Thursday, May 28, 2015


 I am making this article because it seems I have been questioned by clues and other elements that have asked whats the difference from me and a stalker. Therefore I will shed light into what is the difference and why I am not a stalker but am a LynnaLuver and want nothing to do with Lynna Lai in any personal level which means The only time I want to see Lynna is when Im turning on the television! I will give you a list of what fans should and shouldn't do. Us Lynna Luverz have to be careful not to cross that line. We have to be up standing citizens and obey the law unless the law is prohibiting you to obey other past laws. Let me first say that there is nothing wrong rooting for, celebrating, giving tribute and complimenting anyone from Lynna Lai to God Him self. If you want to use your time celebrating someone and giving someone praise and or criticizing their actions or their co-workers actions its totally normal. The fact is that everyone whose in the publics eye always needs a critic to keep him or her on their toes along with a yes man or woman or a fan. Don't let anyone tell you wearing a t-shirt or dressing like a star or dedicating a blog or video about them is stupid. Sometimes a star can be our only source of expressing ourselves by being a fan of theirs.

That being said where do you cross the line. Earlier this week a Justin Bieber fan hacked into Justin's account which turned him into a stalker and he texted Justin and it back fired with Justin giving his twitter followers the stalkers phone number. Now first of all If you're a true fan of anyone you don't disrespect someones privacy. Not only because it's against the law but it truly shows that you don't care about the person you are suppose to be a fan of. You're not concerned about them you're concerned about their star character. True LynnaLuverz understand this and don't feel any persuasion to break into any of Mrs. Lynna Lai's personal info to become close to her or to hurt her. How does someone call their self a fan and they don't have the decency to know the boundaries. This gives all the other fans a bad name. A stalker is Obsessed to the point that they want to meet the person their obsessed with. A fan it is someone who is content with just admiring the person for who he or she is and what he or she does and knows that they became who they are with out you or us which means they don't need our help or any personal confirmation or contact. 1: One rule of a LynnaLuver is you should never be in the same room of Mrs. Lynna Lai if she's in Cleveland you should be in Akron. If she's advertising a community function she's going to be at you don't go!

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