Monday, May 18, 2015

learning article pt2

 Some  say that  the lesson I should have learned  in the pass two yrs is to learn how to be social  or how to be more social. yet it seems everyone, everywhere are a bunch of weed heads,do something harder or are alcoholics. Even the president smokes marijuana.Even the great one is a promoter of weed and beer. Who would want to be around that type of recreation. Not to mention I'm homeless which means  75% of the time homeless guys stink (showers).

  In the pass I would have said how would lynnaluvers make more visitors if Im not social. How would Lynna end up on WKYC if she wasn't  social? Yet it seems the population of this country is so screwed up including myself. Who wants to befriend people that think homosex rape or molestation is ok if you're a priest or a vip. not to forget that most of population don't believe in God. Who wants to be social? This might explain Why im Lynnamental. This might explain Maybe the majority of spirits are influencing me. Therefore maybe me being anti-social is a good thing. It creates a more sensitive perspective when it comes to spirits.  Seeing that the great one is known for chasing ghosts  maybe that's why I was ostracized, to find a ghost the great one or her cohorts are looking for.  

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