Monday, October 5, 2015

jizzing the blogger

 What makes her god is beyond what I say is what she does. It's beyond what I think it's just the fact that I've happened to notice it and blog about it. But since my blogging has made people lose their work and possibly created a government or governments to sabotage my being what must a blogger accept besides the fact that the absence makes the anchor stronger.

 Should we accept the fact that the anchor might have influenced a government or governments to intimidate the blogger with artificial weather. Could what I have said made the Government or the anchor so jizzed that they chose to Jizz on me by the weather. I know this sounds dillusional and hard to believe. But its my belief that the anchor/the media/the gov influences and manipulates the weather.

    If the Anchor can Jizz on the blogger who has she given these powers to or who has given the powers to her and if she along with the Gov has these powers to intimidate bloggers why don't they intimidate a better target. Are they so dillusional with anger that they are using their powers to rain/Jizz intimidate a uneducated, homeless blogger.

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