Friday, August 14, 2015


 I know this is a far stretch but maybe msnbc had a hand in the muslim dealings. Maybe it was msnbc that made sure I was uncomfortable at work.  I did say that most of the hosts were not in the same category of the anchor and this was before some of them left the station. I mean ive never been at a store where they play the nbc chimes when you walk out of the building.  What if the msnbc hosts got word that some of them were about to get the can and they made sure I was going to be attacked or bullied by muslims.

 Is msnbc a muslim station. Some would say no because of  the amount of jews they have in their catalog. But if we look closer who are really in their catalog.  Are they jews that give the race a respectable position or did msnbc choose these certain jewish anchors because they are push overs?  Maybe thandts
why they hired me at the muslim warehouse in pioneer city because they thought I was a push over.  If youre a news station do you want someone whose strong in their beliefs or weak in their beliefs?

  Maybe thats why I got ostracized. Because I believed that the great anchor was superior, which might be too strong of an idea. Maybe the feeling was so strong it might of gotten anchors including the persuasive one the pink slip. Muslims are very strong in their beliefs too. Could it be they found something similar in my writings that they felt compelled to hire me. Maybe msnbc had orchestrated it to look like it was a targeting issue or maybe the great one is friends with some muslims and they influenced the store to hire other muslims to target me.

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