Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Casino Ohio

 I've been reading this book called Bringing Down the House by an Author named Ben Mezrich.( I think they made a movie about it called 21). These students from MIT manipulated the nations casinos and the casinos hire a private investigating service that terrified the MIT students. My question is could Ohio be a casino? Could I have manipulated Ohio and not even know it? Hence why I'm being targeted like the MIT guys?

  Is this why Im Ostracized from "Ohlaio" because they feel I've manipulated the state?  Maybe they feel like my lack of watching anyone other than the great anchor is a sense of manipulation. Maybe because I'm black they feel like I shouldn't have a voice in the 19 comparisons which is a manipulating the system.

  Although I never was personally told never to step foot in OHLAIO but my gut say next time I do I'll be dead. The same feeling the main character had after he was found to be manipulating the casino system. Was  me saying the Anchor was Superior some form of manipulation or did it have to do with something in my personal life. Maybe they felt like I needed to be Ostracized because I said the current president manipulated the country. Maybe those type of words aren't OHIO friendly. Maybe with my view on Obama,my belief that the anchor was/is Superior and the fact that I lived in a Humble Habitat made me a easy target. Now sense I'm homeless the target is easier.

Yet with me being a easy target was I the only one the Casino was Ostracizing? Maybe Ohio is a Casino and I didn't play by house rules. Maybe me stating that the great anchor was Casino God was like stating a truth that should be kept quiet.

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