Monday, October 31, 2016

Conspiratorial Champions

  Even though the Indians will win the Championship there's people that still won't be happy. Even after the Indians win, some that are soldiers of the god anchor won't rest until I'm dead.  Is this why some Clevelanders are in Smith Country now to make sure I'm dead after or before the game. Could it be a curse  to have me alive when the Indians Win.

 I believe I asked this before but what if Cleveland's dedication to the god anchor created some Championships for my ostracizing?  Could it be that  the god anchor was so insulted by lynnaluvers that she promised Championships to Cleveland's elite if they got rid of the blogger. What if the elite in Cleveland made sure that Akron would ostracize me. What if the god anchor wanted me out of Akron so I could be harassed until my death?

  Could it be the federal government which is owned by China made a deal to create some Championships if they got the blogger ostracized. I know it sounds far fetched but what if it's not. What if the god anchor is a super spy like Jackie Chan. Could it be the government wanted me out the way to show China more reverence? Is this why the Indians are Winning to make good on a promise? Some believe maybe that I was ostracized because of code violations with a house yet if I'm not mistaking there were Officers that owned a house next to me. It seems things didn't come into existence until after I wrote lynnaluvers.

No I don't miss Akron it's just conspiratorial that Cleveland can win Championships in baseball and basketball.


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