Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Learning Article

  Its been about two yrs. since Ive been Ostracized from the buckeye state and in those two years  Ive encountered  many things  but the question  im pondering  is have I truly learned something ?  Have I gained any knowledge that can take me to another dimension or even another thought ? Has my faulting for my Ohio death hindered  my learning anything? Was I able to blame the great one and still gain some type of enlightenment?

  I  learned that the  different cities newscast  I stayed at  were a grade under the great ones newscast or her old newscast I should say seeing I haven't really got to watch her new newscast, only clips.  Yet is that some info the blogger can use?  Can I get any type of financial gain from that type of info?  Matter of fact before I went to these cities  I had a feeling the great one had a better newscast  than a large majority therefore it's info I already figured out.  What did the blogger learn? Did he learn that the government/Lynna Lai/NBC were targeting the blogger or was that info that was already made when the sheriff pulled me over in neo? If I did learn something I'm beginning to think it was negative.

 I don't think there was not an ounce of positivity in the two years. For example I learned that Mexicans in the south/west dislike some blacks.    I learned how to sleep outside on concrete? If I learned all negative things is lynnamentals sufficient. Is the blog sufficient for those that read the blog?  Although the blog is entertaining cannot my ostracizing create a learning  experience? Is my mind so filled with lynnamentals that it has no room for experiencing something more uplifting which in turn will uplift the blog?

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