Monday, November 16, 2015

Court Media

  This has nothing to do with the anchor they say; that's what happens when you blog about the anchor but aren't married. You get sabatoged and murdered they say under their breath.

 This has nothing to do with the anchor than why is their a warrant after I leave the state. If this isn't about the anchor why do people in uniform and out of uniform follow the kid?  Could the great anchor have put a secret bounty head through the court system nationally?

  Maybe that's why I have been getting followed and gay gang stalked. Let's be clear. I haven't been to court in my life over 5 times and these court hearings were for property and child support. Could it be that the great anchor has created a tight association with Akrons court officials hence my getting ostracized. Did the great or 19 and Duffy pay the court system to attack me and stalk me where ever I go.

 Reporters do spend a lot of time in the courts listening to cases. Maybe they felt like since I was a Lynna Lai watcher and blogger fan they had the authority to cast court authorities against the blogger. Maybe they felt like sense I can make a blog Anonymous they can ostracize the Anonymous blogger Anonymously.

  Do the courts enjoy the great anchor more than me hence the warrant and before that the ostracizing. If you were in the courts shoes would you listen to the anchor and or the station? Maybe they had no choice maybe the media like 19 and channel 3 scared the officials with the Dimora case they did what ever the media asked them to do. So why didn't they tell the court system to kill Sowell yet?

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