Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tucker Throwback Thursday

 This article I'm posting was posted two or three years ago on (a site that created a wave of surprises) I figured i'll do a throwback once in a while!

I was doing some thinking and I asked myself what if the anchor Mrs.Tucker got the boot along with Mrs. Reed instead of Mrs. Lai? What would my response be? In this Article I'll try to articulate what the response would be and why. Let's go back on January 25th 2012 and pretend they announce that the two anchors/reporters were given the pink slip and they were both black. I'm a conspiracy theorist , so automatically I'm speculating that it was an association with giving younger black reporters the boot so that they can aim for the older black crowd/viewers hence Mrs. Robinson's entrance on The Pioneers ex-station. I would of written on this blog that the pioneer was unshakable or something else that made that point. I would of also noted on the blog that she was in a better position because now she would be associated with Robinson who was/is associated with WKYC which is associated with superior ratings. Now some might ask would I have gotten my "Al Sharpton" on and went the negative route and started provoking racial tensions?

It would be easy for me to say they were or are trying to thin out the young black male crowd which could be a double edge sword. Not saying young black males don't enjoy Lynna Lai and the rest of the gang but let's get real the majority of young black males who watched 19 was because of the black news anchors. The last conspiracy I would of associated with the letting go of the two black anchors is that maybe Obama (who Mrs. Robinson, the re-placer interviewed) got word that young black males don't approve of him especially the poor ones this time around and because of that he made sure that they didn't have their favorite news anchor on, which would mean they wouldn't be watching the local news, which would also mean what he does or would do would go under the radar in some instances and it would mean that more opportunities for them to get arrested (maybe they think caged animals are less intimidating than zombies) which mean less black males competing for scholarships and employment (already happening). At the end of the day maybe it was a blessing and a curse that the news Goddess was kicked to the curb and not the black anchor because I would of turned it to a racial issue and although to me letting the great one go had to do with race in my opinion (maybe not hers) it's a lot more subtle than letting go of two black anchor reporters of the same station.

Subtle in a way where they won't have to explain their self when they let go of the great pioneer,but because of the racist attitudes that blacks have they had to keep the weekend anchor. I think the main reason why I'm coming to these conclusions is because of how the media is portraying blacks especially now during the Travon Circus. It's like they want racial tensions to rise and be tested so that when the primary Presidential voting starts they'll (the government) will know how to create an emotion so that superiors in society will make it harder for black voters and blacks (Black American Women) will vote out of anger which will keep Obama in Office but will keep their sons behind bars. Ironically what the media has showed us was that I was wrong, it's not the story teller it's the story (maybe just for 2012) but what the media has also showed us (especially during the Travon Martin confusion) is that society is easy for playing into their hands and if we're easy (simple minded) how can anyone be proud of stating that their ratings are high when the simple/easy are the ones watching especially when the Great News Teller is absent from the local tv news?

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