Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bag ID

 If someone follows you everywhere you go you would think they would know where one has put there bag. If someone follows you on a daily they would know when you go to work or if you go to work even where you sleep; this would be idea if someone was going to kidnap someone soon right?

 I bring this up because my bag got kidnapped. I'm not really worried about my bag but what I had in it which was my DD214 which has personal identification items on it. Before my bag got kidnapped I noticed community college police following me and even cityy police. Matter of fact the first day I came from a job opportunity I was walking and as I was crossing the street a city police officer cruiser suv #3551 put his index and middle fingers to his eyes and pointed a index finger at me as if to say he was watching me. My question is if there watching me could they have took my bag and if so why?

  Did the anchor hire them to watch me and take my things the little things I have. Maybe the anchor feels like if she can manipulate my ID which my dd214 had she can easily make another me when she has me killed. Maybe they need more of my kind so my kind won't matter or maybe they want to manipulate my ID to kidnap my kid somehow.

  Seeing that I'm living in a  city ran by friends across the border could the great anchor have ordered my identification death which is to produce more of the blogger that way maybe my kid in the future won't be able to find me. The great anchor isn't that dimented but maybe the government is. If they can trick society into believing black lives don't matter can't they trick the police to hijack my belongings. Maybe they feel like my belongings belong to them since I was once part of them.

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