Saturday, December 12, 2015

Following Texas

Where do I start?  Maybe with life isn't fair only dreams are! Maybe that's why U have police following me everywhere I go because of life's demeanor. Could the god anchor have given me all this police attention along with gay terrorist attention? Have the gays and the police been working together to terrorize me in the great state of Texas?

  I saw that the god anchors website has a Cleveland Latino chapter with a host that looks like Jessica fox. Could WKYC have orchestrated the Mexican police dept to harass me thereby influencing A Texas police chapter and maybe a local bicycle gang? Are the articles words that offensive. Once again I do believe it's the person that's writing them. If it was a millionaire it would be OK but a homeless guy is not pretty.

  Could the government be following the anchor hence why the police are trailing me?  How many gangstalkers have the authorities hired because not only am I sensing the local patrol I sensing plain clothes thugs. In a society where thuggery is respected should I not have my densities up? Should I not document what's happening? Maybe the government wants the blogger to be so much harassed by the gangstalkers and the local authorities that I look at it as normal. Maybe their following me to see my demeanor and in calculating my demeanor they can infiltrate. Why would police,gay terrorist and gangstalkers want to infiltrate? Maybe their upset about my views. Maybe they feel like because I'm black or a homeless guy I shouldn't have views if a conservative or view the anchor as god in my articles.

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