Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ranting about programmer's

 Who wants to leave where things are comfortable and exist plus travel where people are strange.where anchors,politicians and other VIPs have made a commitment to sabotaging my being? When they ostracized me what did they think that I was going to go homeless around the same anchor that I forecasted will have me dead?
  Did they think I would get home sick? Are they waiting to put me in jail because I'm homeless? Do they want to put me in jail because i m behind on child support? How do you get someone kicked out of their hut and then think that he should be able to produce a six figure job where he can help his kid. That's like programming gay sex in the minds of the undevelopable mentally and expect them to be straight. Does the counter bloggers think like this? Think that since I'm homeless and working to eat at McDonalds I deserve to be put in jail because of my lack of financial involvement with the kid in my life?
  Maybe those reading think they can do better and possibly can, but I'm not them and their not me. Everybody doesn't react the same with threats. Everyone doesn't react the same when the CIA wants you dead and possibly the kid. If they wanted me ostracized  shouldn't they be happy I'm gone or is it they want blood they want me dead in Ohio.  Does Ohio deserve my blood? Does Ohio deserve to see me dead in their state? I dont think so. They have too many others they can feast on.

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