or was it someone I know  and they are so happy  they want  to smile in my midst? Who can work when you have those type of thoughts? Therefore, maybe someone has died and I don't know it yet. The reason I say this is because Last time I wrote about the police coming inside my work environment they came in during closed hours just to ask questions. Well yesterday  April 7th 2015 two uniformed  and who knows how many plain clothes officers came in the establishment and ate. This was a special day because not only was the police eating where I work  but quality control was there.  Now all last week while the great anchor  was off (notice I didn't whine about her absence)I did have the local police in my shadows  but never did they come eat at the restaurant while I was working.

 It's like roman soldiers coming to eat with the multitude while jesus fed the multitude.  Now am I suppose to believe that the anchor  put all this together and undoubtedly more to come or could a Lynna Lai hater be influencing the local texas police dept to stay in my shadows? Am I so happy the anchor is back that I can't believe she would persuade the local authorities to shadow me this much? Am I that delusional?  Could it be far fetched that the officers were just hungry too? The argument is like saying homeless people need a home too! Yeah, they need a home but if you ask any developing city they'll say "  the homeless need a home but not in my city".  Its the same  way with the blogger . Police officers need to eat  but shouldn't they have police restaurants or is every restaurant a police restaurant?

  Maybe the great anchor put the laws on the restaurant table because I was at  wkyc table or maybe her return  was so welcomed  that she beat her competitors  and they orchestrated  the police appearance for vengeance.  Maybe the persuasive one is finally getting a cult following  and members of the group are police associates and they hate my blog. Maybe the bosses at MSNBC were told by other persuaders  that they had to hire Lynna Lai soon and for revenge they had the cops shadow me by eating where I work. Maybe it was the restaurants doing seeing that they wore the same color on the same day that the great anchor wore red. Maybe they work for the anchor or maybe the anchor works for them.

Monday, March 30, 2015


  While the local ,state and even the unmarked police cars are still visible I ran across an article  that I had to talk about. The entertaining article  was about  how msnbc was making like less than half of what fox news was making and also how they had less viewers than cnn and fox. I'm not going to dig in the article  but i have to give my input on why the anchor would be a better fit than a certain anchor . Some would say I'm in no position to write about how MSNBC needs Lynna Lai  yet I would say MSNBC  is in no position to not hire Lynna Lai.

  Before I start with why the god anchor Lynna Lai would be great for MSNBC; can I just say they deserve the low ratings seeing that they not only let Ann Curry go but they also let Veronica La Cruz go as well. Yet they still are holding on to Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow.

Theres's many reasons why the great anchor whose a pioneer  would be a great fit but lets first start of by saying she has more influence than Al Sharpton when it comes to creating viewers. Some would say Al has influenced Obama; to that I would say how do we know the anchor in Cleveland hasn't? I hear some say That I shouldn't say the great one is better than Al Sharpton seeing that he's an anchor of god; noting his clergy associations. My question to that type of statement would be why would they  hire a anchor of god when they can hire god herself?  Of course Al Sharpton might be the reason people have gotten killed and put in jail  but the question is has he done it recently?  Not to mention the people he's put in jail were probably a better influence in society than he is.  The nation needs a better group of people  and to keep Al Sharpton on tv would be fighting that agenda.  Not to mention the great anchor is more progressive than Al Sharpton . I mean lets face it the American blacks in the free world aren't progressing for the most part  therefore Al Sharpton shouldn't be on TV because tv should mirror life /society.

 Why not put the great anchor in Mika Brzezinski place  in the morning  and have Mika follow Chris Matthews  or have Chris Matthews  and Mika  do a duel newscast for a few hrs?  I haven't been watching morning joe  but I'm sure  the pioneer in Cleveland  would work well with Joe Scarborough. I know it's a liberal station and some would say even putting the pope on MSNBC still wouldn't beat fox yet I would bet the news anchor Lynna  would invoke more loyalty than Rachel Maddow and Al sharpton put together.

 If MSNBC  really wanted to create more ratings they would have never fired the personalities of the TODAY SHOW and they would hire Lynna the great and instill a format that would create viewership.  The question is why , why if they know how to create viewers won't they? Maybe its because FOX is paying them to be the way they are. Not to mention Liberals (who are the MSNBC audience) have A different way of getting their news and I'm willing to bet Liberals could care less about whats going on in the world, because their more self centered I believe.  Therefore if Liberals are self centered and MSNBC can't figure out how to make self centeredness appealing  to it's self on TV I don't think they will ever reach the numbers fox is going for. Lets face it even though a large amount of people might not like Obama yet I'm willing to bet they still believe in Obamas words if they came from someone else. Its the same with MSNBC.  If they can't create a more attractive newscast at least put on murphy brown reruns during the midnight hr!