Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eagle Oceans Story

 So it got so bad in pioneer city that I had to move again. I had to move to a city I like to call Sam Oceans eagle Oceans. I've been getting

used to being homeless besides the lack of showers its who I've turned
to. I'm not suggesting Its  some one's a fault and that's not what I need to document. What I need to document is on the coincedence.

  The coincidence that 80yrs ago my grandfather was ostracized from this Eagle ocean state. The coincidence that there's so many Ohio state license plates here. The biggest coincidence is the white van that was stopped by an officer at 2am right where I was getting some rest at.

   It was 2am and I was trying to get some rest on some property with the word ally in it. All I hear is sirens. I see a cruiser with his flashing lights behind a white 8 seated van. I get up and leave because who can sleep with that noise. I start walking down the street and a minute later I see a cruiser pass me. He stops a little further.

 I turn around because I had a feeling it was the same cruiser who pulled over the 8 seated. it was, because not a cruiser or the van was there. Either the officer can write pretty quick tickets or I looked more interesting.

  Could it be the van was just a plant. Maybe some allies influenced the police officers here in Eagle Oceans to kidnap me which was what the white van was for.

 I know I should think positive. But if you were a black writer who was homeless and who you were writing about were influential would you be positive? In this negative world who can be positive? Last time I was positive I said the anchor was great for TV and was 19s and Cleveland's star and I got conspired against.

  This means hope is in ones intuition and my intuition says that the white van was a van for a dead body,mine.

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