Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Conspiratorial Holiday Questions

Thanksgiving is about food to some and love ones to others in the 21st century. In the past Thanksgiving was manifested because of conspiracies. America wouldn't have been America without a conspiratorial energy from it's English immigrants! In 2017 a question I have is what secret holiday exist because of the blog that created a conspiratorial ostracization?  Is the secret holiday associated with the God Anchor?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween Spirits 2017

  In the spirit of Halloween, there has to be a article seeing that the holiday and conspiracy theories go hand in hand.

  This holiday was made out of conspiracies and my blog was made because of a conspiracy.  Because of these two forces I have reason to believe that the reason I was ostracized was because they believed I carried or am associated with a evil spirit. If this belief is true could the news be considered the jack o lantern of the 21st century?

  In the past way before the god anchor was physically manifested, society believed that the jack o'lantern drove away bad spirits. Whose to not say, that  maybe the news god drove away the blogger because it was believed I had bad spirits? Yet, maybe the news god got kicked to the curb when she was on 19 because she attracted bad spirits. Could it be that the god anchor got curbed because she attracted the blogger, hence why she used to always use the word "fly"? Could it be that the word fly meant fired Lynna because of you?

   How many bad spirits has the news in neo attracted since I've been ostracized? Was it my fault or was 19 just prone to unbecoming viewers? Maybe 19 was prone to unbecoming viewers just like I was subject to be ostracized. Ironically through out the lynnaluvers days the god anchor was working right next to Duffy on 19. If  I'm not mistaking a Duff is a ghost. Could it be that the guy with the ghostly name had a hand in ostracizing the blogger, seeing that ghosts are known for running people away.  Yet if the god and or 19 had the ghost of 19 run me away could it be he had Cork Cities Cop pinch my penis and Mt. Redgrass' Police basically sodomize me? How much did the god anchor and the ghost Duff have with my ostracizing along with Cork City and Mt. Redgrass?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chemical Questions

  Last article I questioned why the god anchor took pics of Salamone and Adkins. This time I'll ask the same question but invoke a different answer.  In the last article I mentioned that the god anchor was being bullied or was bullying. Yet could it be that the god anchor is bullied by a chemical substance. Could it be that she took the pics because she was bullied by a chemical?

Recently I read a title of a magazine that suggested Matt Lauer was using cocaine. Could it be that the god anchor used cocaine hence why she took pics of the producers. Does cocaine make you want to take pics? Is this why the god anchor and wkyc are such cheerleaders for local pd because of the news circles involvement with cocaine? Speaking of cocaine there was a guy that got busted for drugs with the same first and last name as Adkins the producer. Could there be any connection?

  Could this be why I was ostracized because everyone was on cocaine? Could it be that my living in neo hendered the god anchors high? Is this why the local pd in cork City and mt redgrass pinched my penis and sodomized me because I'm screwing with someone's high at wkyc with out knowing it? Whose high am I screwing with? Is this why the god promoted medical marijuana; so that she wouldn't feel bad about getting high? Is my ostracizing the results of people getting high on cocaine? Could it be that 19 let the god anchor go because she stopped doing cocaine or was she too much into it? Of course the answer is somewhere and I'm betting it involves drugs.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Producing Questions

Why do I care that 5yrs ago the news god took a photo of her producer at 19 and just a few months ago it happened again. Could it be that the producers are trying to bully the god anchor? Could it be that the god anchor is trying to throw the producers under the bus? Could it be that some unknown entity is bullying the producers?

 Maybe five yrs ago the god anchor posted a pic of Salamone while she was with 19.  After that happened she was let go. Since she took another pic of producer Adkins maybe she's trying to say something. Could the reason I got ostracized was because of the producers? Could it be that Salamone got bullied hence why I was ostracized? Could it be that Salamone got bullied by some Somalians hired by the god anchor hence why I was ostracized. Could the bullying have been manufacturing by Obama loyalists?

Could it be that I  I care about the god anchor taking pics of producers because of my own insecurities? Currently if I would take a pic of someone at work its usually because someone is suspicious. Could the god have seen something suspicious about Adkins and Salamone? What are we missing. Could it be that she doesn't like male producers? Maybe its not the god anchor or the producers getting bullied  maybe they're trying to bully the viewers, hence Obama and Trump.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


So almost a month after I posted the article about the conspiracy to fondle;
a police officer killed a woman with blonde hair. This officer was Somalian. In my last article I questioned if the fondling was invoked by a entity that wasn't American. The question today is how many Somalians work for the god anchor? How  many Somalians are in mt red grass and could the black officer who was looking as I was being fondled by another officer be Somalian?

  Could it be that the reason I was ostracized is because of Somalians? Could the cop who owned the house next to mine have been Somalian? Could it be that a Somalian and 19 joined forces to get me ostracized? If we could put a person from Indonesia in the white house how hard is it to kick someone out by a Somalian? Could it be the government and or the god anchor have made an agreement to alter my life seeing that the god anchor doesn't work for 19. Speaking of 19 are there any Somalians working for the station?

  Maybe Somalians had nothing to do with my ostracism. Maybe they had nothing to do with me getting fondled/sodomized. But since a blond haired woman did get killed by one; its not hard to question if they had a hand in my ostracism and me getting fondled. Who knows if any Somalians work for the god anchor or her stations but we do know I made a article about blondes and the god anchor some years ago.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get Out Theory: igniting sodom

  In the past few months there was a movie called "Get Out" in theatres. The plot was a black guy getting conspired against by white neighbors. Question, could this movie have ignited the officer to fondle and follow me? How motivated are the local PD by the movie? Did WKYC and the god anchor use the movie to harass the blogger to death? Before I got ostracized would I have associated this movie with the god anchor & MRGP?

  How many igniters were used to put local PD in a position they're in? What ignited the god anchor to be who she is? What ignited the god anchor to be who she's not? How many movies were made to ignite the position I'm in?
I'm not going to deny that there might have been a combination of igniters that pushed the mrgp officer to fondle-sodomize the blogger.  Cosby did just have a mistrial hrs before the fondling. What triggered the fondling/following more the Cosby mistrial or the get out movie? What lie or conspiracy was he a part of that started the fondling/following?

  Could it be that the movie "get out" was sponsored by another nation? If that's so, that would mean the fondling/sodomizing was ignited by another nation. It is known that the star of the show wasn't even American. The star had an African name. If the fondling and following was brought out by an unamerican Nation how crazy is it that my ostracism was ignited by outside nations?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Conspiracy of Sodom

  So as I was being followed by Mt. Redgrass' finest, I was under the question of what was the real truth behind the police fondling me? Could it be to build on the inadequacy in my life? Have the MRGP been following me and have seen how inadequate I am and wanted to build on it? Was there something adequate about me and they wanted or needed to exterminate it?

  Maybe someone who had read my blog pushed the police to fondle /sodomize me, therefore pushing a inadequate energy in me. Could it be that when they read my blog they felt I wasn't adequate enough to talk about the God anchor? Could this be the reason I got ostracized? Could it be that they thought after I was ostracized I would feel so inadequate that I would kill myself?  Who would want me to kill my self? Someone whose in neo? A police officer in neo? The god anchor? Is this why the MRGP officer had fondled/sodomized the blogger?  Did someone kill there selves in the  19 or channel 3 circle?  Hence, why they had the police sodomize/fondle  the blogger?

   Maybe the mistrial of Cosby had nothing to do with the sodomizing/ fondling. It could have been a response to the homo weather article.  Could it be possible that the balding police officer was a homo and was doing a favor for wkyc or woio? I have no idea who would want me dead and it would be easy to point fingers but what good would it do. Maybe someone who has access to police actions wants me to be something I'm not? Could it be the something I'm not is not alive? If they wanted to kill me wouldn't they have already? Maybe to some sodomizing me was some type of death.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fondling Fathers

  Fathers day, who would have guessed? Who would of guessed I would have gotten fondled early on Fathers day by Mt. RedGrass Police? As I just got out of the plaza standing outside of a vacant plaza; Across I saw a carnival where I assume they hire undocumented immigrants. On my left I spotted a black car stalking me it seemed. I turn my head after I take a pic of the car and a minute later the black car rides up on me shining his lights on me. The police inside the car asks me for ID and searches me.

  He said that the reason he stopped me was because I looked suspicious.  He said that the reason he touched my penis and fondled the crevices of my rear is because of safety concerns. While all this was happening a black po was standing there watching the whole thing.  Watching as to say he consented or was encouraging  the police activity of touching my penis and fondling my rear. Was he put up to the molesting? Did the god anchor and or her cohorts put them up to it?

  Did the god anchor put the police up to the sodomizing on behalf of the mistrial of cosby or was the police officer aggressive without the god anchors push? Obviously there's hundreds of reasons he could have fondled me but we'll never know the truth. The truths that we do know is that Cosby got a mistrial, a black NBC father killed his daughter and before the fathers day fondling A police officer pinched my penis in cork city. Maybe it has nothing to do with Cosby but the fact that I'm homeless. Could it be that the reason I was fondled on 2017 fathers day because they wanted me to blog about it so that they have a reason to shut down the meals that are served in the park of Mt. Redgrass?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

NBC Murder

Recently a NBC executives daughter was murdered. Could this be an association with the stalking of me  recently? Could this be why Hollie hasn't been on T.V? Could the executive whose daughter got murdered be associated with the gay agenda? Is this why the husband of the executive is charged with murder? Is the conspiracy associated with the god anchor? Could it be that she or her associates ordered the death of the girl just to show that blacks are inferior even if they are an executive or associated with executives.

  Is this why the god anchor is associated with superiority because every where she goes inferiority is exists. Maybe this is why someone associated with the god anchor might be pushing  gangstalking tactics towards me. Maybe its the FBI an association that the god anchor might be associated with. Could the FBI have had the black dad kill the daughter to show someone what they are capable of doing? Was this a domestic killing or was it deeper? Did the FBI read my murder talk article and decided to have the black dad kill his daughter to prove something?

  I know it sounds unbelievable for a father to kill his daughter. Yet, what if the father was motivated by fear? What if he was gay and his gay associate killed his daughter and now the father must cover for him? What if this is why I was ostracized because someone had a murderous agenda towards me.  What if the FBI/the god anchor used the killing of the girl to scare someone from being part of NBC? If NBC is associated with Islam and gay boy sex; could it be that far unbelievable?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Murder Talk

  I'm having a sense of regret. Not about the last article its self but a word I used; which was "murder". There's a sense that murder shouldn't be used when writing about my end or writing about the god anchor/government's actions against me. Are my senses too sensitive or am I correct on feeling regret about using the word murder? What sparked that word seeing that I could have used a less violent verb.

    I think I'm too sensitive to words. Let's face it over 400 people got murdered in Chicago last yr and no one batted a eye. Kathy Griffin with the news promoted a decapitated President and we talked about it for days, we're still talking. Maybe if murder wasn't made so sexy I wouldn't have used that word describing my end. Could it be the powers that be respect murder more so than the appreciation of what's appealing? Could it be we glorify murder because we don't glorify the gods of earth or the news? Is this why Tom Ganley was murdered because he glorified a woman or women? Is this why Seth Rich was murdered because he pointed fingers at a murderous club?

  Seeing that since Obama took office murders have propelled, is there a connection with this murderous energy and Donald young who was believed to be  a part of a gay club who Obama was associated with. The same gay club that I mention in some articles in lynnaluvers. Is this why I was ostracized because of my anti-gay articles? Is this why the officer in cork city pinched my penis because of the gay murderous club? When they put Obama in office did they unleash a murderous energy that we haven't chained yet?  Is this why we saw the god anchor as our killer in the past because of their association with Obamas administration which is and or was associated with some murders.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Conspiratorial Post

  After four yrs I haven't been murdered but maybe my ostracism is some type of death. Maybe my demographic creates a death in the media. Could this be why I was ostracized. Could it be instead of the god anchor physically having me killed they had me removed from the kid which is a form of a death or murder. Could it be that my ostracism/removal was a lgbt conspiracy to get to my kid? Could it be the lgbt and the networks felt that since I appeared as a worm and not a rabbit then they have authority over my kid?

  Its hard to say but I do remember that the god anchors stations did carry its self differently post ostracism. They did carry stories that created a hostile perception . If hostility was wanted to display how far were or are they willing to portray it? Is this why the conspiracy is so much of a monster because of how the god anchor and her cohorts created the antagonist shows. Maybe the antagonistic shows were a warning before the ostracism.

  Its not hard to believe that my existence created some type of antagonist energy. But maybe the energy was imagined so that the lgbt could groom the kid into who they want him to be. Could I have gotten in the way with their plan to take the kid under their indoctrination. Maybe by me making lynnaluvers it created a window for those under the gay mind to have me ostracized so they could take the kid. How many lives were sacrificed for the powers of the god anchor and her associates to grow?

In closing maybe me being murdered was Just imagined and let's just hope my ostracism didn't create a gateway for those of the conspiracy to prey on the kid. Let's hope me saying that the god anchor is superior wasn't a death wish of some other kind. I know jealously can be a motivator for all types of evils so let's​ envision good energy. I'm not saying being ostracized was evil but maybe because of my departure it summoned an evil. Here's the key, maybe the evil the media /conspiracy was experiencing before my ostracism was more than the evil they experienced after the ostracism hence my departure. Of course its not about me but did the god anchor get fired from 19 before or after lynnaluvers?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4yr Conspiracy 2017: FACEBOOK

  In the last article I asked if I would have still made lynnaluvers.com or lynnaments considering I'm ostracized this fourth yr. Today I ask would I still have made a Facebook page named lynnalai fans, considering I'm ostracized and my ostracization might have something to do with the god anchor. Would I have posted a pic of the god anchor on Facebook as a default seeing that my ostracization would be near. Would I have asked the question under the lynna laifans page  why are black women so attracted to black male losers? Could it be the reason I was ostracized isn't because of the god anchor but because of a black anchor or someone whose black that works for the news.

  I think I totally would have made a pro Facebook page named lynnalai fans if it was 2012. Especially if I was in "ohlaio"! Am I suppose to stop liking people or stop creating because others hate who I am or what the god anchor is? If I knew I would be ostracized possibly because of my blog or Facebook page I think the sites would still be made. Because she was/is viewed as a super wonder anchor. If someone views you as a superior how can you extinguish those views. If some one believes a group of people are inferior and its been proven how can someone argue that these views aren't fact. Is this why the conspiracy has formed to extinguish those views or to strengthen those views?

  Is it possible that a black news person worked with the god anchor and or the government to get me ostracized? Even after the violent words after I asked the question on Facebook, I would still ask the same question under the god anchor fan page.  If you watch 19 religiously eventually the person becomes god therefore anything inferior is questioned. If one sees blacks as insufficient are we not to ask the question why?  Could it be I was ostracized because someone asked about my lack of sufficiency in " ohlaio"?  Could it be my lack of sufficiency was visual through lynnaluvers and the lynna lai fan page on Facebook? Could it be the god anchor got fired from 19 because of my insufficiency? Was it really the ratings? Seeing the god anchors superior energy overshadowed my knowledge of my own insufficiency there was no stopping lynnaluvers or the Facebook page. This is/was my thought process could it be this was the reason I was ostracized and stalked? Is this why the conspiracy has grown because of my insufficiency may have been a annoyance to the point of murder? Is this why I was ostracized so that I could be murdered or to stop a murder from happening?

Monday, May 15, 2017

4yr conspiracy 2017

  May 15th 2017, who would've thought I would still be alive. Around this time five or four yrs ago, I was saying that the god anchor wanted us dead. 4 yrs ago I was ostracized; still saying that the god anchor was Superior. 4 yrs ago lynnaluvers was shut down and lynnaments/lynnamentals spawned. After 4 yrs the question is what would I change if anything? Do I still think there's a conspiracy? If there is; has lynnaments helped through the conspiratorial times?

  If I didn't move outside of ohlaio, I definitely would have made lynnaluvers.com. Even after the Trump campaign,even after the Muslim influence that nbc seems to be guided by.  The reason is the god anchor would have still been a pioneer in neo. She would still be married, but she would still be the 1st East Asian  Anchor in neo. She would still say questionable things or act questionable but isn't that what drove lynnaluvers.com?  I believe the only thing that would have stopped me from making lynnaments and ending lynnaluvers sooner would be her telling me to stop after my first month writing. The argument still remains that people write about sport stars all the time, yet sadly these days some of those stars and writers do end up dead way too soon.

   After 4 yrs I still believe there's a conspiracy. Maybe not all of the conspiracy is in the god anchors basket but she is/was definitely  part of it. After these 4yrs the conspiracy has grown into a monstrous network. In the beginning the conspiracy was just in neo but it seems since I left neo the conspiracy has followed me. Is it my fault the conspiracy haunts me? Is it the god anchors fault that the god anchor is a pioneer? Is it my fault that the god anchor is viewed as Superior yet conspiratorial? How do you fault someone that views someone in a negative or positive light? Maybe my views helped drive the conspiracy. Am I supposed to hate god because someone may think God is a man?  Through out the 4 yrs the conspiracy is still potent and without lynnaments, the conspiracy probably would have driven the blogger further down this rabbit hole.  Could it be that the intention of the conspiracy was/is to persuade me deep in the rabbit hole until I transform into a rabbit or a worm. Maybe the conspiracy saw more worm in me than rabbit hence my ostracization.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Homo Conspiracy :Florida Concerns

  Why do I care if the god anchor was in Florida? Seeing that I'm homeless there's other things to worry about. Yet what if her Florida trip is associated with my situation. What if her Florida trip sped up my death date? Why did WKYC care about Obama being black and not his muslim association when he ran against McCain? What we care about creates a wider universe. Could it be they don't want me to care about the Florida trip because its associated with a secret society?

  Of course my Florida concerns are larger than that of the bungalow in neo but it could be that Florida has something to do with my ostracism from neo concerns.  Could it be that they had to shift my concerns so that I could get ostracized and once ostracized me being unconcerned mentally about my kid or the bungalow is justification for my death, or rape in prison or victim of a car accident.  Could it be they wanted me ostracized so that I could get raped in prison and then have a common occurrence with the god anchors gay associates? Was Florida a link to the next death?

  Why do my cares have to be equal to the god anchors cares? Cares are acts of concern. Is it possible that the god anchors caring of what's important in society is associated with her ability? Is it possible that my concern of the Florida and god anchor association has to do with my lack of ability; therefore her ability is viewed as superior.  Could it be that the Florida visit was a way to create that mentality there?  Could it be I'm right and the possibility that the god anchors trip to Florida sparked something that is associated with the quasi gay meteorologist and my death?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homo Conspiracy 2: Florida

  Could this be the reason why the god anchor was in Florida? Could my past blog post had pushed the god anchor to Florida to talk to the assumed quasi gay meteorologist? Was it a kill two birds with one stone type of thing?  If the god anchor went to Florida to talk to the meteorologist was it an apology or was it a bounty? Did the god anchor go to Florida to pay the gay meteorologist to hire someone to harass me more? What if there's someone at the god anchors station that wants to harass me? What if it's someone from 19 the god anchors old station that wants to do more than harass the blogger?

  Is this why they had me ostracized to harass me? Did the god anchor feel harassed while I was in neo? Maybe unknowingly my living in neo was offensive to the point of harassment. Could my existence be a type of harassment? Could it be the god anchor went to Florida, to talk to someone, maybe the meteorologist about my existence? Could it be my existence wasn't offensive until lynnaluvers was invented?

  Maybe Florida wasn't about the assumed gay weather guy, but it was about Applegate. Why do I care about the connection with the god anchors visit to Florida and my ostracizing? I doubt what ever the god anchor did in Florida had anything to do with apologizing. Yet whats the likely hood that she did talk to the weather guy or Applegate from 19?  It was rumored that  there was a mafia organization in Florida in the past; did the god anchor talk to them about the bloggers death?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homo Conspiracy

Is this why the quasi gay weather guy left Cleveland, to mimick me? Maybe in the god anchors world 19 was a secluded station a station that was independent. Maybe the gay weather guy and the god anchor made a deal to disrupt my life, sense my seclusion has vacated. Could it be that Duffy made a promise of disruption instead of the god anchor in honor of the great anchor he lost. Ndeedo (the street officer who gave me a warning in Cork City) didn't seem gay but what if the gay meteorologist that just left hired him. What if he hired the police officer at the train tracks to squeeze my penis?

  Could it be that the gay meteorologist feels that since he had to leave, he was going to harass me or hire someone to harass me. Did he feel wronged that the god anchor didn't leave yet he did?  Maybe the gay meteorologist doesn't feel like the god anchor is American and feels as if he is. Therefore anyone whose a fan of hers isn't American. If these are his feelings maybe he feels like he has the right to hire local police  to twist the truth or squeeze my penis. What if the gay meteorologist is a fan of the god anchor?

  What's the likelihood that the gay weather guy hired ndeedo to harass the blogger. It is a sanctuary City that is for alternative lives but could the meteorologist have invested​ his time and  money? What if NBC had him contact the Chief of Police in Cork to have the city police track me? What if there are people that feel like watching the god anchor is gay? Could it be that NEO's gay community are big fans of the god anchor and also have invested in Cork City heavily which is why I've been tracked and pinched in Cork City.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Recently, like a week, as I was being approached by private security in a Cork City Casino I saw how many east Asians had populated the casino. This made me think, could the reason why I was approached by security and Cork Cities finest is because they believe what I suggested in lynnaluvers.com? That the god anchor is superior? Not only that but that people of a East Asian background are superior. Could it be that security and the cork city police believe that Im not American and that the East Asian community are  superior immigrants therefore I have to be harassed.  Could my inferiority have created this much attention?  Could it be that cork city see's how Bangkok has a superior casino outlet  and they are trying to model after it? could security approaching me be the first step in modeling Cork City after Bangkok?

  Could this be why the god anchor and her cohorts had me ostracized;because they wanted to change the city of Cork? How much has Ohlaio invested in Cork? Could it be the god anchor wants to turn Cork city and or neo into Bangkok Thailand? Does our inferiority contrast with the attempt of Cork City and or NEO to change the city into Bangkok?

 To take after Bangkok there would have to be a lot less blacks. This fact, that the city they have envisioned doesn't involve the blogger; creates more logic.  If  Cork Cities aim is to be like Bangkok  why dont they have a main East Asian American Anchor?  if they are trying to turn the city into Bangkok why are they criminalizing some of the freedoms that are associated with Bangkok? Maybe parts of Bangkok they like and parts of it they dont.  Could it be a city minus blacks or homeless is the part they like? yet could it be that there attemp to harass me in Cork City is an attempt for them to make me complain so that they have just cause to kidnap the blogger and send me to Bangkok?  I would think Bankgkok would be more non violent than Mexico therefore what can we do to help the city change into Bangkok?  Could it be the help that Cork City needs from the homeless blogger is for us (as in me and my ideas) to leave?

Monday, February 13, 2017


  What association did the police that squeezed my penis have  with officer ndeedo? The officer that I came incontact with yesterday.  for me to say there isnt an association would be delusional. Could it be this is why  Cork Cities finest have  been able to stalk the blogger, because the god anchor and NBC are insisting I'm delusional?  If the police that grabbed my penis  told the officer ndeddo to pursue my homeless behavior which was holding up a sign  what does that mean?

   What does it say if the officer that touched my penis  had the other officer pursue me? Could it mean that the local cork police officer that has touched my penis has read the blog?  Could it mean that there are some in the cork cities police regime that feel like touching a black homeless guys penis is ok considering he was reaching in my pocket to take things out. Could this be a legitamate excuse to pursue the blogger? Could my blog be a reasonable excuse?  if there are some that feel like male officers  touching male penises are ok could the same people be behind the second persuit? Since the second persuit also happened on a sunday as the first confrontation with corks finest is this a clue?

How often does a homeless guy get persued here in cork city?  Could it be the reason ive been confronted by police twice in two weeks is because of my article about a convent here I was at that was a breeding ground for the gay community? Could this be a way to terrorize someone whose not gay? Could cork cities finest be using the god anchor as a shield or a motivator to terrorize the blogger in honor of the gay community? is there a brotherhood amongst the gay community and the local PD here in Cork City?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Secured City?

 There must be some attraction to people who are in a secluded place and Cork cities police officers. The reason I say this Is because I was approached again by corks finest. this time the city police officer had on a yellow shirt  instead of brown and also was Mexican instead of White. Why does that make any differenmce who knows. Yet what does make a difference is there was two of them instead of One. Also this time I wasnt close to the train tracks in Cork but 30 ft away from patrons of businesses holding a sign saying hate the homeless?

  Should I have expected this?  I wont give any specifics yet did this approach have anything with the god anchor? They told me that I was Obstructing patrons. again I was thirty feet awayfrom anyone. heres a question did the officer I was blogging about last week have anything to do with this. I did see a few muslims pass me did they have anything to do with it? The mexican officer even took my social security number could he have approached me because someone told him that I had a legal social? Obviously the police wouldnt have hired anyone they didnt trust, but what if the law is so twisted they had to let the officer in? I did sense hostility when I said "I still love my country".

  Could it be that because Trump has made such demands local police that have an allegance to illegal immigrants are trying to take social security numbers from anyone whose a homeless citizen? Was I wrong to feel uneasy about giving my social out? Does the god anchor have a stake in this? Could it be that she wants my social security tarnished because she feels like being a anchor or being in the media is tarnished? Could they feel Cork city is dieing and they felt that to keep a black homelesss in town helps keeps them employed. Is this why they want more illegals staying around because the population isnt growing as it should. Did the local mexican officer hate me more than he hates that I'm a fan of  the god anchor? Maybe he hates that the god anchors position is more secure than his yet maybe the god anchor put him up to it because sad to say her position isnt secured?  Could this be the reason why a white new model mustang and a grey medium car almost hit me after I left the secluded area I was at today? Maybe hate in cork city is at a all time high and the god anchor isnt the only one that feels like they should capitalize off it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Penis Report3 : Animal Maybe

  When a farmer projects fear to its
animals/property it's to keep them from harm or to control them. Could this be the element I'm missing from the squeezed penis scandal?  Maybe someone from the god anchors camp had him squeeze my penis because someone looks at me as property or a animal. Maybe since I was sleeping by the train tracks  he saw me as a Animal. Maybe in Cork City the homeless are viewed as animals to the local PD.

It might  have been my rough features that had pushed the officer into squeezing my penis and warning me like a animal. Could it be the god anchor was treated like property at 19 or channel 3? It was hrs after the Superbowl maybe that was his way of showing whose boss. Maybe it's someone who has come from another country that views black homeless as property and has pushed those views on the officer.

  Could it be possible that the officer was paid to squeeze my penis as a checking out the merchandise before they kidnap? Was this a procedure before a kidnapping act? Could someone had paid the Cork City officer to physically check out my equipment  before detainment like cattle?

  Are the rules different In sanctuary cities? Are males used to the squeeze of a male police officer In Cork City? Was the penis squeeze an offense because I watched the god anchor? Maybe the god anchor pushed for this type of search. Maybe she or the officer or her cohorts are anticipating something is about to happen and they want to give me a squeeze before detainment. How much of a animal have I turned into since my ostracizing? Maybe to have me ostracized was to have me undomesticated. Could it be that those of another country don't feel I have the right to be a domesticated  human. Therefore they have pushed domesticated officers to treat me as such.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Penis Report 2: Fear Agenda

After the male police officer touched  my penis and checked to see if I was wanted he stated there was a guy doing real bad things to homeless people. Was this the truth or  was this a way to make sure I get out of Cork City? What was the statements agenda? What did the god anchor have to do with it?

 During  the god anchors time with 19 and also NBC, fear was a element to some of their stories. Is there an association with the god anchors channels and the officer that touched my penis? Maybe the fear element was part of the officers approach because it was a way to show his allegiance to the god anchor and the news stations. Could it be his fear approach was a shadow of things to come to the blogger?  Yes, this was a warning but who pushed him to warn me?

  There are two groups of people that uses fear the most to get what they want and that's muslims and gays. Could it be he was hired by a gay muslim to squeeze my penis and project fear? Since there are lots of gays and Cork City is a sanctuary city I don't find it hard to believe. How far are they willing to take the projection of fear? Would they take it to my death?

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Penis Report

After I hear that the New England Patriots came back and won I decided to sleep by the train tracks. While laying there by the tracks a grey suv whips pass me ( after seeing the grey suv I should have known something was going to happen). Maybe an hr later a black and white Cork city police suv stops four feet infront of me. The SUV had two alphabets on its hood one was a letter To and then some  numbers, 10952.
  The male officer told me to walk towards the suv. He tells me to put my hands on the hood and then asked me if I had anything that would harm him in my pockets. After I answer him he starts digging in my pockets to take everything out. While asking me questions he reaches in my pocket he touches my penis from inside my pocket. The question is was this a set up? Did he touch my penis under someone's orders? Was he following me to offend me? Is there any allegiance with the god anchor and the officer? Could it be that he touched my penis because he wanted to offend  me to the point I write about it?

  Could it be the god anchor has Cork city Contain me here and to do so Cork city had the officer touch my  penis to offend me so that I could write about it.  If I write about it it gives him reason to offend me to the point of arrest or vehicular assault. He did ask me if I ever been arrested before.

Maybe it had nothing to do with the officer but it had something to do with the current muslim band or the illegal Alien situation. Could it  be an illegal alien was following me under the god anchors orders and ia called the police on me once he found out where I was sleeping? Are there more illegal aliens dedicated to the god anchor than cork cities finest? Could it be an illegal alien works for NBC or 19 the god anchors ex station and are under direction from the god anchor or her associates to get me to stay or entrapped in Cork city.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Who would of known that the god anchor would have the main stage before,during and after the Superbowl? If someone would of told me that Lynna Lai would be a Superbowl name or connotation I wouldn't have believed it during the lynnaluvers days.  But it's true the logo for the Superbowl is going to be L-A-I!  Actually the Superbowl logo for 2017 is the letter L the Lombardi trophy and the letter I  with the NFL in the trophy. With all the connotations especially in the last two yrs has the name been normalized! Are they getting ready to introduce the god anchor to the world?

  Could the god anchor have bought the NFL or is the NFL just making  fun of the East Asian American name? What would it mean when the name Lai becomes as normal as Smith? Is this a way to introduce the rest of the world to the name? Could it be that someone of a higher position in the government is sending bat signals to the god anchor?  Just maybe someone controlling Superbowl marketing has a thing for the god anchor!

  Personally I think someone in the hierchy of society is trying to get us used to seeing the name Lai.  If we can see the name Obama for eight yrs in America and across the world I'm willing to bet the name won't be a big deal. Should we be surprised that the name Lai is being pushed during, before and after the Superbowl?  Isn't this what every Lynna Lai fan could dream of?  Isn't this just a piece of the case that the god anchor is superior?  Think of all the famous names that are super media friendly and ask yourself why isn't the god anchor out there? Especially with all the confusion of whats real and what isn't?

  The Superbowl is probably the biggest stage to be on and to promote the god anchor as the logo is incredible marketing. Maybe NBC had a hand in it. Maybe NBC is getting ready to put the god anchor out on the national level. This might be an Observance from Obama. Like a last salute from president 44 to the god anchor. Lastly, maybe this is a way to flex muscle.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Writing about Trump and god

Since I associated Obama's presidency with Lynna Lai on lynnaluvers and also the death of "the desk chick"  will I associate the god anchor with President Trump? If I associated the god anchor with my ostracization would I see a conspiracy with the god anchor and Trump?  Would I see a conspiracy if something happened at the inauguration like a terrorist attack?

 Let's not be blinded, I've written at least a half dozen articles about Clinton
Yet she's not even the president.  Therefore if I can associate the god anchor with Clinton and she didn't win the presidency; is it hard to fathom that there might be a connection with the god anchor and Trump at the inauguration.

Although they're many things to write about what would Trump a Trump article right now?  What would Trump a  Trump article if something went wrong with his swearing in? With the news covering the fact that people won't accept a Trump presidency and these are liberals /pro Obama demonstrators which are also assiciated BLM  and other democratic groups how couldn't I associate the two?

 Would my article be fair? Is a conspiracy ever fair? If someone conspires against someone else are they thinking fairness?  Seeing that the media promoted anti-trump sentiments compared to Obama is that fair?  I think writing A Trump / god anchor article will be entertaining conspiratorial and suspecting.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Accepting 2017

In "knowing 2016" I asked if we would get accustomed to the unknown that was before us. In 2017 the question is will we accept what has manifested? Will the media accept Trump? Will we accept the deaths that have accured? Will we accept Clinton's defeat? Will I accept my Clinton forecast being wrong?

  Seeing that I got ostracized by what was shown and or said; it's hard to believe that I'll personally accept the ills that has happened.  Maybe it will appear that the effects of the ostracizing have subsided but have I really accepted my ostracizing if I'm writing about it in 2017? Maybe I'm not supposed to forget about my ostracizing. Maybe the reason Clinton loss is because we didn't forget?  Can we accept 2017 which supposedly is involved with Trump as president if America has accepted Obama? If the media is under anti-american media direction can they accept Trump and will they let us forget about Obama?  If the nation is anti blogger is it surprising that I got ostracized? Yet if the nation is pro East Asian American why isn't the god anchor nationally noticed as a national anchor?

I said this before but what if my Ostracizing had to take place for the god anchor to take her place?