Monday, June 8, 2015

Viewing Dads

  What is a homeless dad; not a dad at all!What is a homeless viewer;not a viewer at all! What is a homeless fan of the great anchor not a fan at all! Thats what it's all about  in the long run to strip the blogger from those titles or assumptions. Its's not the positions  the great one or her cohorts has it's my assumptions  that they have them.

 A guy that that doesn't think Lynna Lai was  a great fit with 19 or Duffy; isn't a fan in their eyes i believe. A guy that lives in a bungalow doesn't deserve to watch the anchor they thought.   It's possible that their thoughts were so heavy against the blogger that they even felt that a anti-gay watcher shouldn't be a fan but also shouldn't be a dad; hence my ostracizing. A guy that watches Lynna Lai over Fox can't be  a viewer. Is it that simple is it that elementary?  Or was the cause for the ostracizing bigger?

   Could it be I got a target on my head because I listened to Howie or Tom on the radio?  Does a viewer have to be a liberal? Does a viewer have to be a certain demographic?

Kids are a gift from God ; therefore I have to ask  is it godly to take someones kids or divide a bond if the father is a Lynna Lai fan?  Maybe the reason I got ostracized is because they don't recognize God or recognize him as being a giver of kids.Therefore maybe certain dads are equal to terrorist in some cases.

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