Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rating the delusion with blog

  So I just heard the Today's shows ratings are back up since Ann Curry left the show. Did the great anchor have Ann Curry kicked off the show like they kicked the blogger out of town? Did they harass her to the point she had to quit like the muslims harassed me in Pioneer  City? Just questions!

What really has got me asking questions is what if the Today Show needed to get some media attention so they fired Ann to make better blog news by hiring the great anchor. How far is the today show willing to go for ratings? Death obviously. I mean they did make a killing during the Zimmerman fiasco.

  I know a homeless guy shouldn't be worried about ratings when I don't even have a TV to watch it on. I shouldn't be worried about How they might have used Lynna Lai to get rid of Ann Curry. It's how they use Obama to get rid of undesirable blacks. I shouldn't worry. Yet maybe I should worry. Maybe for the simple fact that a bigger ratings boost than Zimmerman would be Lynna the great! Their own conspired to get rid of this delusional blogger. What would the ratings turn into? Yet maybe I am delusional seeing that the ratings booster is all over the tube right now.
  Maybe my demise can wait since Donald Trump is around or maybe they need him to cover my demise up. To cover something more important up.
 I can hear the people now. You're such a drama queen blogger, who cares. Who cares until you've been fired,harassed,stalked,and found dead. Once again I'm not saying this fits the idea of Lynnaluver demise but I would have to say you can't control what people of higher powers will subject you to. You can just like what you like blog or talk who you wish to talk about. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be so silent if I wasnt ostracized. But maybe that's what it's gotta take for the great one to reach her full potential! I know its delusional but maybe Ann Curry and my departure was needed for the Government to do what it has to with the great one. Maybe what ever the great one is subject to is more than just  what we can imagine. Maybe our departure helps society! Maybe a social justice has occurred since my ostracizing and I'm not in a position to see it.
  Does it really matter though once again. I mean I'm homeless who cares. Yet what if that which makes you homeless is caused by who you watch.  Iof course you're gonna care if the ratings are high or not you're homeless for talking about her ratings. For watching the 4hr shows. For saying more Lynna Lai! It doesn't matter until you're homeless in my opinion which might be the reason I was put to the curb so her successful newscast could have more meaning.

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