Thursday, November 12, 2015


Another thanksgiving is coming up for the blogger, just two weeks away. In my last thanksgiving article I suggested that we become thankful that lynnaluvers is not around and
 the fact that the great anchor has people around to enjoy like family. On this thanksgiving I would like to ask should I look at the great anchor as the Indian or the pilgrim and why and as a blogger am I a pilgrim or a indian?

  Pilgrims and Indians are the foundation of this country that we live in. If it wasn't for the native Americans we wouldn't have some of the traditions that we have today. We wouldn't have the drum or the history. Without the Pilgrims we wouldn't be in America. Without their curiosity and opportunist attitude America wouldn't have been. Therefore one group compliments the other and visa versa!

 I personally see the anchor as the pilgrim because of her opportunist ways. This is what Journalist are paid to do be opportunist and if they don't see an opportunity they create one.  Although the great one might not be looking for freedoms like the Pilgrims maybe her old station were looking for freedoms. Maybe 19 wanted to be free from the Anchor which created an Opportunity to get rid of the old in years she's been with the station compared to new.

  Even though I used to frown on the Orthodox in lynnaluvers because I saw the anchor as being the new world I believe that's what the indians were. They were the Orthodox of America being before America was even called America. Can you imagine an unorthodox individual trying to befriend a Orthodox person and not even speaking the same language?

  Was it hard to see lynnaluvers as unorthodox? Is it hard for an unorthodox individual to blog about a station that wants Orthodox ideas yet cater to unorthodox individuals? Could it be that I was a Pilgrim and 19 and Lynna Lai were the Orthodox native Americans and they moved the anchor and had me ostracized so that being Unorthodox wouldn't be taboo. Maybe it's only OK to be Orthodox if you're a certain station or a certain person. Maybe my living was so unorthodox they figured being homeless wouldn't be a issue. Maybe that's what happened to the Indians the Pilgrims felt like their unorthodox beliefs and traditions were just cause to kick them out. Who knows. In any account Happy Thanksgiving!

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