Monday, May 25, 2015

hostage blog

 Today marks a date where we remember many soldiers that were killed or held hostage therefore lets visit a hostage article that was made a couple of weeks ago.

What if what I write in lynnamentals is a trigger for someone to hurt someone close to me?  What if every time I post a article someone adds on to the agents that follow the ostracized mover?What if every time I post a article A terror attack occurs? Would I stop writing? I ask these questions because Im intrigued by how catastrophe happens when ever I post a article; for example the Amtrak accident that happened in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

What if the great one or someone close to her is taking Ohio or the country hostage because of lynnamentals or lynnaluvers? What if channel 3 is taking Lynna the great one hostage? What if channel 3 has her  hostage until im dead in jail or the blog is dead? Is the blog this offensive or is it my being in existence is offensive hence my birth certificate being stolen in Missouri and my ostracizing.

Is my concluding that the anchor is conspiring yet god more important than seeing someone close to me safe? Is my blog more important than the USA? Of course not but maybe someone who has someone close hostage enjoys holding people hostage which might be why the blog is triggered. What if the hostage takers are in association with the anchor and they have followed me to see what triggers a article on lynnamentals which might inflict on those close and maybe the country. What if the terror in this country is in direct association with lynnamentals?

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