Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Words of Trouble

  So I talked to a Sheriff in "OHLAIO" and he told me that I don't have a warrant out for my arrest

 since they did receive some monetary respect in August. He said if I don't send anything for Child Support soon I will have a warrant out for my arrest.

  Its weird how words mean different things to people. For example Trouble. Trouble means conflict and conflict means combat to some people rather its physical or mental.  If one isn't ready or prepared for trouble they aren't going to be successful.

 The word that tricked me in my believing that a warrant was out for my arrest was obtain. When someone says obtain I think of apprehend or control. This word led me to believe that I was going to be apprehended and kidnapped soon. Whose ever going to be ready for a kidnapping?

Which brings me to the last word that the great one used a lot in the month of may 2013 which was delusional. Maybe the anchor created a conspiracy so that I look delusional. Was I delusional during,before or after lynnaluvers. Is it delusional to suspect arrest when someone uses the word obtain? What words were used to create this energy? We're my words that powerful and if they were once again why isn't the great anchor Hosting A National News Program like the Today Show?

My jumping to conclusions without verifying things were delusional and I probably wouldn't had done it 3yrs ago yet I believe sense my Homelessness I think the worse and I have a right to think that way seeing I got my bag stolen or missed placed again (I'll be giving details about that soon).

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