Saturday, May 7, 2016

Conspiracy Against Mothers

  Is there a conspiracy against mothers? On this mothers day I ask my self this because I believe if they can ostracize me and target me couldn't it be bigger than me? Could the gays hate Women in general including guys who love women? Is the conspiracy against mothers not just about mothers but specifically the anchor god? I'm thinking maybe the gays have targeted the anchor god not because she's a mother but because she's a god. Maybe male gays don't approve of women being gods.

During my ostracizing which is coming up on its three year anniversary I've seen some anti-blogger connotations to AntiAmerican connotations. Yet what's worse is the Anti-Mom connotations. Maybe I was ostracized to contribute to the anti-mom movement. Maybe they thought if I was kicked out I would help eradicate the Mother/sister movement. Maybe the Anchor god is hated so much I was ostracized. Maybe they had me Ostracized to create a Anti Lynna Lai campaign. What if the god anchor her self wanted me to create a Anti Lynna Lai campaign to create a bigger audience. Maybe the Ostracizing was about numbers.

  It's always bigger than what it seems to be in my opinion. This is why lynnaments was born. Hate is a strong emotion. With that strength is there any surprise that connotations of the god anchor is every where? Which is why the conspiracy against the blogger is so strong. What's stronger than a conspiracy of hate?

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