Monday, November 16, 2015


  So it seems  I might have a warrant out for my arrest. For not being able to  pay child support and live. Pretty soon they'll be coming to kidnap me , so if you dont hear from me thats what happened. When youre homeless, people dont want to hire you or they make things difficult so that you can't make a living.  Making a living is great but if you have people undermining you and sabotaging what you do then it's possible that you can have a enemy that's larger than you would imagine.   Maybe that's it, maybe that was the plan.

 To sabotage my house and ostracize me until it's time to kidnap me. Maybe the anchor had planned this, or maybe Duffy had planned this and to top it off they'll have me killed in the jail. Something I saw 3yrs ago. 3yrs ago i said in Dreamcast I believe that the Anchor was going to have me killed. Maybe it's bigger than the anchor. Maybe she has been working for the country and the country has created  a strong case against me based on the blogs and my lack of participation with the kid.

 But How do you have a relationship with a kid when you have the government that's anti fathers; pro homos and promoting a death to black dads that are anti Obama. Maybe they made a secret deal  to force me to leave so that I become a deadbeat father. We will see if they kidnap the kid pretty soon; I'll keep you up to date!

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