Monday, September 21, 2015

noticing god

 There is so much to say and yet so little time. So many gut clues,so many lynna lai associations. It's kind of weird that I say the anchor is god and all of humanity agrees with me by their actions yet i'm the one who gets to be homeless. For example the Presidential nominees; the fact that a Woman CEO is leading in some polls and the fact that a minority woman won a Emmy for a Drama Show shows that the anchor is definitely of a superior kind, something I've noticed for years which is probably why I'm a traveler.

 Yet it doesn't matter what I may have noticed or does it? I have to admit I have noticed some Homeless mocking going on. Which means many things that not only don't black lives matter but also that homeless lives don't matter. Seeing that most people that are homeless are black. This also means that maybe those that have been mocking the homeless have been the same ones targeting me. The same ones that have influenced every part of America recently.

  Could it be that these programmers influenced the emmys specifically the Host Samberg. He did do a homeless rendition during his opening act.  He did say during the act that he got that way by watching the stars. Could the anchor god have given the producer's the story of the lynnaluver blogger or did the Government it self talk to the producer's?  Maybe it's a combination of the two. If this is true what can't the anchor do and if she has such a influence which she should why isn't she on the national TV stations.

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