Monday, March 30, 2015


  While the local ,state and even the unmarked police cars are still visible I ran across an article  that I had to talk about. The entertaining article  was about  how msnbc was making like less than half of what fox news was making and also how they had less viewers than cnn and fox. I'm not going to dig in the article  but i have to give my input on why the anchor would be a better fit than a certain anchor . Some would say I'm in no position to write about how MSNBC needs Lynna Lai  yet I would say MSNBC  is in no position to not hire Lynna Lai.

  Before I start with why the god anchor Lynna Lai would be great for MSNBC; can I just say they deserve the low ratings seeing that they not only let Ann Curry go but they also let Veronica La Cruz go as well. Yet they still are holding on to Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow.

Theres's many reasons why the great anchor whose a pioneer  would be a great fit but lets first start of by saying she has more influence than Al Sharpton when it comes to creating viewers. Some would say Al has influenced Obama; to that I would say how do we know the anchor in Cleveland hasn't? I hear some say That I shouldn't say the great one is better than Al Sharpton seeing that he's an anchor of god; noting his clergy associations. My question to that type of statement would be why would they  hire a anchor of god when they can hire god herself?  Of course Al Sharpton might be the reason people have gotten killed and put in jail  but the question is has he done it recently?  Not to mention the people he's put in jail were probably a better influence in society than he is.  The nation needs a better group of people  and to keep Al Sharpton on tv would be fighting that agenda.  Not to mention the great anchor is more progressive than Al Sharpton . I mean lets face it the American blacks in the free world aren't progressing for the most part  therefore Al Sharpton shouldn't be on TV because tv should mirror life /society.

 Why not put the great anchor in Mika Brzezinski place  in the morning  and have Mika follow Chris Matthews  or have Chris Matthews  and Mika  do a duel newscast for a few hrs?  I haven't been watching morning joe  but I'm sure  the pioneer in Cleveland  would work well with Joe Scarborough. I know it's a liberal station and some would say even putting the pope on MSNBC still wouldn't beat fox yet I would bet the news anchor Lynna  would invoke more loyalty than Rachel Maddow and Al sharpton put together.

 If MSNBC  really wanted to create more ratings they would have never fired the personalities of the TODAY SHOW and they would hire Lynna the great and instill a format that would create viewership.  The question is why , why if they know how to create viewers won't they? Maybe its because FOX is paying them to be the way they are. Not to mention Liberals (who are the MSNBC audience) have A different way of getting their news and I'm willing to bet Liberals could care less about whats going on in the world, because their more self centered I believe.  Therefore if Liberals are self centered and MSNBC can't figure out how to make self centeredness appealing  to it's self on TV I don't think they will ever reach the numbers fox is going for. Lets face it even though a large amount of people might not like Obama yet I'm willing to bet they still believe in Obamas words if they came from someone else. Its the same with MSNBC.  If they can't create a more attractive newscast at least put on murphy brown reruns during the midnight hr!

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