Monday, August 3, 2015

Muslim Work

  What has happened where people can' t make a living? Where deadbeats can't make money without fellow co-workers upset or despising you because you're not Muslim or because you make more than them. Is this why the morning anchor got the can because she wasnt catholic or because she made more money than the rest of her cohorts? Is this what happened to America, they terrorized this country and moved in because America was more profitable? Could it be AMerica has been hi jacked because of its energy or its pro Israel standings?

 How can a guy work when everyone at the job is anti Jew or christian? How can a guy get things done when everyone is gay ?  Could it be when I created the Pakistani shark article he decided to intimidate so that I vacate? Are Muslims not happy that I get to live without Muslim rules that they must attack me? Could it be they resent the fact that I think and or said that the anchor is superior ?  Did I make a impact on Texas natives that they had their Muslim friends intimidate me?

  As I say these things there's a police officer standing next to me. Do the Muslims want me to despise America? Maybe the anchors friends have Muslim like attitudes and want me to say bad things about america or the american anchor. Maybe this is what I'll witness when they put me behind bars, a bunch of muslims. How did this country become so pro Muslim? I mean I'm anti Obama but to say anti Obama is anti American is ridiculous and couldn't be farther from the truth.

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  1. How ironic that I'm passing by Islam brotherhood central in a few hrs Aug 3rd 2015