Thursday, March 31, 2016

News Dwellings

  So the god anchor has disappeared for the week. The Cleveland station says its mystery guest week but could this be a way to do away with the god anchor. A way to wean the viewers off the god anchors presence. Could this just be  a way for the the station to get more viewers!

  Why should I care some would say. I'm homeless, who would worry about a a news anchor or the news station if their homeless. Yet the complete question should be who wouldn't worry about a new anchor who might have had a hand in my Demise.  It's like asking a guy that's been shot and is dieing to not think about the guy who shot him.

   Some would say I'm not thinking about it I'm dwelling on it. I'm making her or her rule be the excuse. Yet isn't the god anchors rule an ingredient to every part of my life. Aren't there Lynna Lai connotations everywhere. Aren't the police everywhere. Have I not been hacked. Am I not homeless.  Therefore for someone to say stop writing or thinking or talking about the god anchor would be to say ignore life. Ignore everything! Do I not have eyes do I not have a memory? Maybe as I continue my memory will be mutated.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baggage Blogger

 During this article you'll read a lot of maybes, because for the most part I don't know and if I ask I'm a jerk. It's Its just another story where I'm being screwed with in a American Library. I would like to say that this specific library was very American, no Muslims as security. As always since I've been on eagles coast I've taken my bags with me even to the porta potties because last time I let my bags go my birth certificate got stolen. Without a birth certificate sometimes it's hard to prove who you are. Even Donald Trump wants undocumented people out of here. (This might be why my certificate got stolen because they the Government want me to be undocumented).

So  As the story goes I take my baggage with me because that equals my identity and security and I'm waiting for the library to open and a black steelers SUV truck pulls up in the empty lot. A guy in a security officers uniform steps out of his pittsburgh SUV walks up to me and says you know you can't bring in that bag you have there right? I tell him I don't have a problem with it but I've been bringing the bag in and the other Security officer just tells me he doesn't want it unattended in the entrance. To clear the confusion you two need to talk I tell him. He tells me about the library rules.

  To make a long story short I had to get the manager involved named Bridget who acted like she didn't want her picture taken with the cam phone yet I had to get mine taken to access the internet (homeless problems). Before u bring out the phone I ask her can she be gracious, I'm not from here please just let me put the bag on the outside of the building entrance tunnel which I've been doing before security appeared. I kept pleading with her but she's a rule follower!

 The question is what changed? Have they been reading my blog? Did the "upskirt" article get them upset? Did the great anchor advice them to give me a hard time? Did Duffy a pittsburgh fan tell the security guard whose also a pittsburgh fan to screw with me? What was it? Was it that I talk to much about eagles ocean and give people my interaction experiences. Why it that libraries in general like to screw with the blogger even in pioneer city. Maybe they don't like bloggers who write about women. Maybe if I was a Woman blogging about how a male anchor has ostracized me it would be enjoyed. Maybe it's just the slavery connotations down here. Maybe for a black to say a Asian Anchor is God is heart wrenching. Maybe their offended by my writing style (it has been sucking lately). Maybe they feel since I'm in a library I should write like I'm in one and since I can't adios. Maybe that's why I got kicked out of the Buckeye state because if its pride in its scholarly citizens. Is lynnamentals unscholarly?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nerving the Conspiracy

  People say I don't deserve to work because I'm foolish with money, yet I say is it foolishness or nervousness. For example buying fast food, buying a room, paying a Woman to give me physical attention. I'm bringing this up on lynnaments because maybe my nervousness or foolishness is triggered by the news or triggered by the followers of the blogger.

  How do you make wise decisions when every decision is or might be watched or manipulated.  For example when I was in Dallas one day I bought a pizza and the next thing I know someone who was following me around is knocking me down. Can the blogger work when there's agencies following the him?  Maybe they want to know how I perform under stress. Is this why I was ostracized to see how I operate under stress?

  It's not anyones fault that I eat fast food, it's a homeless cuisine. But it's not foolish either. Especially when there's police everywhere you turn. It's like seeing the person that's going to kill you everyday. Isn't the blogger liable to eat more buy a room or hire a companion when there everywhere.

   Do I have a choice in paying child support when there's threats all around. If I pay child support will the authorities stop following me? Will the god anchor call them off? Will the blacks stop harassing me? Probably not, I'm betting next time I send mine to child support the enemies of the blogger will still be around. There's nothing I can do so that the conspiracy isn't proactive.  If the conspiracy is a juggernaut who am I to say that I won't be effected and Its foolish to react to the conspiracy.

  Not saying that I want to be  immune to responsibility. But it's my belief that the conspiracy is stronger than the responsible. If it's not Obama wouldn't be in office. If the conspiracy isnt stronger than the responsible then I wouldn't have been ostracized or WNIRs hosts wouldn't be dead or the desk chick. If the conspiracy isn't stronger than the responsible the Boston Bombing wouldn't have happened. Since the conspiracy is a juggernaut do I deserve to work do I deserve to live?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conspiracy of the Chest Police

Why do I always get attention in the library? Why couldn't CNN GOD atleast stay as the most current article longer? Why are people so offended? These questions I have and more on this Sunday March 6th 2016.

  An hour before I got some attention from a black lady security guard I tweeted about how black women and democrats coexist. Next thing I know I get asked to button up my shirt. A shirt that was two buttons unbuttoned. I said I didn't know they had a uniform policy and she says we do. Before I go in let me just say I hate to bring this up but if I don't somebody else will get picked on. If I don't bring this up because she's black or because she's a Woman what would that make me.

Here's a question was the security guard more offended by my unbuttoned shirt than I was by her asking me to button up? Here's another question is the library or this country turning into a prison or was it the god anchors way of getting me ready for Prison? Was the black lady security worried that some patron would be offended by a hairy chest?

  What does all this have to do with the god anchor you might ask? Its my suspicion that they the security guards had been monitoring me today on March 6th 2016 therefore maybe the god anchor or her friends have put the black lady security guard up to it. Maybe she was monitoring my twitter account and was appalled about what I tweeted!

  After she told me to button up  and left I had to go and talk to her. Because it really seemed like she was picking on the blogger. So I went downstairs with a book in my hand full of nudity called CINEMA SEX SIRENS looking for the black lady (I would have never done this before I was homeless). Who I found was a grey haired maybe Hispanic security guard someone who works there alot. I ask him where is the black lady and he says she's making her rounds ( isn't that a prison term). I say can I speak to him and obliges. I tell him what just happened and then show him the book full of nudes and ask him how is it offensive to wear a unbuttoned shirt but the library is full of nudity. He tries to explain even shows me typed up where a person's upper body must be covered. We go round and round for about 5 minutes he even said if a kid saw my unbuttoned top I could be arrested. I told him I wasn't looking for an apology and said I felt like she was targeting me; especially after he says that we can't watch everyone. So why watch me? Because of my other articles a bout the local libraries?

Could the black lady security guard be related to someone I wrote about in the past. Does she hate black homeless males? Was she inspired by the black police officer that killed the dillusional naked black male last month?

  Could the god anchor have hired one of her friends from Atlanta to hire the black lady security guard to screw with me knowing I would blog it out. Hence when I blog it out other things occur like maybe one of her black male gangsters attack me. Maybe one of her black male Cop friends screw with me thinking its in Honor of the black lady but it's really in honor of the god anchor Lynna Lai.

  I understand this is Texas and people are conservative. But if a library can have nude books which I'm not objecting why would a Texas library object a guy have his shirt 1/4 unbuttoned ( As I'm writing this two 6ft black guys pass me while talking about kidnapping,).

Friday, March 4, 2016


  My sources say that the god anchor is in Atlanta. Could this be a good thing? Is she visiting or is this going to be her new home?  Did my last article cause her to take a break from WKYC?

  Who knows what's going on for all I know she might not be in Georgia at all but in Florida,Louisiana or Texas! For all I know someone might have conspired to make her leave and go to Atlanta.  What if this could be the
Beginning of the god anchor on CNN or HLN or another national news station.  What if CNN saw her on WKYC during the Miracle in Cleveland hype and they haven't forgotten about her! What if this was all planned!

 It would be incredible if the god anchor was on CNN. This would mean not only people in Cleveland can watch the god anchor but folks all around the world. Not saying that folks couldn't watch the anchor all across the world on but it's a totally different platform.

  Assuming that she's going to CNN what will that mean for lynnaments? Will the conspiracies abound?  Will my experiences become more weird. How strong will the Lynna Lai connotations be if and when she ends on CNN? This could very well be a good thing but only if they give her proper TV exposure.