Thursday, December 31, 2015

Knowing 2016

  Maybe ignorance is a blessing maybe If I knew that the great anchor was going to turn the bloggers life upside down she wouldn't be on TV. Maybe if I knew she was going have police follow me she wouldnt be on in the mornings. Maybe if I knew too much I would have written too much and we all know what happened when lynnaluvers was still operating.

Maybe the Great anchor didn't know the presence would turn the country upside down , maybe she didn't know that the current president had no positive emotions toward the USA. Maybe her ignorance saved her career. Maybe if she would have known he was going to sabotage the country you would think she would keep the viewers in the know. But maybe what she found out about the president was so terrifying cat got her tongue.

  Maybe because of our ignorance 2016 will be better than what we expected. Maybe all the yrs of the President in office will pay off for someone  like maybe Trump. Maybe 2016 is the year for Trump and if that's so will the Anchor ever get on the National stage?  Maybe knowing isn't something that's needed seeing we have some forces out there that human kind are blind to and if we're blind to theses unknown forces I truly believe we're blind to what's next!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 storm

What a year and I didn't even begin to talk about all the inclinations I've witnessed.  Hopefully things will get better but if they don't and they become worse is the blogger prepared? Are we prepared for 4 more yrs of Obama are we prepared for Prison are we prepared for Clintons Presidency? Are we prepared for some changes in Neo news field? I'm getting a feeling and even though it might be way off because I haven't been watching the great anchor like I did before my ostracizing. I can sense when something is about to change. Let's  hope the change is for the good of the anchor.

  Every year I ask my self what would I change if I had to do it over again since I've been ostracized. In the past I've said that I wouldn't change anything because the anchor is worth a lot more than my merely ostracizing and I still believe it. My ostracizing is like a drop in the bucket.

  No in 2015 I wouldn't change the name of my old blog, I wouldn't stop watching maybe I should have but watching shouldn't have gotten me ostracized its what the watching triggered. It triggered lynnaluvers, it triggered Facebook fan pages,it triggered a new website lynnaments, it triggered me believing the anchor has put a bounty on my head it triggered my small world completely upsidedown and funny thing is its not over.   Some would say if I would have identified my self at the beginning this wouldn't have happened.

 Yet in lynnaluvers I said that a fan is frowned in. Watching and blogging isn't respectable especially when you question whose better at her craft than her. Don't forget we were watching a news anchor someone who reports about the worse which means those things could easily happen to me and some of them did or will.  Sometimes a news reporter or anchor will hurt you and you won't feel the effects of it until its too late for example the way they got Obama in office.  If they have no regards for the local citizens of the country do you think they'll care if they kill a black citizen.  Therefore let's just hope in 2016 we can bare a new wave of heart ache. If not let's keep calm for the most part and appreciate the next storm on its way.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Casino Ohio

 I've been reading this book called Bringing Down the House by an Author named Ben Mezrich.( I think they made a movie about it called 21). These students from MIT manipulated the nations casinos and the casinos hire a private investigating service that terrified the MIT students. My question is could Ohio be a casino? Could I have manipulated Ohio and not even know it? Hence why I'm being targeted like the MIT guys?

  Is this why Im Ostracized from "Ohlaio" because they feel I've manipulated the state?  Maybe they feel like my lack of watching anyone other than the great anchor is a sense of manipulation. Maybe because I'm black they feel like I shouldn't have a voice in the 19 comparisons which is a manipulating the system.

  Although I never was personally told never to step foot in OHLAIO but my gut say next time I do I'll be dead. The same feeling the main character had after he was found to be manipulating the casino system. Was  me saying the Anchor was Superior some form of manipulation or did it have to do with something in my personal life. Maybe they felt like I needed to be Ostracized because I said the current president manipulated the country. Maybe those type of words aren't OHIO friendly. Maybe with my view on Obama,my belief that the anchor was/is Superior and the fact that I lived in a Humble Habitat made me a easy target. Now sense I'm homeless the target is easier.

Yet with me being a easy target was I the only one the Casino was Ostracizing? Maybe Ohio is a Casino and I didn't play by house rules. Maybe me stating that the great anchor was Casino God was like stating a truth that should be kept quiet.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Following Texas

Where do I start?  Maybe with life isn't fair only dreams are! Maybe that's why U have police following me everywhere I go because of life's demeanor. Could the god anchor have given me all this police attention along with gay terrorist attention? Have the gays and the police been working together to terrorize me in the great state of Texas?

  I saw that the god anchors website has a Cleveland Latino chapter with a host that looks like Jessica fox. Could WKYC have orchestrated the Mexican police dept to harass me thereby influencing A Texas police chapter and maybe a local bicycle gang? Are the articles words that offensive. Once again I do believe it's the person that's writing them. If it was a millionaire it would be OK but a homeless guy is not pretty.

  Could the government be following the anchor hence why the police are trailing me?  How many gangstalkers have the authorities hired because not only am I sensing the local patrol I sensing plain clothes thugs. In a society where thuggery is respected should I not have my densities up? Should I not document what's happening? Maybe the government wants the blogger to be so much harassed by the gangstalkers and the local authorities that I look at it as normal. Maybe their following me to see my demeanor and in calculating my demeanor they can infiltrate. Why would police,gay terrorist and gangstalkers want to infiltrate? Maybe their upset about my views. Maybe they feel like because I'm black or a homeless guy I shouldn't have views if a conservative or view the anchor as god in my articles.