Friday, April 17, 2015


 Where did that MSNBC  article come from? Even though it's true that MSNBC  needs to change , the fact remains that  the article that I created about MSNBC ratings  had a little early  lynnaluvers attitude to it.  Its kind of like what would happen if Lynna Lai created a 19 action news appeal on WKYC. It worked on 19  but shouldn't a new act follow? Shouldn't a new act follow lynnaluvers?

 Am I that much into Lynna Lai  that I can't create a new plateau of articles? A new road of ideas that don't have a lynnaluvers feeling to it?  Would it be too hard to make an article about MSNBC  ratings and not make ones self look like a fanatic?  I mean after reading lynnamentals /lynnaments a part from the msnbc ratings article  you would think that the great one  has a great conspiracy against the blogger. Yet when I read MSNBC  i had to ask myself is the great one worshiped or is she conspiring? Then I had to ask myself can someone worship the same one whose conspiring against them?it's like giving the gun to someone whose intent is to hurt or kill you/ and or family.

  Isn't that what being programmed is? Isn't that what the people who voted for Obama are?  The foolish bug is all around us and it's been here for generations and I suspect the foolish bug will be king  of society pretty soon.  The MSNBC ratings article wasn't wrong it was just on the wrong blog.

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