Sunday, July 12, 2015

Atlanta Smack

So recently a few months ago  the great one was smack talking to Atlanta anchors and what resulted was some backlash by some Atlanta fans. What is this going to cost the Atlanata fans? Will this cost the Atlanta fans more than a series? I'm asking this because of what happened during and after lynnaluvers?  if lynnaluvers  created me being ostracized and possibly my relatives held hostage and others killed. What will the back talk and harassing from Hawk fans get? Some will say nothing will happen because nothing has happened as we know. But if thats he case that means being a sports fan is more important than being A anchor fan unsurprisingly.

  What if Lynna the Great and her henchmen are conspiring to takeover Atlanta. Hence the reason they started the smack talk act. What if they came to the conclusion that if they can ostracize a black thats just a fan of the Anchor why couldn't they ostracized an entire city? Why couldn't they think on bigger terms? Troll the entire city of Atlanta!

 The great one is from ATL what if she's bitter sweet about how she left and she has conspired to take over the city of Atlanta the city of the hawks? I mean it's not that hard to imagine the great one having issues in Atlanta in the early 90's. Seeing that 90% of that city is black. I hope this isn't the case but what if someone said to the anchor that getting the blogger ostracized  was just practice but getting rid of the entire city is the real plan. Where would the people of the city go? What if China has already made a deal with America that they will take Atlantas residents back to Africa hence the smack talk. What if the smack talk was just a trap ?

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