Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Time of Broke Backs

 If a Woman says that a man raped her are males not suppose to convey with women.  If a black  gets shot by a police officer and is convicted are other police not suppose to kill blacks?  If a guy goes blind by watching lynna lai are other guys suppose to stop watching her? If a muslim male  kills a group of gays are straight males not suppose to complain
about gays?  It seems that Im not because of what happenened yesterday.

   Ive left little mexico and came to a city we'll call Cork City and I came to a semi convent. Where they put me on bed 50. ( i'll talk about the 50 aspect of my visit later). I ask the questions above because I was sleeping below two gay guys. Two gay guys that were flirting. Two gay guys that are white. One of the guys even made it a point to introduce hisself by saying he shakes the bed. If you've read mexican shake you'll understand why this is kind of weird especially since im in another semi convent yet out of little mexico.

  Obviously the cospiracy has spread from Texas,little mexico and now cork city. Especially since a bulky guy at the convent maybe the enforcer told me to button up my shirt. Its odd how a un buttoned shirt instares security but two gay guys sleeping next to each other doesnt in a convent. Maybe it doesnt have anything to do with my shirt being unbuttoned  but it has to do with the god anchor. What would the god anchor have to do with the enforcer and the two gays? Obviously the god anchor enforces a superior newscast by who she is.Could  her superiority be connected to sodomy and possibly pedophilia? Is there a connection with superiority and sodomy?

Am I just witnessing a pro homo country because of the killings? Could my blog have made the god  anchor or her cohorts to have the gays get killed so that they'll be a more acceptable energy when it comes to the gays. Of course the god anchor and wkyc is sponsored by the gay party but would they kill their own as a sacrifice for the god anchor to worship them? Would the gays sacrifice their own so that I could be a fan of someone who worships sodomy? Is this why when I asked to be moved to a different bed away from the gays they ignored the blogger; because the gay ideal is more respected?

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