Monday, September 5, 2016

Getting the Channel

After I finished "Ostracized Channel" I was walking down the street and a group of people passed me going the other direction. I didn't hear anything they said except these five words;  "He just doesn't get it"!  Which made me think about what didn't I get concerning my ostracizing? What didn't I get concerning the god anchors departure from 19? What didn't I get from her placement at Channel 3? What dont I get when I'm being stalked or targeted? What dont I get about the conspiracy?

 At least I got what they said. Sometimes people aren't suppose to get everything. Distractions or no distraction some still won't get it. The people of the U.S didn't get the right president. 19 didn't get the right replacement for the god anchor and  I didn't get to see a full news god newscast in a few yrs!  I think I got that Akron wants a better group of people in their city. I also got that the god anchor is superior yet I also got that for some reason someone doesn't like it when I acknowledge it. Maybe they thought I would get out of saying that she was superior once I got Ostracized!

  What didn't I get from her departure from 19? Was I suppose to get it? Was what I was suppose to get involve Brian Duffy? What was I suppose to get involve the FBI? Maybe I did get some things and some things I didn't. Maybe because I don't have the kid I don't deserve to get what ever Im suppose to get.

Getting has to do with studying and or knowing. Is what I was suppose to know worth knowing and studying? Would getting it have stopped me from writing Lynnaluvers?  If I would have known what ever I was suppose to know what would have happened? If the people knew who Obama was before he got elected what would have happened?

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