Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Camera Phone Attention

  Who writes  on lynnamentals twice a day? I guess I do! I was doing some meditation art in the library  and this black guy with a phone camera starts pointing his phone at me as if he's taking a pic. Could this be one of the governments plants so they can trigger my interest. so they can keep photos of me, like I keep photos, art work of the great one? Maybe their feelings are since i like watching Lynna and looking at pics of her it's only right for them to do the same. That's like an argument of if a heterosexual guy looks at a married woman  a sodomite has the right to look at another man the same way.

        The great one is in the public's eye and has been before I was ostracized.therefore is it not logical that people will watch her? Is there a law that says I can't watch the anchor? Who has made the law? Could it be that China or Pakistan has taken over the USA and they're offended that I watch Lynna Lai? Since they feel offended they have a black guy use a phone to take a pic of the blogger. I  have taken pictures of people in the library but that's only when they called for attention. Have I called for attention in my existence?

  Maybe my blog calls for attention. Maybe lynnamentals is so offensive that they are paying blacks to target me. Maybe the government feels like to look anti racist they must attend to me with my own kind. I believe that's how Obama got in Office. They found a guy that looks black that the black people of not only America can relate to but doesn't have their best interest at heart. Does lynnamentals have the superior anchors best interest at heart? Did lynnaluvers have the persuasive anchors best interest at heart? Does the Media have the viewers best interest at heart?  Did the Media have their best interest at heart when they marketed Obama? Maybe the issue isn't that the guy is taking a pic of me because I see a lot of phone cameras up in face position ; the issue is his intentions. lynnaluvers was to celebrate, lynnamentals is to document and find the answers to this ongoing hunt.

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