Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raining Opportunity

  Through out time when ever a nation wanted to take over a group of people or another country they would always spy or record them. It happened during the Revolutionary war it happened at Pearl Harbor it's even happening now online.  Sometimes they even give you what you think you need or want just so they can spy on you and ultimately overtake you. Which brings me to the great anchors station contributing to the help that's needed in Eagles Ocean area.

  Is not WKYC an opportunist station? Did they not promote an opportunist Presidential candidate who later became President? Why are they Opportunists and is it a good thing?  Could be because some people (not the anchor God) who they have hired are releasing Opportunists energies and therefore it's only logical they  react in that way. A way that seems genuine and ethical but underneath is a sinister plan. A plan to hunt the blogger and kill him.

 Yes, maybe the eagles Ocean travesty created many opportunities for the strong and the weak. Maybe the Hacked weather gave an excuse for the God anchors station manipulate and kill. There's many opportunities to kill the blogger why wait for a coastal catastrophy? Maybe to hide the body in the water, or maybe to hijack and manipulates authorities to kill the blogger. What if this wasn't the stations plan yet a plan of a Government that has hijacked this country and is offended by my current and past ideas.

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