Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pakistani Shark

  It took for  me to go to a pioneers city to see why I'm a target. Before then I thought Lynna Lai was the reason for all the commotion. When I was writing lynnaluvers I thought it was her that was creating all of these ill actions. At the end of the lynnaluvers stage I did point out the Government  but I never gave a specific governmental individual besides obama and a Cuyahaga Falls Ohioan  that works for the CIA.

    It has come to my remembrance that in my Quasi Government Life, when I was in the hospital; I had a associate who was a intelligence trainee at the time. Lets call him sheriff shark. When I met him he told me he was from Atlanta the same city the great one had beef with .  He also had a made in Pakistan tattoo on his neck with a barcode. Before last week I forgot all about this guy but could it be that shark has followed my blog and is also a friend of Obamas?  Could it be my blog had nothing to do with my Ostracizing yet had everything to do with the Pakistan Shark?

 Ive got so many assumptions now since Ive come to this revelation. Maybe my assumptions in the past were right yet they didn't have anything to do with the great anchor. Maybe the great one and the Pakistani Shark have an alliance? Maybe the great one doesn't have an alliance  but someone close to her like a relative or friend does. Could this be why i'm a target a marked for death blogger? I have many more questions  and they'll come just like tomorrow yet the concluding question is what triggered the Pakistani shark?  Was it the anti gay article? a anti Obama article?  The superior factor?

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